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Hale Pet Door Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Hale Pet Door Review SAPR FT

Our Final Verdict

We give Hale Pet Door a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 5/5
Installation: 4.0/5
Value: 4.5/5


About Hale Pet Door

Hale Pet Door - Cat Opening Flap

Hale Pet Door is an Arizona-based small business that has been in operation since 1985, providing a variety of pet door-related products since then. They’ve always strived to produce high-quality products that are also safe, secure, energy efficient, and not going to take away from the visual appeal of your home. As of 2014, Hale Pet Door had relocated to Colorado, allowing them to have their sales, marketing, and IT departments in the same place, as well as their manufacturing location. This has allowed them to streamline their services, getting their products out to customers more quickly. Their motto is, “Making Pets Happy Around The World Since 1985,” and you’ll be just as happy as your pet if you purchase a pet door from Hale Pet Door.


Hale Pet Door Reviewed


With the prices of the pet doors offered by Hale Pet Door, you can rest assured that you’re getting an excellent value for the price. They offer multiple types of premade pet doors, as well as custom builds, so the prices can range from very budget-friendly to premium. They have a pricing guide listed on their website, making pricing clear and easy to understand, and they offer quotes for custom products as well. There are no surprises when it comes to the pricing of a pet door through this company.


  • Pet door frame
  • Pet door flap
  • Necessary screws with extras
  • Spline (screen model)
  • QR code to instructions for installation


Hale Pet Door installation


When you purchase a pet door from Hale Pet Door, you have the option to install it yourself. Depending on the type of door you’re purchasing, this can be a reasonable option for the average person. However, if you’re installing a wall door or a door that goes through glass, then a professional installer is the best idea. To make things easy for you, Hale Pet Door has a ”Hire a Professional” section on their website that will link you to all of the approved installers within your state.

In Summary

  • Clear pricing
  • High-quality products
  • Huge variety of pet doors with custom options available
  • DIY and professional installation options
  • Includes all parts needed for proper installation
  • Paper instructions are not provided


Key Features


Currently, Hale Pet Door offers ten models of pet doors in twelve sizes, ranging from small to giant in size. They offer pet doors that can be installed through walls, doors, screens, and glass, so there’s an appropriate pet door for every situation. They also offer multiple colors of pet doors to ensure your pet door matches your household. Hale Pet Door manufactures multiple complementary products to go with their pet doors, including training flaps, locking security covers, and “raincaps” that were the first of their kind in the pet door market.


Hale Pet Door takes great pride in producing pet doors of the highest quality, with a heavy focus on safety and security. Each type of pet door they offer includes appropriate installation parts, so there’s no guessing on parts sizes to install the pet door correctly. If installed correctly by you or a professional installer, you can trust that these pet doors will not damage your door, window, screen, or wall.


Is Hale Pet Door a Good Value?

If you’re in the market for a pet door, then Hale Pet Door’s products are a fantastic value. This company offers high-quality products with a 10-year warranty. They even offer partial product credit if you make a mistake during the installation of your pet door that is of no fault of Hale Pet Door.

Hale Pet Door - after install



How good is the warranty that Hale Pet Door offers?

The warranty offered by Hale Pet Door offers some level of product coverage on their pet doors for up to 10 years. They have a clearly defined warranty policy listed on their website, including a list of the coverage percentage offered based on the age of the product.

Can I return it if I order the wrong pet door?

Hale Pet Door offers a 30-day full refund, but the product must be free of damage. For damaged pet doors, they only offer a 50% credit. If there is damage to your pet door when it arrives, you should immediately contact Hale Pet Door.

Does Hale Pet Door donate to rescue organizations?

Yes! If you have a rescue pet, let Hale Pet Door know prior to your purchase. They will give you a 10% discount on your pet door and donate that 10% to the rescue organization that you adopted your pet from.


Our Experience With Hale Pet Door

Hale Pet Door leading to catio

I received a Hale Pet Door made specifically to fit into a screen. While this door is technically intended to fit into a door screen, I installed it into a window screen to allow my cats, Noodles (6-year-old domestic shorthair) and Nutmeg (2-year-old domestic shorthair) to come and go as they please between the house and their secure catio.

The packaging that the door came in was very simple and didn’t contain lots of fancy extras or excess plastic. The installation instructions were via a QR code, but the Hale Pet Door website actually provided more in-depth installation information.

Installation was relatively easy and only took about an hour to accomplish, but I recommend having a second person help you. My husband and I were able to hold the door into the correct positioning while the other one operated the drill. You will need a handful of tools for this project, but a drill was the most important.

Putting the screen spline back into place after installation and adding the new spline around the cat door proved difficult without a spline roller. I was able to use a blunt-tipped pair of wire cutters that were the perfect size to push the spline into place. I did find that the spline around the cat door itself was coming loose after only a few days of use by my cats, so I had to go back over it and glue it into place.

All in all, this wasn’t an overly complicated project. The most complicated part has proven to be teaching my cats to use the door. Noodles figured it out after a couple of times of us helping her through it. Nutmeg, on the other hand, still thinks that the door opens inward, so she will slap at it for a few minutes until she can get her paw behind the door and pull it open. I’ve seen her use it correctly, so I know she can, but doing it the hard way seems to be her preference.

The materials of the pet door are sturdy and high quality, and the door easily installed securely enough that we did not need the optional stabilizer bar, which is recommended for larger pet doors and larger screens.

Hale Pet Door - Unboxing



Hale Pet Door is a trusted company that makes an excellent variety of high-quality pet doors. They offer lots of options to provide the perfect pet door for any home. Their pricing is clearly listed on their website, and they offer multiple PDF instructional documents to help with DIY installation. The 10-year warranty is one of the best on the market, and their willingness to provide a partial refund if you damage the pet door during installation is almost unheard of.

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