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Happy Cat Month 2024: What Is It & How to Celebrate

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Cat owners know they don’t need a special month to celebrate their cats, but that doesn’t mean we all don’t want a full 30 calendar days of telling our feline family members just how much they mean to us.

Happy Cat Month occurs annually during September and is the perfect time to shout your love for your pet from the rooftops. Keep reading to learn more about the organization behind Happy Cat Month and how you can celebrate your kitty this month.


Who Started Happy Cat Month?

cute somali breed kitten little cat is sitting on a sofa
Image Credit: Olga Kri, Shutterstock

A non-profit organization known as the CATalyst Council is behind Happy Cat Month. This council was created with three values in mind:

  • Use evidence-based resources to ensure all companion cats have the best health outcomes
  • Embrace community-wide relationships to ensure the well-being of pet cats
  • Celebrate the beautiful bond between humans and cats

The CATalyst Council created Happy Cat Month to spread the word about our companion cats’ health, value, and welfare. The organization realized that people often view cats as self-reliant, aloof, and needing less veterinary care than their canine counterparts.

Happy Cat Month aims to counteract these inaccurate stereotypes to ensure all companion kitties are well looked after, thoroughly enriched, and receive the preventative medical attention they need to live long and healthy lives.


How Can I Celebrate Happy Cat Month?

You can do plenty of activities to celebrate your kitty this cat month.

1. Spread the Word

The best thing you can do to celebrate all companion cats this month is to spread awareness about the initiative. Post videos and photos of your cats on your social media accounts, and tell your followers how important it is for cats to receive proper care and enrichment. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HappyCatMonth

2. Take Your Cat to the Vet

Veterinary doctor measuring heart rate of cute cat
Image Credit: Denys Kurbatov, Shutterstock

When did you last take your kitty to the veterinarian for a check-up? Even healthy cats should visit the vet annually. If it’s been a while since your kitty was last at the vet, chances are he is overdue for a check-up and likely vaccinations as well. Happy Cat Month is the perfect time to schedule your pet for a wellness exam to ensure he is as healthy as possible.

3. Spend Time Together

Cats are highly social animals that love and crave human attention. Though you should spend time with your pet every day regardless of the month, Happy Cat Month is the perfect opportunity to amp up the activities you do together. Buy him some new tasty treats or a fun toy you can both play with.

4. Adopt a Playmate

Adorable pug and cute cat lying together on sofa
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Since cats are social animals, you might consider visiting your local shelter or animal rescue and adopting a new friend for your kitty. Countless cats are waiting for their forever homes, and Happy Cat Month is the perfect time to expand your little fur family.


Final Thoughts

Happy Cat Month is held every September and is the perfect time to spoil your kitty, get him in for a veterinary visit, spread awareness about proper care, and appreciate the joy your beloved feline brings to your life.

Featured Image Credit: Peredniankina, Shutterstock

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