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How Common Are Black Cats With Green Eyes? Feline Eye Facts

Black cat with green eyes

Whether superstitious or not, we can all agree that black cats are stunning. Something about a cat with shadowy fur makes us cat lovers want to pick one up and give it a hug, even if we can’t see them in the dark.

It gets even better if you find a black cat with green eyes. Sadly, not all black cats have green eyes. Some have blue, yellow, or copper eyes. Still, finding a black cat with green eyes is easier than you think.


What Dictates a Cat’s Eye Color?

All kittens have blue eyes when they open their eyes. But once they’re 3 months old, the eyes will settle into their permanent color.

Determining a kitten’s eye color is challenging, especially since genetics has nothing to do with eye color. You can’t look at your kitten’s parents and predict the eye color. Instead, you’ll have to pay attention to the pigment in the iris (the colored area around the pupil).

The pigment is called melanin, the same substance that determines hair, fur, and skin color. The more melanin in your cat’s eye, the darker the eyes will be. So, kittens with less melanin will likely have green eyes.

black tiffany cat lying outdoor
Image credit: Lukas Beno, Shutterstock

Popular Black Cat Breeds with Green Eyes

There are 22 black cat breeds, and four commonly have green eyes (or at least close to green). Let’s look at popular black cat breeds with a little less melanin in their eyes.

  • Japanese Bobtail: The name says it all. The Japanese Bobtail has a stubby 3-inch knob where a long tail is usually seen. This breed has a gloomy black coat and often has green or golden eyes.
  • American Shorthair: This is one of America’s most common cat breeds. The American Shorthair has several coat colors and patterns, one of those being a jet-black coat. Eye color varies, but green is on the list.
  • Bombay Cat: The Bombay is a shorthaired cat and is considered rare. This breed is almost always black, named after the City of Bombay, the land of the black leopard. These cats typically have green or gold eyes.
  • American Curl: Like the American Shorthair, the American Curl can have several coat patterns and colors. Black is a common coat color, along with green eyes.
japanese bobtail
Image Credit: NANCY AYUMI KUNIHIRO, Shutterstock

The Symbolism Behind Black Cats with Green Eyes

Throughout history, cats were seen as gods or demons, although eye color has never mattered as much. Black cats, in particular, had a special place in symbolism.

For example, in Medieval Christian Europe, cats were seen as demons because pagan cultures worshiped cats as gods. But Medieval Christian Europe saw their sly, contortionist behaviors as evil. They were accused of conspiring with witches and stealing souls. Black cats specifically were believed to be the spawn of Satan.

In America, we see black cats as a sign of bad luck. But not every culture has viewed black cats this way. Japan and some Native American tribes considered black cats a sign of good luck or reincarnated spirits.

Ancient Egypt worshiped all animals, and cats were no exception. Cats had their own goddess named Bastet, a woman with the head of a black cat. She guarded the people against evil and disease.

Regardless of the black cat’s eye color, its symbolism changed depending on the time and culture.



In this post, we discussed what determines a cat’s eye color and gave you a short list of black cats with green eyes. We even took a (brief) tour through history about the symbolism of black cats.

Here’s what you can take away- not every black cat has green eyes, but they’re not impossible to find. Certain black cat breeds are more prone to having green eyes than others, but all are special, no matter the eye color.

Featured Image Credit: Ramon Espelt Photography, Shutterstock

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