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How Much Is a Ferret at PetSmart? 2024 Price Update

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Ferrets are a domestic species related to the European polecat and weasel. Popular as pets, ferrets boast adorable faces with distinctive markings in brown, black, and white. Ferrets are not appropriate for every lifestyle, but they’re great for the right owner. They’re playful, intelligent, and spend a lot of time sleeping, which makes them easy and low maintenance for busy people.

Depending on the breeding and location, ferrets can cost anywhere from $75 to $250, plus the cost of housing, food, and other supplies. However, not every pet store sells ferrets, so you can’t just pop into the local PetSmart and pick one out.

So, how much is a ferret at PetSmart? Truth be told, the PetSmart store doesn’t sell ferrets at all. Only a few small mammals are available at PetSmart locations around the country, including hamsters and mice. PetSmart does sell plenty of ferret supplies, however, such as cages, toys, food, and bedding.


Why Doesn’t PetSmart Sell Ferrets?

PetSmart made a decision in 2021 not to sell ferrets because of the care required to keep them and the impact they can have on their other small animals.

As mentioned, ferrets are related to weasels, which are predators. They can potentially prey on other animals the store sells, such as rodents, birds, and snakes or other reptiles. Even if the ferrets are kept at a distance, they release a strong musk that other animals can smell, which can cause stress and anxiety.

Stressed animals aren’t healthy animals and are not the best choice for pets.

a ferret scratching
Image Credit: Fayzulin Serg, Shutterstock

Where Can I Buy a Ferret?

Some large chain pet stores sell ferrets, depending on the location, such as Petco. Independent pet stores may also sell ferrets, and ferrets have breeders and sellers like most other animals.

If you choose to buy a ferret from one of these stores, such as Petco, remember the reasoning behind PetSmart choosing not to sell them. If that store is concerned about the care they need and the wellbeing of the other animals they sell, and Petco sells the same types of pets, you must consider whether that’s the best environment for a ferret.

For stores that aren’t concerned with the health of their animals or the owners that purchase them, it’s safe to assume the ferrets don’t get different or better care. Not all ferrets are equal – success with these pets relies heavily on getting a healthy, friendly, and well-bred animal in the first place.

Are Ferrets Available to Adopt at Rescues?

Ferrets are great pets, but a lot of people buy them and don’t know what they’re getting into. As a result, ferrets may end up at rescue organizations, the local animal shelter, or on community rehoming sites.

The musk that ferrets emit can lead to strong odors, and ferrets are master escape artists. If they get out, they may steal small personal items, like car keys or wallets, and stow them away in places you’d never think to look.

They may be cute, but consider all the aspects of bringing a ferret home.

close up ferret side view
Image Credit: Steve Tsang, Unsplash



Fortunately, if you do find a rescue ferret or a reputable ferret breeder, you can find all the supplies you need at PetSmart. The store offers an incredible variety of supplies for small animals, including ferrets, so you can prepare for your new pet.

Featured Image Credit: Stephanie’screativeImages, Shutterstock

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