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How Much of the Internet Is Cats? Traffic Facts & Top Websites

Young woman with cat working on computer at table

Internet memes and funny, short videos have become all the rage, from watching toddlers say and do silly things, seeing the next new dance move, and of course, cat videos!

It’s estimated that 15% of internet traffic is driven by cat videos.1 Millions of people are searching cat videos on the internet daily. What makes these fun little creatures so popular? Keep reading to learn more.


Why Is the Internet Full of Cats?

Cats and dogs are very loveable pets who have been around for centuries. They are human companions who have shined bright in the social media spotlight. People love taking pictures and videos of their fur babies and sharing them on the internet.

young woman with her cute cat using mobile phone while sitting on kitchen table at home
Image Credit: Josep Suria, Shutterstock


Top 3 Reasons Cats Are So Popular on the Internet

There’s no shortage of content out there, but what makes people watch them so consistently? There are a few major reasons:

1. The Great Cat Mystery

Cats are extremely mysterious creatures. Although they’ve been around a long time, we don’t really know a ton about them. Many times, we wonder what they’re thinking, or why they swat at everything that moves. Not many sufficient studies have been done on cat behavior, probably because they just won’t let you!

This makes great content for the internet because we don’t understand why they do what they do. Watching a cat attack a toddler for no reason is unfortunately funny.

2. Their Disdain for Most Things

We all love these fur balls, but they don’t always whole-heartedly love you back. Cats don’t really need you and you better believe they run the show. It’s one of the things people love most about cats though. The way they will just plop down on your keyboard or throw a fit when you try to give them a smooch is hilarious.

We can’t stop watching cats prove how little they care. Their sassy nature makes for great internet content.

man typing on laptop with cat sleeping on keyboard
Image Credit: Sharomka, Shutterstock

3. Silly, Unsuspecting Nature

Because cats are so mysterious, the way they react to everyday situations is very funny. Ever heard of the ‘zoomies?’ You’re sitting on the couch and your cat decides to become a parkour expert. Or your cat is purring in a cuddle session and decides it’s time to attack your hand.

You never really know what you’re going to get with these beings. They will switch their mood a hundred times a day (when they aren’t sleeping) and there’s nothing you can do about it.divider-cat

Who Is the Most Famous Cat On the Internet?

Grumpy Cat, who has unfortunately passed, was the most famous cat on the internet. She is well known for her frowning, grumpy face that blew up the internet. With millions of followers on social media and raking in tens of thousands of dollars a year in advertising alone, she has become quite the famous kitty.

Grumpy Cat grew a following and even has her own merchandise. You can find different merchandise with her grumpy face on them, and she even has a book and movie.


Top 10 Most Popular Cat Websites

1. Love Meow

Love Meow is at the top of the list for great cat websites. Whether you just want to look at the furry angels, read up about rescue stories, or learn something new, this website is for you! The cat friendly page provides you with cats galore. You can browse while embracing your love for cats along with fellow pet parents.

2. Hepper

We have a controlling interest in Hepper and highly recommend checking it out to shop for modern cat furniture and other cat products to help you find the best options for your furry friend. It also provides quick tips, articles for learning about new behaviors, cat resources, product reviews, and helpful tips.

white himalayan persian cat in hepper nest

3. Excited Cats

We have a controlling interest in Excited Cats. We think it’s definitely worth having a look if you want a great web-based resource for tips on cat behavior, product reviews, and additional useful blog posts for cat lovers. Learn about the best cat food choices, kitten tips and tricks, and more.

4. Katzenworld

With a tagline like, ‘Welcome to the world of cats,’ you know you’re in the right place when you go to the Katzenworld webpage. The mix of helpful articles and resources plus funny cat cartoons makes this a great place for cat lovers. Share personal kitty stories, learn some new things about cat health and behavior and have fun watching others with their fur babies.

kitten and adult cat breed European Burmese, father and son sitting on wooden background. Grey and brown, chocolate color
Image Credit: Frau aus UA, Shutterstock

5. The Purrington Post

The Purrington Post is known as an online lifestyle magazine for cat lovers. Like other cat blogs, this webpage has blogs that include helpful tips for cat behavior and health. The website also incorporates funny cat content like videos, cartoons, and short stories. As a blog-type website plus funny content, it’s your one stop shop for cat lovers.


iHeartCats is a very valuable resource for blog content and online retail shopping. It includes cat merchandise from apparel to jewelry. It also provides options for your cat’s health like different treats or wellness supplements. Aside from shopping to cover your home in cats, the blog has answers to questions or concerns you might have.

Fashion beauty Sphinx cat is wearing beads. Bald cat wears jewelry
Image Credit: Elena Sherengovskaya, Shutterstock

7. The Conscious Cat

This website is great for cat parents searching for products. Ranked in the top ten cat websites, The Conscious Cat acts as an online pet shop. It features great products for cats like food, treats, cat furniture, and more. Run by Ingrid King, this website also offers personal consultations for you and your pet.

8. Always Pets

Always Pets is topping the charts as one of the best options for funny cat content. With cute and furry friends plastered all over the home page, it’s a great way to dive deep into the love you have for cats. Get a list of the greatest Grumpy Cat memes and learn about different cat breeds. Browse the best images and videos of the funniest and cutest cats!

cat lying on a cat bed
Image Credit: VGstockstudio, Shutterstock

9. Modern Cat

Modern Cat Magazine is an online database of kitty knowledge and just flat-out cute pictures! The webpage includes articles about cat care, tips about their behaviors, a product page, and more. Modern Cat is consistently at the top of great funny cat content paired with helpful tools to keep your cat friend happy.

10. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest has an online website that lists many different articles about a variety of topics. Their pets and animals page includes content for all things cat related. There are blog posts about interesting topics trying to understand what goes on inside a cat’s mind, and helpful resources for treating them as best as possible.


Final Thoughts

There are several reasons to enjoy cats as family members and as subjects for great internet content. They are super silly and have way too many devotees to care. It’s because they don’t need your approval that we want to get it from them so badly!

Their sassy little tail wags and hyper moments are why we love them. The internet is full of great content because cats are natural entertainers. Their reactions to too much affection, their disdain for almost anything, and their 16 hours of daily naps are what makes them the internet’s favorite.

Featured Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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