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How to Name Your Cat: 10 Great Tips

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re bringing a cat home. You need to get all their supplies, find a great food choice for them, kitty-proof the house, and so much more. But one thing that’s easy to overlook and is still a big deal is their name!

While there’s a lot to consider, it should be one of the more fun parts of getting a cat, so sit back and learn everything you need to know, and then find the perfect name for your new furry feline.


The 10 Tips for Naming Your Cat

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re naming your cat. It’s something that you’re going to use for their entire life, and it’s why we came up with 10 tips for you to keep in mind when going through the naming process to really get those creative juices flowing!

1. Take Your Time

Your cat’s name is going to stick with them their entire life, which is hopefully at least a decade! This means you don’t want to pick a name you’ll regret, even if it takes you an extra week or two to figure it out.

Take your time when naming your cat, but if it’s been a few months, it’s time to pick a deadline and stick to it.

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2. Try to Use Double Syllables

Some people claim that names with double syllables are easier for your cat to understand. So, if you have a name you like with a double syllable, you might want to give it a little extra consideration. Plus, saying long names repeatedly can start to become a mouthful.

3. Stay Simple

Some people think of long and complex names for their kitties. We advise against this. Your cat can’t speak English, and they never will, so don’t try to reinvent something when you’re naming them. Pick a shorter name that’s easy for them to learn and understand. That way, teaching them and training them will go much smoother.

4. Consider the Breed

Each breed of cat has its own unique flair, and there’s no reason you can’t tie that into their name. Himalayan cats come from the mountains, so a name like Mountie works well. There are countless opportunities here, so let your imagination run wild.

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Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

5. Use a Name Generator

Are you feeling stuck and can’t find any inspiration? If so, consider using a random name generator. Perhaps the perfect name will jump out to you, but even if it doesn’t, it could give you the inspiration you need to start thinking of some names on your own.

6. Say It Out Loud

When you’re doing your research trying to find the perfect name for your cat, you’re reading all the names. While this might seem fine, when you’re using it, you’re actually saying it. Feel how the name comes off your tongue and how you pronounce it, because when the right name comes along, you won’t know for sure if it sounds right until you actually put it to use.

7. Look At Other Names in Your Home

The last thing you want is to call your husband, wife, kids, or other pets and have your cat think you’re talking to them. Of course, this goes for other pets in your home, too, and if your cat constantly thinks you’re calling them when you’re not, they’re just going to start ignoring you. Don’t look for subtle differences here; find a name that’s uniquely their own!

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Image credit: Artem Oleshko, Shutterstock

8. Use Their Personality or Appearance

Each cat has their own unique look and personality, and if you can tie that into their name, it’s a great way to make it their own. You can call white cats Snowball and feisty cats Ranger, or you can go with an oxymoron and call a feisty cat Mittens. There are countless possibilities here, so get creative and find something that fits.

9. Avoid Commands

If you plan on teaching your cat any tricks, avoid naming them something that will sound like one of the commands. For instance, if you want to try and teach your cat to sit, the last thing you want to name them is Mitt. Of course, if you’ve already named your cat and it sounds like a command, you can come up with a new word to let them know the trick.

10. Pick a Name and Stick With It

One of the most important things you can do when naming your cat is to pick a name and stick with it. The last thing you want is to create confusion for your cat by constantly changing their name. If you do, there’s a good chance you’ll find it harder and harder to get them to learn their new name each time.

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Image Credit: Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

Now that you have some tips and tricks to name our cat, all that’s left is for you to let your creative juices run wild, come up with a handful of potential names, and pick your favorite! You’ll know when the perfect name comes to you, and from then on, you and your cat can enjoy your years together.

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