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How to Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up: 6 Expert Tips

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Cats are independent creatures, but they do seem to have a knack for waking their human companions. After all, cats tend to be “night owls” and can get lonely when they’re all alone in the house while everyone else sleeps. But it’s never fun to wake up to a meowing cat or one that is jumping on your bed or pawing at your body.

Maybe you want to figure out how to stop your cat from waking you up at night, or you might be focused on determining how to stop your cat from waking you up in the morning. Either way, here are a few things that you can do.


The 6 Tips to Keep Your Cat From Waking You Up

1. Commit to a Play Session Right Before Bed

A great way to reduce the chance that your kitty will wake you up while you are sleeping is to play a game with them right before you hit the sack. You could throw a ball around for them to chase or pull out a feather toy and get them to jump up for it. The idea is that the more energy they expend, the more laid back they will be while you sleep. With any luck, they’ll sleep the entire time that you sleep for.

2. Make Sure Toys Are Accessible in a Separate Room

It’s a good idea to put a few toys out each night so your cat has something to do and will be less likely to get bored while you sleep. Make sure the toys are located outside of your room, so they don’t wake you up when they get played with. Consider keeping a basket of toys so you can alternate the ones that you leave out for your cat each night. This will help ensure that they always have something new and different to do.

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Image Credit By: Noor Khalafy, Pexels

3. Set Up a Cozy Place to Sleep Near Your Bed

If your cat wakes you up when they try to cuddle with you, the behavior may be corrected by making sure there is a cozy place for them to sleep near your bed instead of in it. Consider putting a cat bed on your bedside table so they can be right next to your head. This should provide them with comfort and peace of mind so they can rest easy while you sleep. Another perk is that your cat will stay out of your bed, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning cat hair off your sheets.

4. Offer a Snack Before the End of the Night

If you go to bed hours after your cat eats dinner, providing them with a snack before bedtime could help keep them from waking you up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning. A couple of small pieces of cheese, a hunk of banana, a tablespoon of tuna, a quarter of a shredded carrot, and even a couple of berries all make good snacks that will help keep your feline family member’s belly satisfied until it’s breakfast time.

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5. Put a Pair of Earplugs In

If you can’t get your cat to stop making noise while you sleep after trying several techniques, you may need to simply put in a pair of earplugs right before you go to bed at night. The earplugs might take some getting used to, but they should stop you from having to listen to your cat’s meows and the sounds of them knocking things over. Choose a pair of earplugs that conform to the ear for the best results and comfort.

6. Keep Your Door Closed Throughout the Night

If all else fails and you cannot get comfortable with wearing earplugs while you sleep, you may have to leave your cat in the living room and close your bedroom door so they cannot get inside and bother you. You could always start the night with the door open in case your cat wants to be near you without disturbing you. However, the second that they wake you up, you can remove them from the space and close the door. They will forgive you in the morning, especially if you leave them with toys to play with.

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Image Credit By: Spacejoy, Unsplash


Final Thoughts

Cats can be noisy and bothersome at night. Fortunately, a few things can be done to reduce the chance that they will wake you up until you’re ready to wake up on your own.

Featured Photo Credit: Stock-Asso, Shutterstock

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