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How To Use Cat Litter Deodorizers: FAQ & Expert Tips

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If there’s one thing cat parents are always on the lookout for, it is ways to make the litter box smell less funky. Methods and strategies range from using scented litter to daily cleaning, but another safe, simple option to consider is cat litter deodorizers. Typically, using cat litter deodorizers is as simple as sprinkling them into the litter box.

In this post, we’ll share what cat litter deodorizers do, how to use them, and the pros and cons of using them to keep the box fresh.


What Do Cat Litter Deodorizers Do?

Cat litter deodorizers are typically in powder form though some are in crystal form, bead form, or have a fine, pebble-like consistency, and they often contain odor neutralizers like baking soda or active carbon depending on the brand.

These odor neutralizers work to eliminate or reduce litter box smells by absorbing odor particles and, in some cases, preventing clumps from getting stuck to the box. Some are scented some are unscented, and some are even moisture-activated


How to Use Cat Litter Deodorizers

Instructions for use may differ slightly depending on the brand you’re using, so always refer to the instructions on the pack before use. As an example of how to use litter deodorizers, we’ve picked one of the most common types—powdery deodorizers infused with baking soda.

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What You’ll Need
  • A clean litter box
  • Cat litter deodorizer
  • Cat litter
  • A litter scoop
  • Starting with a clean, dry, empty litter box, sprinkle the deodorizer over the bottom of the box.
  • Fill the box with the litter of your choice.
  • Sprinkle the cat litter deodorizer over the top of the litter.
  • Take the scoop and mix the deodorizer in with the litter well.
  • Any time the box needs freshening up between cleans, simply sprinkle more deodorizer on top and mix it in.



Do Cat Litter Deodorizers Actually Work?

Cat litter deodorizers seem to work well for most people as per user reviews across different sites, especially for deodorizers with a powdery consistency and that contain baking soda. Most users commented that using a deodorizer made the world of difference and that you don’t even need to use much of the product to experience the positive effects.

Reviews were more mixed when it came to deodorizers in crystal form, though it appears a large percentage of users had at least a decent experience. You might need to experiment with a couple of brands before you find one that works best for you.

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Cat Litter Deodorizers: Pros and Cons

Though it seems unanimous that cat litter deodorizers—especially baking soda-based ones—are well worth a go, there are still potential downfalls to using them. To sum up, we’ve compiled these lists of pros and cons.

  • Come in a variety of forms
  • Some are very reasonably priced
  • Effective in most cases according to reviews
  • Scented and unscented options are available
  • Help keep your home smelling fresh
  • Easy to find online and in stores
  • Scented varieties may be too strong for sensitive cats
  • Some brands are expensive
  • Can be dusty

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Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of trying a cat litter deodorizer for the first time, we hope we’ve been able to put your mind at ease in terms of how simple they are to use. As it seems like baking soda-based deodorizers are the most effective based on user reviews, it might be worth trying out one of these first, but the options are endless.

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