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Kaytee Rabbit Food Review 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Kaytee rabbit food a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Kaytee is a company that prides itself on producing “exceptional products for happy pets,” and has been a pet food industry leader for more than 150 years.

Committed to developing the best bird and small animal nutrition and care possible, Kaytee produces a wide range of food, treats, habitats, toys, and accessories for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and many other small animals.

Founded in 1866 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Kaytee has consistently provided high-quality nutrition and innovative play options for small pets. Even today, they support the local Wisconsin community with outreach programs that seek to get kids spending more time in the great outdoors.

With a wide variety of foods for rabbits of all ages, Kaytee offers perhaps the most comprehensive selection of rabbit foods available today. They’re an all-in-one solution to all of your rabbit’s needs and should be the first consideration of rabbit owners everywhere.

Read on to discover exactly which rabbit food offerings from Kaytee are the absolute best, as well as an in-depth look at the ingredients and history of this long-running pet food company.


At a Glance: The Best Kaytee Rabbit Food Recipes

For a quick read on everything that Kaytee’s rabbit foods have to offer, check out the following list of their most desirable recipes:

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Kaytee Timothy Complete Kaytee Timothy Complete
  • Minimal added ingredients
  • No loose seeds or sugary fruits
  • Excellent price
  • Second place
    Kaytee Fiesta Kaytee Fiesta
  • DHA and Omega-3
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Third place
    Kaytee Food from the Wild Kaytee Food from the Wild
  • Wild rabbit food
  • No added sugar, fillers or artificial preservatives
  • Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro
  • High fiber content
  • Great for younger rabbits
  • Kaytee Supreme Kaytee Supreme
  • Ideally suited for adult rabbits
  • Larger, crunchier pieces
  • Kaytee Rabbit Food Reviewed

    In the following sections, we’ll be going in-depth on everything you need to know about Kaytee rabbit food, including where it’s made, what sort of ingredients you can expect to find in each bag, and what sort of rabbits will do best with each recipe. Follow along to see if Kaytee rabbit food is the best choice for your fuzzy friend.

    Who Makes Kaytee Rabbit Food and Where is it Produced?

    Though now a subsidiary of Pets International, Kaytee still produces their rabbit food and small animal products from Chilton, Wisconsin as well as a distribution company in Lafayette, California. Their A2LA accredited lab in Chilton provides top-level testing of all of their products, ensuring their health and safety for your pets.

    What Types of Rabbits is Kaytee Rabbit Food Best Suited For?

    One of the greatest strengths of the Kaytee rabbit food brand is the variety of foods they offer for your pet. With six offerings that cater to rabbits young and old, as well as mixed variety bags to keep your bunny interested in their food, there’s a Kaytee product for every type of rabbit.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    Every Kaytee rabbit food recipe is based around a rabbit’s favorite and most essential food: Timothy hay. Specifically, Kaytee uses sun-cured Timothy grass hay — a gentler method of processing that retains more of the hay’s natural nutritional benefits.

    In addition, each Kaytee rabbit food recipe is fortified with important vitamins and minerals that are vital to your rabbit’s health and well-being.

    Often, a small portion of dried cane molasses is added to help attract your rabbit’s attention and keep them interested in their food. In large amounts, this ingredient can lead to obesity, but the small amounts present in Kaytee’s rabbit foods serve mainly as a binder for the other dry ingredients.


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    A Quick Look at Kaytee Rabbit Food

    • Six varieties to choose from
    • Reasonably priced, with significant discounts for buying in bulk
    • Suitable for rabbits of all ages
    • Fun options for rabbits that are picky eaters
    • American-owned company operating out of Wisconsin
    • Little to no information on where ingredients are being sourced
    • Needs to be refrigerated or frozen for extended storage

    Ingredients Analysis

    Each of Kaytee’s rabbit food recipes is built on a base of sun-cured Timothy hay. This high-fiber, balanced protein hay is essential to your rabbit’s health and easier on their digestion than many other grain options. Its hard and rough texture also benefits your rabbit’s dental health by helping them to grind their constantly growing teeth down while eating.

    The inclusion of seeds as well as dried flowers, greens, vegetables, and fruits in Kaytee’s “Food in the Wild” and “Fiesta” recipes is somewhat controversial. While it’s true that these ingredients are all-natural and can encourage rabbits’ inborn foraging instincts, they are also not well suited to becoming a regular part of your rabbit’s diet due to their high sugar content.

    Recall History

    There is very limited information available for any Kaytee rabbit food recalls, with the last mention of any recall due to contamination occurring in 2012. Thanks to the company’s stringent lab testing requirements, recalls have been rare and handled quickly, with no reported incidents of injury to rabbits because of a recall.


    Reviews of the 3 Best Kaytee Rabbit Food Recipes

    For almost every rabbit owner, one of the following three recipes will be best for their bunny’s nutritional needs:

    1. Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food

    Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food

    The flagship product for Kaytee’s line of rabbit food recipes, their Timothy Complete is an all-in-one solution to your rabbit’s kibble needs. By combining freshly sun-cured Timothy hay with additional vitamins and minerals, this rabbit food recipe will help to support your rabbit’s health and well-being year after year.

    Timothy Complete is one of the most reasonably priced rabbit foods on the market today and offers significant discounts when ordered in bulk. Just keep in mind that if the bag is open for more than a month, it can start to get stale and not be as attractive to your rabbit anymore.

    • Complete, balanced nutrition rabbit kibble
    • Minimal added ingredients
    • No loose seeds or sugary fruits
    • Excellent price
    • May have to store in the fridge or freezer to keep it fresh
    • Some bags end up with a lot of crushed, powdery pellets because of shipping

    2. Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food

    Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food

    A more premium option that’s a step up from the Kaytee Timothy Complete is Kaytee’s Supreme recipe rabbit food that’s based on alfalfa rather than Timothy hay. This makes it much better suited to the nutritional requirements of young rabbits.

    The Supreme rabbit food is a higher fiber option for feeding your rabbit and can be easier for some rabbits to digest. When given as part of a balanced diet that includes fresh hay, plenty of water, and fresh greens, it is a nutrient-dense option that can keep your rabbit happy and healthy for years to come.

    • High fiber content is good for digestion
    • Wholesome and high-quality ingredients
    • No artificial flavors or colors
    • Great for younger rabbits
    • Not the best choice for older rabbits
    • On the expensive side

    3. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Adult Rabbit Food

    Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Adult Rabbit Food

    Designed specifically for fully-grown rabbits, Kaytee’s Forti-Diet Pro Health Adult rabbit food features large, crunchy pieces that help support dental health with every meal. With additional prebiotics and probiotics, it’s also an excellent option for any bunny that regularly has digestive issues.

    As the most fortified recipe available from Kaytee, the Forti-Diet Pro is also their most expensive option. We recommend checking with your vet to see if it’s the best choice for your rabbit at whatever stage of life they’re in.

    • Ideally suited for adult rabbits
    • Larger, crunchier pieces help maintain good dental health
    • Fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to assist with digestion
    • Quite expensive
    • Not suitable for juvenile rabbits

    What Rabbit Owners are Saying

    Don’t just take it from us: Here’s what other rabbit owners are saying about Kaytee rabbit food around the web.

    • Amazon reviewers seem to find Kaytee foods quite favorable, overall. Check out some of these reviews by clicking here.
    • Chewy is also a reliable source of information straight from rabbit owners’ mouths. We recommend looking at their reviews of Kaytee’s Timothy Complete food here.


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    Kaytee is a well-established company in the small pet and bird category, producing top-quality food, toys, and habitats for all sorts of pets. As far as we’re concerned, their rabbit food recipes should be a go-to for owners of rabbits both young and old. With six different options to choose from, there’s sure to be a Kaytee rabbit food that’s just right for your furry friend.

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