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How Much Does a Mini Pig Cost? 2024 Price Guide


Miniature pigs have taken the pet world by storm—and it’s really no wonder. These pets are adorable, unique, and highly intelligent creatures. However, unlike domesticated dogs and cats, these animals require particular care that doesn’t come for free.

Once you have researched all you can about mini pigs, one big question remains: can you afford one? Depending on the source, you can get mini pig for $50 or even $6.000 and monthly costs range from $105–$950 depending on circumstances. Here, we have broken down each cost associated with pet pig ownership so you can find out if this peculiar pet fits your budget.

new pig divider do not use Bringing Home a New Mini Pig: One-Time Costs

Unless your piggy develops some medical issue later in life, one-time costs might be the most you’ll ever spend in one go. You may be able to get lucky with finding a mini pig that needs a home with a low price tag—but we’ve covered all the possibilities here so you know what to expect.

mini pig on rocks_Alexas_Fotos_Pixabay
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay


Some owners run into hard times during their piggy’s lifetime and desperately need to find them a new home quickly. Regardless of life circumstances or lack of commitment, everyone has a reason for wanting to give their mini pig a better life. Just make sure you confirm that the pig is healthy, as often, free animals can come with hidden costs.


  • $50–$300

Many facilities wind up with mini and teacup pigs because owners cannot or will not care for their pets. They are often surrendered due to an owner’s inability to afford or properly house these oinking cuties.

These pigs will undergo a rigorous adoption process so as to not repeat history to ensure they go to a suitable home. But the upside here is that they will come with applicable vet care and resources for adoptive families.


  • $1,200–$6,000

Breeder rates can be significantly more, considering factors like quality, breed, and the area you live. All piglets should be clean, vetted, and problem-free to ensure a sound temperament and optimal longevity.

Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $300–$430

Like having a dog or cat, a miniature pig requires very specific items to keep them safe and protect your belongings. For instance, you will need a litter box for toilet training, standard things like food and water bowls, and enclosures to protect your pig.

You might be able to cut corners in certain areas if you can find free items; however, if you purchase everything at a store, you’re looking to spend a decent chunk of money. But there are fewer recurring expenses, so you can expect to pay less as the months pass.

List of Mini Pig Care Supplies and Costs

Bed $30
Blankets $30
Food bowls $25
Harness $30
Outdoor pen $100
Kennel $100
Brush (optional) $10
Litter Box $25
Litter Scoop $10
Toys $30
Carrier $40

How Much Does a Mini Pig Cost Per Month?

  • $105–$950 per month

Monthly care costs for your mini pig vary. There is no way to determine the exact costs before you purchase your teacup pig. Each pig is an individual, and monthly expenses can vary depending on your pig’s destruction levels, medical needs, and life stage.

mini pig II_Alexas_Fotos_Pixaby
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixaby

Health Care

  • $0–$300+ per month

Your mini pig might not have any monthly health care expenses. However, as they grow, if they require any recurring medication, this can rack up your monthly costs.


  • $20–$60 per month

They call them pigs for a reason. Food is going to be a pretty big expense, and it will need to be heavily regulated. Miniature pigs are highly curious and always hungry, getting into anything that they can.

Prices of commercial feed will vary depending on the quality of the food and the life stage of your pig.

Remember that these animals are not garbage disposals and need to maintain a healthy weight to stay healthy.


  • $10–$40 per month

Many owners love the fact that mini pigs are considered hypoallergenic and do not shed. You can keep their hair and skin fresh and clean with minimal effort on your part.

You should bathe your mini pig about once a week—or more if they get filthy. Aside from basic shampoo and other care products, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Image Credit: Olga_i, Shutterstock

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $0–$300 per month

Your mini pig won’t need to go to the vet every month. These animals typically need to see a veterinarian specializing in pig care annually.

Healthcare is essential for your growing piggy. However, you cannot take a miniature pig to a standard vet. Most vets that see dog and cat patients don’t have the expertise needed to provide healthcare for swine.

Therefore, you will need to get a veterinarian that specializes in miniature pig care. The cost for these types of veterinarians can be more expensive than traditional vets. Keep in mind that you might also have to travel if you can’t find one around your area.

Pet Insurance

  • $35–$80 per month

Even though you might think pet insurance only covers your cats, dogs, and other common domesticated animals—pigs have options too. Insurance companies like Pet Assure have monthly policies that take care of mini pig healthcare.

Image Credit: Kseniia Derzhavina, Shutterstock

Environment Maintenance

  • $30–$120 per month

When you get your miniature pig, you might plan on them being completely indoors, but this isn’t recommended. These animals love it outside. It’s always best to have an area for them that they can root around and explore.

If you’re going to have an outdoor/indoor pig, you need to make sure that their environment is safe and secure in both areas. You might have to get recurring supplies to replenish any litter and other items they could use or destroy over time.

Litter box liners $10/month
Deodorizing spray or granules $10/month
Enclosure maintenance $10-100/month


  • $10–$50 per month

Mini pigs may not play fetch or catch toy mice, but they certainly need their own special brand of activities to keep them busy.

Pigs are among the most intelligent mammals on the planet. Because of their high need for external stimulation, you need to provide lots of entertainment for them. You might try a treat ball or a rooting rug for them. In fact, many large dog toys can be easily converted into toys for your mini pig.

mini pigs
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Mini Pig

  • $105–$950 per month

As you can see, the total monthly mini and teacup pig cost varies greatly depending on the areas that require attention. Also, it can fluctuate from month to month, depending on care needs.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Outdoor Living

  • $100–$1,000

Lots of owners get hung up on the idea that they will have a cute little pig snuggling in bed with them when they bring this cutie home. However, they quickly grow to be incredibly heavy and cannot easily get up steps or other inclines.

Because of their rooting behavior and other quirks, many owners end up setting up an outdoor environment for them to do what is natural. If you hadn’t planned on creating an outdoor setup, this could rack up lots of extra costs considering all of the materials needed for the area.

mini pig
Image Credit: InsaPictures, Pixabay

Household Damage

  • $50–$300+

Pigs can be downright destructive. They have powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They can chew up carpets, trim, door frames, and the list goes on. If you aren’t paying attention, anything could happen, including destroying your personal belongings such as shoes and clothes.

Owning a pig, you have to be prepared to replace certain things that might have fallen victim to your piggy’s powerful jaws.

Pet Sitting

  • $100–$500

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places where you can board your pig. So, if you’re leaving your home for a vacation where you’ll be staying away, you have to have plans implemented for care.

If a friend or family member won’t take care of them for free, you’ll need to hire a professional pet sitter. Pet sitting rates can vary greatly, especially since these rates are up to the individual providing the service.

Emergency Vet Care

  • $200+

Sometimes, you can’t always be prepared for the unexpected. Just like any other animal, your pig can fall ill, racking up outlandish costs. It’s always best to have a stash hidden away in case of emergency surgery or other medical issues.

mini pig and vet_New Africa_Shutterstock
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Owning a Mini Pig On a Budget

You should never cut corners when it comes to mini pig care if it diminishes your pet’s overall wellbeing. If this cost seems steep, know that owning a pig is never going to be cheap. However, there are ways to get creative and save on pet pig costs from time to time.

Saving Money on Mini Pig Care

DIY Creations

The Internet is bustling with creative minds sharing ideas. You can scour the Internet to find lots of DIY projects for making toys, clothing, and enclosures for your pig using things you already have at home.


If you sign up for newsletters on miniature pig-specific websites, you can often get coupons for lots of items that you might be able to save money on. Even though the savings might not be tremendous, it is still thrifty. 

Reusable Items

Rather than buying disposable items, try to buy reusable things that you can avoid replacing for a long time. Even though the initial cost might be higher, you’re still saving in the long run.

Toilet Training

Rather than spending a ton of money on litter, you can always potty train your miniature pig. These animals would prefer to go to the bathroom outside.

So, if you take them on a walk to do their business, they will quickly learn to go to the door just like a dog when they need to relieve themselves. Plus, your house will smell better as well.

Autoship Options

If you purchase supplies or food online, you can sign up for AutoShip options. AutoShip options usually slash off a few bucks if it’s a recurring charge. If you know you’re going to need the same item, you can customize when to ship the item and save a few bucks in the meantime.

mini pig
Image Credit: Piqsels

new pig divider do not use Conclusion

Owning a miniature pig is not cheap. It is a heavy expense, and there is a lot of room for the unexpected. However, with proper planning and budgeting, you can be ready for the challenges that you face. It’s always better to err on the side of caution rather than being slammed with something completely unexpected.

As we’ve said, it will cost you between $300 to $400 initially, excluding the cost of the pig itself. Then you can expect recurring expenses of roughly $105 per month. And there is a possibility of additional costs that can vary. Having savings aside for your pig is a fantastic idea.

Also, you can take advantage of pet insurance policies if it gives you peace of mind.

Featured Image Credit: Elcholito, Pixabay

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