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18 Most Popular Instagram Celebrity Cats (with Pictures)

Cat laying down while they take a photo with a celphone

With the birth of Instagram, the number of “celebrity” cats has soared. Now, it isn’t odd to find tons of Instagram accounts centered solely around a single cat. Often, these accounts feature pictures of the cat in a variety of situations—and trying many products from sponsors.

Each cat’s owner is constantly looking to increase their follower count. Therefore, their numbers shift constantly. The top cat on Instagram today probably won’t hold that title for very long.

With that said, here is a list of the most popular celebrity cats on Instagram, as well as links to their profiles so that you can take a look.


The 18 Most Popular Instagram Celebrity Cats

1. Lil Bub

Followers: 2.5M

Lil Bub is a very interesting cat that has some genetic anomalies. Therefore, the cat stands out on Instagram and has even appeared on talk shows in the United States. Their Instagram account runs a fundraiser for special needs pets, which you can donate to.

2. Richard

Followers: 125K

Richard may not be the most famous cat on Instagram, but he still has more followers than most people. This feline was rescued from a public shelter as an adult. Therefore, his Instagram page focuses a lot on promoting animal adoption.

3. Pudge

Followers: 638K

Pudge the cat is a famous “fashion model” Exotic Shorthair. This breed of cat isn’t exceedingly rare, but they don’t appear all that often on Instagram. As you’d expect, many followers are drawn to this cat because of her unique features.

4. Princess Monster Truck

Followers: 263K

Princess is a very unique-looking cat that has several feline siblings that also appear on the page. Like many of these cat-centered accounts on Instagram, there is an emphasis on adopting felines, as Princess came from a shelter herself.

5. Sam

Followers: 223K

Sam is a completely white cat except for some eyebrow-like black lines on his forehead. These unique markings easily made the cat Instagram famous. Now, Sam is sponsored by I and Love and You, which is a newer cat food company.

6. Grumpy Cat

Followers: 2.6M

You could not talk about Instagram cats without mentioning Grumpy Cat, who practically created the meme. Despite his constant expression, his owner proclaims that he is actually a very happy cat that doesn’t seem bothered by all the photo shoots. Fun Fact: Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tartar Sauce, which we think is equally as cute.

7. Nala

Followers: 4.5M

Nala is simply a very adorable cat. There is no doubt why this feline likely has the highest number of followers on Instagram. Her owner has even started her own cat food company. Currently, Nala has the world record for the highest number of Instagram followers for a cat.

8. Hamilton

Followers: 743K

Hamilton, the hipster cat, has an amazing mustache that has earned him a lot of followers. There is some doubt that the cat’s unique marking is real, but his owner insists that it is. Similar to Grumpy Cat, Hamilton has found himself on many memes.

9. Ruku

Followers: 446K

For your daily dose of cats, you may want to follow Roku. This pretty unique cat is actually surrounded by tons of other cats that also show up on the page from time to time. Typically, this page only features adorable photos, not the marketing that is sometimes known to take over the cat Instagram world.

10. Coby

Followers: 1.9M

Coby is best known as the “most beautiful cat in the world”. If you ever see a meme about a cat being more beautiful than most people, they are probably talking about Coby. Those beautiful blue eyes are simply a show-stopper.

11. Suki

Followers: 1.9M

Suki travels around with her husky friend Kilua. Her Instagram differs from others on this list in that it focuses on travel—only with a cat and dog taking center stage. So far, the cat and dog duo have traveled tons and have the pictures to prove it.

12. Coffee

Followers: 2.2M

Coffee, also known as Mr. White, is a beautiful, completely white cat with blue eyes. The beauty of this cat alone is enough to garner followers on Instagram. However, the cat is also a cancer survivor to boot.

13. Cole and Marmalade

Followers: 678K

This duo of rescue cats has taken Instagram by storm and gained hundreds of thousands of followers. The team focuses on positivity and the occasional product recommendation. You can find tons of pictures on their Instagram and more are posted all the time.

14. Venus

Followers: 2.2M

When Venus first arrived on the scene, there was a lot of debate on whether or not the cat really looked like the pictures suggested. However, video proof has surfaced of this cat’s very unique appearance. She really does have face markings right down the middle. Now, she has fan merchandise and millions of followers.

15. Smoothie

Followers: 2.4M

One look at this fluffy cat and it becomes pretty obvious why she has over a million followers. She is one giant piece of fluff, and the internet loves it. You’ll also see pictures of her cat sibling, who is just about as fluffy as her.

16. Hosico

Followers: 1.9M

There is one simple reason why Hosico rules on Instagram—he is just so cute! This Scottish cat is very photogenic and often photographed in the oddest of positions. Plus, you’ll also spot unique cat furniture, like his TV hideaway.

17. Princess Cheeto

Followers: 182K

If you’re looking for unique pictures, then you should follow Cheeto the cat. This feline has pictures of her in a giant cheese box, wearing a lemon helmet, and in a giant banana bed. The amount of work that goes into her photoshoots is simply unbelievable.

Plus, this cat has been featured by major brands in their ads, such as Target. You may even spot her at an art show or two.

18. Waffles

Followers: 874K

To finish off our list, let’s not forget Waffles the cat. This adorable feline has merch and fan art. Plus, he has a number of sponsors that sometimes provide discounts to his followers. If you have a feline, that in itself is enough reason to follow Waffles.


Final Thoughts

Instagram has a surprisingly large number of cat accounts, but not all of them get the millions of followers that others get. Being an Instagram influencer is a lot of work—for both the human and the cat involved.

If you’re looking for some cute cat pictures to cheer you up (or some inspiring travel photos), then there is surely something on this list for you to choose from.

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Featured Image Credit: xixicatphotos, Shutterstock

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