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Perfect Memorials Sculpture Urn Product Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion


Our Final Verdict

We give Perfect Memorials Sculpture Urn a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

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Perfect Memorials is a Minnesota-based company and the leading online retailer of memorial products for our beloved human and pet companions. Their easy-to-use and incredibly massive online catalog contains almost any product type you can imagine, including urns, cremation jewelry, and outdoor memorials. The company is known for its fast turnaround time and speedy delivery, especially considering how personalized its products can be.

Today, we’ll review an urn from the Heavenly Creations line-up on the Perfect Memorials website. This line of products offers pet figurine urns in shapes such as rabbit, cat, dog, and specific dog breeds. Each urn can be personalized with up to four lines, including your pet’s name and any other loving sentiments you wish to add. These beautiful urns are available at affordable price points, though it is worth noting that personalization can add a significant cost.

Let’s dive deeper into Perfect Memorials and their beautiful pet memorial options.


About Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials could not have selected a better brand name for themselves as they are certainly in the business of creating perfect memorial items. What’s more, their catalog offers options for all budgets, something that’s rare in this world these days.

cremation urn in the box and symphaty note from perfect memorials

Who Makes Perfect Memorials and Where Is It Produced?

Perfect Memorials was founded in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in 2001. They launched with a very limited selection of urns and jewelry, but as the interest and popularity of cremation and traditional burial alternatives increased, they shifted their focus. Twenty-two years later, Perfect Memorials now offers their customers countless memorial gifts, like plaques, ornaments, picture frames, pendants, urns, sculptures, wind chimes, and headstones, among many others.

Which Type of Pet Is Perfect Memorials Best Suited For?

Perfect Memorials creates products suitable for memorializing all pets. However, they have more style options for “traditional” pets like cats and dogs. They have dog-centric memorials, including an engravable dog wind chime and a dog-in-basket bronze keepsake. Their cat-specific options include hand-painted cat figurine urns, bronze cat urns, cat cremation jewelry, a cat angel figurine, and more. They even have rabbit figurine urns for people who have lost their beloved bunny pals.


Perfect Memorials Sculpture Urn Product Overview

bronze cat in basket cremation urn from perfect memorials


Pricing will vary wildly depending on your chosen memorial and how customizable it is. Pet memorials will range from $10 for an engravable cremains necklace for pets weighing less than one pound to over $2,500 for an engravable silver cat charm urn necklace.

The exact urn we’re reviewing today comes from Perfect Memorial’s Heavenly Creations line of pet sculpture cremation urns. The Bronze Cat in Basket Cremation Urn is currently available at the base price of $109.95. Personalization is an additional charge. It costs $29.95 to add up to four lines of text on the plaque, $6.95 to add artwork like hearts or paw prints, and $14.95 to add a poem to the back of the urn. You will also be expected to pay extra for a cremains bag or burial container if you decide you need those.


My Perfect Memorials urn arrived much faster than expected in a very well-packaged box. The shipping box was banged up just slightly on the corner, but the urn itself was packaged in hard Styrofoam inside, so it was safe and sound.

The engravable plaque, which does not come pre-attached, was tucked in a plastic bag inside a brown envelope. It’s clear that Perfect Memorials ships its products with the utmost care and attention.


Specs for the Bronze Cat in Basket Cremation Urn:
  • 6-3/8″W x 4-3/4″D x 6-1/2″H
  • 25 cubic inches
  • Approximately one kilogram
  • Suitable for cats 20 pounds or under
  • Made of cold-cast resin

In Summary

  • Heavy design, won’t knock over easily
  • Affordably priced
  • Many ways to personalize
  • Beautiful design
  • Huge catalog of memorial items
  • Plaque does not arrive attached
  • Personalization is an extra charge


Key Features

dena's portrait and ashes in cremation urn


Perfect Memorials provides plenty of ways for pet owners to personalize the products they’re receiving to memorialize their pets. The customizability will depend on the product the customer chooses.

The Heavenly Creations line-up allows for plenty of personalization. Customers can choose what they want engraved on the optional plaque, including information such as the pet’s name, legacy dates, and a little poem or phrase. They will also choose between two font styles and if they’d like to add a cremains bag. Customers may add a poem personalization to the back of the urn for an additional charge and may also add on a burial container if they so choose.


As mentioned above, Perfect Memorials has countless options for pet memorials. Whether you’re searching for cremation jewelry, pet markers, plaques, or urns in options like metal, wood, or sculptures, there’s something available to help you memorialize your pet beautifully.

The Heavenly Creations line consists of 27 stunning urns for cats and dogs. Their dog options are particularly wonderful as they have several breed-specific urns, including ones for Boxers, Labradors, Rottweilers, Corgis, Dachshunds, and more. However, the company didn’t forget about cats with options for tabbies and black, white, or orange cats.

The website has several search options that allow you to filter your search based specifically on what you want your urn to look like. You can filter by material (e.g., acrylic, glass, metal), color, size, and price.


Perfect Memorials uses only the best materials for the memorials they create. Their jewelry is available in stainless steel and 14K gold options, among others. Their memorial plaques and markers are made in various materials, including granite and bluestone.

As for the Heavenly Creations line, the figures are hand-painted, many with a gorgeous antiqued bronze finish. They’re made of cold cast resin to allow for fine details that set their urns apart from any others on the market.



Is Perfect Memorials a Good Value?

Perfect Memorials provides a fantastic value for the quality. Their memorials are priced similarly to those we found available through pet cremation facilities but are of better quality and much nicer to look at. Not to mention that Perfect Memorials products are often highly customizable in several ways, while cremation centers only offer name engraving options.

dena's memorials

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Where do the ashes go?

On the bottom of the Heavenly Creation urns is a removable panel outfitted with a D-ring closure. The panel features a rubber gasket to ensure the urn’s interior is air-tight. To fill it, remove the panel and place the bag containing your pet’s remains inside.

Do the Heavenly Creations memorials come with urn bags?

They do not automatically come with an urn bag, though one can be added to the order for an additional $6.95. The bags are made of a soft velvet material and come in various colors, including turquoise, red, pink, burgundy, and more.

How do I know if the urn I’ve chosen will hold my pet?

Each Heavenly Creation urn is clearly labeled with how big the interior space is. Each will hold anywhere between 25 cu/in (enough room for a 25-pound cat) and 200 cu/in (enough space for a dog weighing 200 pounds).

The Perfect Memorials website also has a guide to help you choose the right size urn for your pet. Their guidelines are that one pound of body weight equals one cubic inch, so that’s something to remember to ensure you’re choosing an urn that will fit your beloved pet.

Where do Perfect Memorials ship?

Perfect Memorials offers shipping within the United States of America, and their dedicated Canadian website provides shipping to Canadians like me. The company has an eBay store that allows them to ship internationally to other countries.


Our Experience With Perfect Memorials

dena's portrait and ashes in cremation urn from perfect memorials

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My beautiful cat Dena was 18 years old when she passed away this June. She was a quiet cat, never demanding snuggles or food or…anything, really. She would come up to you if you were petting another cat to silently request a pet or two, but she never insisted on it. The only things she needed to stay happy were a fresh load of laundry to snatch at as we folded them, Christmas bows to chew off the gifts under the tree, and fallen shredded cheese to eat off the floor as we made supper. Man, she was so easy to please.

Her passing was expected, but that doesn’t make it any easier. When her brother passed away in 2020, we had a beautiful glass memorial made of his ashes, and we knew we had to do something similar for Dena when her time came.

Perfect Memorials is one of the first websites that pops up on Google when you search pet memorials, and their catalog is so stunning that I knew right away I’d be supporting their business.

The website is very user-friendly and walks you through the ordering process step-by-step. The hardest part was deciding what I wanted my memorial piece to look like. The company had a long-haired cat urn as well as a tabby urn, and although Dena was a long-haired tabby, neither of these options appealed to me. Ultimately, I selected the Bronze Cat in Basket Cremation Urn as I loved the look of the bronze style and felt it had a more classic appearance.

Next was deciding between fonts. I chose the block option as I felt it was easier to read. The company allows you to write up to three lines. I put Dena’s name, the years she blessed my life, and a cute phrase I found online. You can also personalize the plaque with artwork, such as paw prints or hearts, and a poem on the back for an additional charge.

Once I finished personalizing, the checkout process was quick and easy. As a Canadian shopper, there was a shipping fee associated with my order; however, Perfect Memorials offers free shipping at certain purchasing thresholds.

The urn was much more beautiful in person than I imagined. It is so detailed and has some good weight, so I don’t need to worry about my other cats knocking it off the shelf. The cat and basket are both textured, so they look very realistic. It’s clear that no detail was spared.

The base of the urn is covered in a soft black felt material, so it will not scratch the surface of your furniture.

The urn’s removable panel on the bottom was challenging to open when it first arrived. I had to use a straight screwdriver to open it the first time as it was screwed on tight. After placing Dena’s ashes in the urn, I could tighten it as much as I needed to without making it too difficult to open in the future.

The plaque doesn’t come pre-attached. Perfect Memorial says this was a purposeful decision to allow each person to adhere to the plaque on the urn wherever they see fit. It attaches with a permanent adhesive, and the website even has a detailed application instruction guide to make it easy.

I am a perfectionist, and the pressure I felt knowing I’d have to attach the plaque perfectly centered to be happy with the product was immense and, quite frankly, over dramatic. For me, I think it would have been easier to have the plaque arrive already attached to the urn, centered as it is in the product photos on their website. Thank goodness for my husband, who sensed my trepidation and took it upon himself to attach the plaque for me. This certainly wasn’t a dealbreaker for me because the urn is so beautiful and perfect, but it’s worth noting.

perfect memorials cremation urn



Perfect Memorials fills a void in the world of pet memorials. Losing a pet is an immensely painful experience, and while this stunning urn won’t bring back our girl and doesn’t take the sting of her passing away, seeing it on my display shelf every day reminds me of the joy and companionship she brought my family for 18 years. I highly recommend Perfect Memorials for their easy ordering process, huge catalog, attractive urns, and quick processing time.

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