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Petsies Custom Pet Pillow Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion


Our Final Verdict

We give Petsies Pet Pillow a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Image Quality: 5/5
Materials: 4.8/5
Ordering Process: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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What Are Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillows?

a tabby cat next to petsies pillow

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Petsies is a Florida-based company primarily focusing on crafting custom pet products modeled after your own fur babies. The company is comprised of self-proclaimed pet lovers who know what other pet parents want. Their line-up is expansive, including such items as photo blankets, socks, magnets, and face masks, all customized with your pet’s likeness. While they have an impressive array of merchandise, they are perhaps best known for their Petsies Stuffed Animals and Pet-Shaped Pillows.

We will be taking a closer look at the Pet-Shaped Pillows today. The pillows are entirely customizable from start to finish. You will choose a high-quality image of your pet and upload it to their website to begin the customization process. Next, you’ll select a pillow size that suits your needs, budget, and preferred style. Petsies creates full-body, half-body, and head-only pillows in sizes between 12 inches and 24 inches.

Petsies’ Pet-Shaped pillows make great gifts for loved ones and a fantastic present to give yourself. They can be made after the likeness of any animal, be it a cat, dog, bearded dragon, guinea pig, or parrot. Do you have an out-of-the-box pet you’d like to see on a pillow? Maybe a donkey, axolotl, or monkey? Petsies can turn any image of any species into a pillow, no questions asked.


A Quick Look

  • Easy ordering process
  • Very soft, plush material
  • The image is printed on both sides
  • Clear and detailed image
  • Several size options
  • Any species can be turned into a pillow
  • International shipping can take some time
  • Shipping prices can be high

Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillow Pricing

Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillows are priced affordably considering the custom nature of the item. While you can find similar products on online marketplaces like Etsy, I found the pricing and quality for Petsies products to be better.

Their small-sized pillows are 12 inches high and cost $39 USD, while their extra-large pillows are 24 inches high and cost $89 USD.

The company provides discounts for consumers ordering more than one pillow. This is awesome as a multi-pet owner as I could order pillows for myself and my family members and receive a 10% discount when I ordered 10 of them. Customers ordering 20 or more pillows will receive a 20% discount.

Petsies shipping rates depend on the pillow size and how many you order. A single small-sized pillow will cost $9.95 to cover domestic shipping for one pillow. International shipping is a bit pricier, but as a Canadian consumer, I’ve come to expect that. Petsies ship to international customers via USPS First Class Mail, which costs $20.95 for the first small pillow.

What to Expect From Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillow

Petsies is a company that seems to take great pride in providing its customers with high-quality custom pet products. Their Pet-Shaped Pillows arrive at your doorstep ready to put on display or snuggle. The pillows are customizable in size and shape and are personalized with an image of your pet.

Your order takes several days to create and a few weeks to arrive at your doorstep. Petsies provides all its customers with updates throughout the creation process so you can keep tabs on your order. Every order, whether domestic or international, comes with free tracking so you’ll always know where your order is in transit.

petsies customized pet pillow

Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillow Features

  • Sizes between 12″ to 24″
  • Prices between $39 and $89
  • Three pillow types
  • Custom shapes depending on the image
  • Detailed image on soft polyester plush
  • Custom-made with precision sewing

Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillow Materials

The Petsies website says they use an “ultra-soft polyester plush” material to create their custom pillows. I’m not very knowledgeable about fabrics, so I wasn’t sure what to expect before mine arrived, but I knew I liked the sound of “ultra-soft” and “plush.”

When I pulled my pillow out of the shipping bag, I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the polyester material. My pillow is very plush and huggable.

Speaking of huggability, the pillow was stuffed with the perfect amount. It’s not overly full to the point that snuggling is hard and uncomfortable. But it’s also not understuffed so much that it’s floppy. It’s filled enough to stand on its own while remaining totally squeezable.

One thing I will mention is that the material does attract pet hair. I have a few cats that are notorious shedders, and their fur does stick to the pillow. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, though, as the image takes up most of the pillow, so the fur isn’t that noticeable unless you inspect it.

closeup of seam puckering of the petsies pillow


Petsies offer their customers several ways to customize their pillow during the ordering process.

First, you’ll need to choose the pillow size you’d like. Your options are 12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, or 24 inches. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll need to decide what pillow type you’d like. They have three options: full body, half body, or head only. I chose the full-body option for my image because I wanted my pillow to be quite tall, and I felt it was really important to see my birthday cat’s apathetic stance.

Ease of Ordering

The Petsies website is very appealing to the eye and easy to navigate. The ordering process is no different. There are just two pages you need to fill out before sending your order.

The first step requires you to upload the image you’d like on your pillow. If you do not have the picture on your computer when ordering, the company allows you to finalize your order and send the image to them afterward.

Steps two and three prompt you to select the customization options for your pillow, like what size and type you’d like. You’ll next need to input your pet’s name and how many pillows you’re ordering. From here, you can add your item to your cart or save what you’ve input so far so you can add another pillow to your order.

You’ll need to input your billing and shipping information when you checkout. You’ll then be prompted to choose your preferred shipping option if you’re an international customer. Domestic customers have just one shipping option.

Petsies offers several payment options, including affirming monthly payments, Paypal, or credit and debit cards.

closeup of petsies pillow

Are Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillows a Good Value?

The Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillows provide fantastic value in my opinion. I found the pricing affordable, given the high quality of the finished product. The image shows no sign of distortion at all, and the colors are accurate to the photograph I provided the company.

I only wish shipping was more affordable for my fellow international customers, though I understand it is out of the company’s control.

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FAQ: Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillow

Does the Petsies company offer any other pillow type?

Yes. If you don’t like the idea of a pet-shaped pillow, you can opt for one of their square 16 x 16 pet pillows instead. This would be an excellent option for anyone wanting to use an image that contains more than just their pet. For example, this would be a great alternative if you wanted a pillow with a picture of you and your pet. Petsies also allow customers to enhance their pillow with a cute pet-centric quote if they so wish.

Where does Petsies ship?

Petsies offers tracked shipping worldwide.

Is the image printed on both sides?

Yes. The pillow you’ll receive will have your pet’s image on both sides. One side will show the “reversed” image. My pillow, for example, is a picture of my cat wearing a birthday hat for his second birthday this year. The reverse side of the pillow shows the “Happy Birthday” on his hat written in reverse.

closeup of fur on petsies pillow

Can my exotic pet be turned into a pet-shaped pillow?

Absolutely. Petsies don’t discriminate against any exotic or unique pets. In fact, their Pet Pillow page shows images of pillows they have made for animals like donkeys and monkeys.

How do I choose the best image for my pet-shaped pillow?

To get the best pet-shaped pillow possible, you must provide Petsies with a high-quality image. They’re fantastic artists, but they’re not miracle workers. If the image you’re providing them is blurry, dark, or poor quality, your pillow may not come out how you imagine. Choose a picture that’s not too dark and one without cut-off body parts. The company uses the images exactly as they are, so if you provide a picture of your cat with its tail partially cut off, it will be that way for your pillow.

Can I upload a picture of my child to have it turned into a pillow?

No. Petsies works only with pet-related merchandise. Their sister website Budsies specializes in more people-oriented custom gifts like pillows, socks, and bobbleheads. You can even turn your favorite drawing from your child into a stuffed animal.

Does the company give back to the community?

The Petsies company loves to give back to the community as they understand that pets are more than just animals we share a home with; they’re part of our family. They have a K9 Donation Program where they’ll donate custom Petsies Stuffed Animals of fallen, missing, or retired K9s to their handlers.

face details closeup of the petsies pillow

Get Your Custom Pet Pillow Today!

Our Experience With Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillows

My experience with Petsies was a positive one. I have been pleased with the company since the moment I visited its website. Their site was simple to navigate, and the ordering process couldn’t have been more straightforward.

My pillow arrived in a plastic envelope, which surprised me. I expected it to come in a box as the envelope could easily be punctured on its travels from South Florida to my home in Alberta, Canada. However, the envelope survived its journey without any damage, so my pillow inside was safe.

I was thoroughly impressed the moment I pulled my pillow from the envelope. Not only did they manage to capture his likeness to a T, but the printing quality is top-notch. The image I sent the company was taken on my Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. My phone takes clear and high-quality photos, but I expected some image quality degradation when Petsies blew it up to put it on the pillow. Instead, the printing quality is clear and highly accurate to the original image. For example, some tufts of fur between my cat’s two front paws could have easily become distorted during the printing process, but they’re not.



Petsies Pet-Shaped Pillows are an adorable and affordable custom accessory for any pet-loving home. I enjoyed the process from start to finish and am so impressed with the final product that I will need to add to my collection and create pillows for my other eight pets.

I would highly recommend Petsies to anyone looking for a cute custom pet gift. Just make sure to set aside some money to cover the shipping cost, especially if you’re an international customer like me.

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