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Rottweiler Temperament & Personality Traits: What to Expect

Rottweiler by the river

The Rottweiler is a large and high-energy breed that is very famous and well-loved within families throughout the globe.

With their potential to be extremely loyal and affectionate dogs, a Rottweiler can serve as a gentle family member and a good protector of your home and kids.

In addition, they are relatively easy to manage within the household since they don’t need vigorous exercise, while their intelligence makes them an easier dog breed to train. Rottweilers are also pretty submissive and eager to learn at the hand of someone they love. However, it takes some time to build that trust for this breed.divider-dog

Rottweiler Personality Traits

Rottweiler walking on sand beach
Image Credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

The Rottweiler breed usually gets a bad reputation. They are said to be highly aggressive, thoroughly mean, and off-putting to some people. Although these traits may certainly be actual and maybe a little worse when they occur in a dog strong enough to hurt, these traits don’t bear on to most Rottweilers.

The personality of every canine depends on how you breed them, their upbringing, and the nature of their parents. These rogue personalities usually originate from poorly bred pups that did not undergo proper socialization.

The real personality of a Rottweiler, and what they are bred to be, is a combo of the loyal, committed guard dog and pretty friendly companion. And despite general belief, the Rottweiler is one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there.

Their ability to learn, adapt to their surroundings and their keen eye for their environments are almost unmatched. Furthermore, they are excellent within the home. They are gentle and patient with kids, and the more they grow to know them, the powerful their protective nature becomes.

Personality Difference Between Males and Female Rottweilers

male vs female rottweiler
Image Credit: Left – Male Rottweiler (Serova_Ekaterina, Shutterstock); Right – Female Rottweiler (Rebecca Scholz, Pixabay)

There are slight distinctions between the two with this breed. For instance, the male often takes a little quite longer to grow to his maturity, is more active, and usually a little more playful.

Contrarily, the female develops her vigilance alongside her build and is usually more submissive, trusting, and affectionate towards others. Males are considerably more protective, which is the most common difference between the two across the board.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler standing in the ground covered with snow
Image Credit: K L, Pixabay

The Rottweiler has a tranquil, calm temperament that is only afflicted if they perceive those they love or themselves are in danger. They are obedient and not prone to show any temper moods when they are young. If they do, you can easily control them due to their respect for humans.

Rottweilers are fun-loving dogs though they can become temperamental in their owner’s absence or when they feel a lack of love. They love to murmur, which is usually confused with barking. However, the truth is that they have a low murmur that sounds threatening when it is only telling you they are enjoying themselves.

Rottweiler Aggression

rottweiler panting
Image Credit: mar_qs, Pixabay

The Rottweiler can be an aggressive dog in the hand of an inexperienced or uncaring owner. They are strong enough to hurt anyone when you ignite their obstructive emotion, and their boldness triggers them to follow these instincts. Although early socialization and regular obedience sessions should curb this completely, they are often more prone to aggression than any other dog breed.

Sometimes this aggression occurs naturally to them, with nothing about upbringing or anything to do with breeding. Despite the dog’s murmuring, which rapidly becomes snarling when your pup is upset, these dogs can display their aggression by showing or snapping their teeth and barking excessively.divider-dog

Keeping Your Rottweiler’s Temperament Positive

It is upon you, the owner of a Rottweiler, to train and teach your dog positive behavior. They cannot learn on their own, but they require your guidance to keep them obedient. If your Rottweiler displays signs of aggressiveness or hostile behavior, you must teach them how to handle their temper.

This is never an easy task, but because Rottweiler is such a loyal and obedient breed, they will probably do whatever you teach them to do. If you train them to be gentle and kind, they will happily follow your guidance and be affectionate.

Here are six simple ways to keep your Rottweiler less aggressive.

1. Give Your Rottweiler Proper Exercise

Rottweiler playing catch
Image Credit: _RebeccasPictures, Pixabay

Proper exercises are a vital part of keeping your Rottweiler’s temperament neutral. They are a temperamental breed that has a lot of energy. They can suffer from depression and boredom just like humans do.

However, if your Rottweiler has enough toys to play with, plenty of time to play and run, and you offer them positive attention, you will not have any issue keeping the temperament of your Rottweiler under control.

2. Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training includes using a reward such as treats, toys, praise, or anything your dog finds rewarding for wanted behavior. Since the rewards make your dog more likely to repeat a behavior, positive reinforcement is one of your most reliable tools for changing or shaping your Rottweiler’s behavior.

3. Train Your Rottweiler to Listen to Commands

Rottweiler training
Image Credit: Katrina B, Pixabay

Giving proper training to your Rottweiler will help make them more responsive to your commands and behave well. Start by training them to do the basics, such as sit and stay, and then build up from there.

4. Avoid Punishing Your Rottweiler

If you punish your Rottweiler, when they misbehave, they may not understand why you are punishing them, which might cause them to develop resentment. Instead, give them enough positive reinforcement training so that they learn how to behave positively.

5. Be Consistent

young rottweiler training for protection
Image Credit: cynoclub, Shutterstock

It is crucial to train your Rottweiler consistently. It is not practical to have them change their behavior drastically with just a single training session. However, if you offer them consistent training, you will get better results over a couple of days.

6. Get Help from a Dog Trainer

If you are not sure why your Rottweiler has been aggressive, the best choice will be to get assistance from a behaviorist or dog trainer. By doing so, you will learn how to train your Rottweiler more securely.divider-dog

Final Thoughts

These large, adorable dogs can be great family pets for the right person. However, their powerful personality can be too much for novice owners.

If you need a bold dog that will be a loving companion for your family, the Rottweiler temperament may be a perfect match for you. The steady and warm-hearted character makes this breed a favorite pet for many.

Just be willing to be committed to offering a home for your Rottweiler’s entire life. These loyal dogs don’t do well when abandoned at a dog pound or moved from home to home.

Featured Image Credit: AlexasFotos, Pixabay

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