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What Breed of Cat Is Beluga? Internet Cats Presented

Beluga Cat Original Meme

Beluga is a cat internet personality that made their first appearance in 2018. The first image of “Beluga” was a meme that referred to them as a “polite cat” due to the funny smile on their face. Even if you have never heard of Beluga, chances are that you have come across a picture of the cute internet personality at least once online.

The big question on the minds of cat lovers around the world is: What breed is Beluga? It turns out that this adorable cat is a domestic shorthair. Beluga is not a special breed of cat that can smile in that unique way. So, what’s up with Beluga’s smile? Keep reading to learn more.


The Smile Can Be Attributed to Photoshop

Beluga (whose real name is Ollie, according to their owner) doesn’t really have that specific smile. Instead, they are made to have a smile in their photos with the help of Photoshop. The Photoshop work is clear in a few pictures that have been posted online. Also, the original photos of the cat do not feature a smile, which is solid evidence that the smile is not natural.

However, Beluga would not be such a big hit or warm the hearts of people around the world without the wonders of Photoshop. It is disappointing to learn that the smile isn’t real, but that doesn’t make the pictures any less fun and entertaining to look at.

Beluga Cat Close Up
Image Credit: Characters by Beluga Cinematic Universe. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Is Beluga a Real Cat?

Just because the Beluga cat photos have been Photoshopped does not mean the cat isn’t real. There is indeed a real cat behind the Beluga photos and “polite cat” memes. We don’t know where the cat lives or what their favorite snacks are, but the owner of the cat likes to share a few of the cat’s favorite pastimes with followers online through their Twitter account. So, who owns this cat.

Who Owns Beluga Cat?

We were able to track down the owner’s original posts of Beluga cat on their Instagram and Twitter pages, although these are not nearly as popular as the Beluga YouTube channel, which has more than 9 million subscribers. We don’t know exactly who the owner of the channel is, as they’ve maintained their anonymity well. Looking at the Instagram and Twitter profiles, it’s clear that the cat’s real name is Ollie, and they seem to have a sibling that also gets featured in photos. It is unclear whether the owner of Ollie — or “Beluga” — also owns the YouTube channel.

More About the Beluga YouTube Channel

The Beluga YouTube channel has millions of followers and seems to keep growing as time goes on, even though Beluga is no longer the “hottest” meme on the internet. The channel has videos with Beluga and their sibling communicating in various entertaining ways. Some videos feature Beluga going to school, interacting with characters in video games, and trying to figure out how Google search works. Most of the videos are short, so you can watch them during your break time at work!


Final Thoughts

Beluga, Ollie, polite cat, or whatever you choose to call them does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. There is always a new photo, meme, or video to check out, and one can even find Beluga merchandise to buy for themselves. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to the Beluga YouTube channel and following the Twitter page for a few laughs and to keep up with the cat’s antics in the coming months and years.

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Featured Image Credit: Characters by Beluga Cinematic Universe. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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