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Adopt a Cat Month: What It Is & How It Is Celebrated

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Cats are notorious for being independent and adventurous. However, they are domesticated animals that rely on us humans to make sure they stay safe, happy, and healthy throughout their lives. Unfortunately, stray cats don’t have it easy. Research shows that unowned cats live much harder lives than cats that have homes with loving human companions to take care of them.

The bottom line is that cats with owners live far happier, longer lives than those that live on the streets due to being lost, abandoned, or born to a stray mother. Therefore, a national “adopt a cat” month has been created to highlight the benefits of adopting cats in need. It takes place in June, and here’s what else you should know about this awesome month and how to celebrate it with your friends, family, and community!

divider-catJune Is All About Adopting the Cats!

The promotion of adopting cats should be every month, but June is officially designated as the official Adopt a Cat Month. Sadly, many people don’t know about this exciting time to get stray cats the care that they need. Some places, like the ASPCA, go even further and deem the month of June as, “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.” This helps promote cats in shelter situations instead of just cats available through breeding programs.

According to the American Humane Society, between 6 and 8 million cats and dogs are turned over to shelters. Unfortunately, not as many people are looking to adopt stray cats as there are stray cats looking for homes.

The month of June is all about giving cats living on the streets a new lease on life. Instead of having to fend for themselves by trying to get the nutrition that they need from dumpsters and small prey and fending off predators like stray dogs, June is a month when there is a chance that these cats can experience something different in life.

Furthermore, a devastating 2.4 million cats and dogs out of 3 million are euthanized yet are still healthy and capable of transitioning into a stable household. The good news is that about 4 million cats and dogs are adopted and taken into homes each year. The problem is that with about 3.4 million cats entering the shelter system annually, they still need a great deal of help.

This is why June was established as the National Adopt a Cat month. Attention must be brought to the plight of cats (and dogs and other domesticated animals) so they don’t get left behind. The celebratory was established to bring national attention to a cat’s need for a safe, happy, and home life overall.

cat getting adopted
Image By: Anika Moritz, Shutterstock

Why It’s Important to Consider Adopting Rather Than Buying a Cat

There are several reasons to consider adopting a cat rather than buying one from a breeder. First, countless cats are in need of homes throughout the world, which is why rescue centers are so popular. Unfortunately, cats without human supervision tend to have babies that end up being unwanted or becoming part of the “street life,” which includes the risk of serious problems such as disease.

Owners who do not get their cats spayed or neutered and then let them outside are allowing unwanted pregnancies to take place, which leads to unwanted kittens. These cats must either fend for themselves, find a pack of cats to cohabitate with, or find a loving companion that will take care of their needs for them.

How National Adopt a Cat Month Can Be Celebrated

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate National Cat Adoption Month. This time is about recognizing cats in need and trying to figure out where they can get along in life.

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month in June:
  • Head to the local shelter, put up streamers, and encourage the community to bond with cats in need.
  • Remind people of the need for cat adoptions through flyers and conversations.
  • Host a community fundraiser for the cats, and introduce activities and presentations that highlight their need for adoption.
  • Start an online fundraising campaign that will help you draw attention to the need for cat adoptions in your local area.

These are just a few ideas that may or may not be acceptable to your local animal shelter. It’s important to make sure you work with the shelter and not ostracize them if you want to find a solution to the overall problem.

divider-catFinal Thoughts

Many people out there are willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of a cat in need. If attention could be raised every month of the year, not just during Adopt a Cat Month in June, perhaps even more cats could be saved.

Featured Image Credit: Susan Schmitz, Shutterstock

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