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Why Do Cats Like to Sleep With Their People So Much? 5 Reasons

cat sleeping in owner's arms

Cats find the most unusual places to rest or take a nap. However, for many of them, there is only one place to get a good night’s sleep: in bed with their human! No dresser drawer or fluffy cat bed will do for your furry friend; they want to snuggle in bed with you.

So why do cats like sleeping with their humans so much, you ask?


The 5 Reasons Why Cats Like to Sleep With Their People

1. They Feel Secure

There is a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)1 that suggests cats with an emotional attachment to their owner are less scared and anxious when they are with you. It states, “Cats express more security and stability in the presence of the owners, while in the owners’ absence, they were more anxious and stressed.”

Cats sleep with one eye open. They know that they are vulnerable to attacks from predators when they are sleeping. They need to be ready to defend themselves if they sense any kind of danger or threat. Because of this vulnerability, cats will seek out small, confined spaces to curl up and sleep.

So, if your feline chooses to sleep in a large open bed with you, it may be because they feel less anxious and safer with you nearby. They are relying on you to keep them safe from harm and defend them from predators.

tabby cat sleeping on owner's lap
Image By: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

2. Warmth and Comfort

Since cats are warmer than humans, their bodies need to work harder to maintain their body temperature. This may be the reason that cats find sunny spots on the floor or furniture and warmer areas to relax or nap. The outside heat sources help their bodies maintain a higher temperature without using extra energy.

What better way to get some warmth and comfort than in bed with their favorite human! They get to sleep in the fluffy bed, curled up with a clean, soft comforter and the warmth of your body while they sleep.

And, when it comes to comfort, your feline may be sleeping in bed with you because they sense your anxiety and want to calm your nerves and reduce your stress.

3. Your Scent Is Familiar

Your cat loves the way you smell. Some felines are drawn to the scents of body washes and shampoos frequently used by humans. When they get a whiff of those pleasant and relaxing aromas, they want to be close to you. Familiar smells may help to lessen any anxiety, nervousness, or stress they may be experiencing.

Woman petting her lovely fluffy cute cat
Image By: Creative Cat Studio, Shutterstock

4. They Love You and Consider You Family

As you may know, cats will lay on one another and use each other like pillows. It’s the way they form bonds and gain trust in one another. They also communicate by grooming, purring, and butting heads with each other.

Your feline sees you as family, so they treat you as such. They think you are clumsy and strange but still embrace you as family. So, consider this. If your cat wants to make bread on you and cuddle up to sleep with you, they want to bond and make you part of his world.

5. Being Possessive and Territorial

Your feline wants the cuddles, playtime, and food all to themselves. They do not want anything to happen to you. And they certainly do not want to share you with that smelly dog you brought home from the shelter!

That’s right! Your cat may be sleeping in the bed with you so they can claim you as “theirs”. Since they do not know yet that they will eventually become friends, they may be protecting you from that creature you bought home and call a dog.

Cute cat sleeping in warm soft blanket
Image Credit: Creative Cat Studio, Shutterstock


Are There Disadvantages to Sleeping With Your Cat?

While you may love the bonding experience of sleeping with your cat, there are some things you may want to consider.

  • Hygiene: If you want to allow your cat in bed, be sure to have it dewormed and vaccinated. Especially if your feline is an outdoor cat. They can bring dirt and parasites from outside into your bed.
  • Activity: It will depend on your cat’s activity level. If your feline is high energy, and you need to get up for work in the morning, you may want to disconnect at bedtime and leave your cat out of your bed.
  • Allergies: For owners that may have a mild allergy to cats, allowing one to sleep in your bed may aggravate the condition.
  • Disturbance: Sleeping partners, whether it is a dog, cat, or human, can put a real damper on your sleep. If you have a cat that is restless or likes to sleep in uncomfortable positions, like on your head or feet, you may not want to invite it into your bed.



While sleeping with your cat can be a comforting and loving experience, it can also be uncomfortable and distracting. We suggest you take some time to evaluate your cats’ sleeping habits and weigh the pros and cons before you invite your feline into your bed.

Featured Image Credit: Impact Photography, Shutterstock

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