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Why Do People Like Cats So Much? 5 Possible Reasons

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Cats may not be as expressive as dogs, but they’re just as lovable and popular as man’s best friend. If you’re firmly #TeamDog, the feline appeal may be hard to understand.

But as any cat owner will tell you, it’s easy to fall in love with these mysterious creatures once you get to know them. Keep reading to discover some of the most common reasons why people adore cats so much. You might even end up wanting one yourself!


The 5 Reasons Why People Like Cats So Much

1. Cats Are Low-Maintenance Companions

Cats are generally more self-sufficient than dogs. Need to travel or go to work? A cat will be fine on its own for several hours up to a day or two, provided someone comes in periodically to refill their bowls and clean their litter box.

In contrast, dogs can become quite distressed when left alone by their owners, even temporarily. That’s why it’s common for dog owners to hire pet sitters or board their dogs if they’re going away for some time.

Caring for a dog generally requires more effort, from daily walks to grooming, training, and taking them out to potty several times a day.

Cats rarely require baths or trips to the groomer because they meticulously keep themselves clean.

For people who want a pet without the extensive care that dogs may need, a cat’s independence is incredibly appealing.

cat lying on the windowsill
Image Credit: Vasylchenko, Shutterstock

2. A Purr-fect Source of Healing

Purring is a unique, soothing sound that only cats are known to make. That gentle rumble tells you they feel safe, happy, and content. And it’s not just a familiar soundtrack to feline petting sessions; a cat’s purr has also been linked to several health benefits for cat owners.

One study discovered that owning a cat can reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke by a third.1

Exposure to a cat’s purr can also help lower your blood pressure, slow down erratic breathing, and even accelerate healing.

Aside from the physical benefits, cat purrs can also have a therapeutic effect on humans. Spending time with a cat can help you relax, lower stress, and ease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other issues.

3. Felines Are Fun AND Funny

Cats are naturally playful, curious, and energetic. Watching cats chase each other, bunny kick their toys, or zoom around the room is an endless source of fun for cat owners.

There’s also a good reason why cats are the internet’s darling—they’re weird and not afraid to show it! If you’ve never seen a cat high on catnip before, you need to YouTube it ASAP, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

a cute and funny looking cat
Image Credit: atticus895, Pixabay

4. Cats Are Extremely Sweet and Loving

Cats are anything but cold and aloof; they just have a different love language. They’re also more subtle about it than dogs who wear their hearts on their furry sleeves.

For instance, they’ll rub themselves all over you to tell others that you’re part of their inner circle. They also love bringing their people “gifts.” Sure, it may be a gross dead mouse sometimes, but it’s their way of showing you they care. Their love language also includes headbutts, “grooming” you, showing their belly (look but don’t touch!), following you, and more.

5. Cats Are Quiet and Value Personal Space

Cats are calm and quiet by nature. They also enforce their personal space—if they don’t want to be touched or want to be left alone, you’ll know it. This makes them an excellent choice for people who may be overwhelmed by the exuberance of dogs.



Cats offer love, comfort, and entertainment in a way that only cats can. Their independence and calm nature also make them a fantastic fit. Granted, decoding the feline language can take a bit of time. But once you do, you’ll realize why these beautiful creatures inspire devotion and loyalty.

Featured Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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