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Why Is the Internet Obsessed With Cats? 8 Adorable Reasons

Cute kitten biting the corner of a wooden bench

We can’t ignore it any longer—cats have taken over the internet. Every time you log on to Instagram or watch a TikTok, there’s a cute cat in your face. But is anyone upset? Not really! So when did the internet become obsessed with cats?

It’s hard to say how much of the internet is made up of cat-related content. It seems like a new social media cat skyrockets to fame every day, so it’s hard to keep track. If you’re obsessed with cats as much as we are, keep reading! We’re dishing out eight reasons why the internet is so obsessed with cats. Odds are, you probably relate to most of them.


The 8 Reasons Why the Internet Is Obsessed With Cats

1. Cats Are Cute

Cute kitten linking its nose
Image Credit: bongbabyhousevn, Pixabay

Those tiny toe beans? The cat loafs? Butt wiggles? We can’t seem to get enough. We don’t see the perfect killing machine when we look at our cats. We see a loving, cuddly animal that can turn into liquid when they feel like it. It’s all unique cat behavior, and it’s precious enough to have our constant attention.

2. And Sometimes Cats Aren’t So Cute

Yeah, we said it. Sometimes, cats aren’t cute. But, this somehow makes them even cuter, although we don’t fully understand how that’s possible.

Like humans, cats find themselves in less-than-flattering situations. Maybe your cat accidentally farts when you pick them up for a hug. Maybe they banged their head against a window while trying to catch a passing bird. Cats would prefer we ignore these moments, but we can’t. It reminds us that our cats get embarrassed just like us. This makes them even more relatable, which might be why we’re so addicted to cat content.

3. Cats Are Mysterious

cat and cucumber on the table
Image Credit: CuteCatsHQ, Flickr

Cats have a long history in the world—more than we can ever understand. Even the ancient Egyptians recognized feline mysteriousness and created their own stories about why cats act the way they do and where they came from.

We don’t know what’s going on in a cat’s mind most of the time. Kitties don’t normally wear their hearts on their sleeves like dogs do. The cat mind will forever be a map of uncharted territory, and it’s a big reason why we can’t get enough of them.

4. History Says We Should

Cats were once worshipped as gods in several religions. This inevitably led to folklore about cat powers, superstitions, and old legends. Some religions loved cats, and some didn’t. Either way, it only seems natural that in the digital era we continue to be curious about them.

5. Cat Personalities Are Unique

Cat jumping and playing on grass
Image Credit: Juhani Kovanen, Shutterstock

If you’re a cat lover, you know that each cat has a unique personality. Cats are individuals. They have quirks, preferences, and emotions, just like humans. You’ll never have the same cat twice, and that’s a good thing! The internet exemplifies this and reminds us that we’re not so different from our little house panthers.

6. Cats Have Cattitude

We don’t always love it when our cat knocks something off the table or dips their paw in our freshly poured glass of water. And you know what? Cats don’t care. They have a cattitude that they can’t seem to get rid of.

If we’re being honest, this feistiness is part of the charm. They’re different from dogs—dogs will bend over backwards to please us. On the other hand, cats are more like roommates in that they like to chat for a couple of minutes, but then it’s off to do cat things on their own.

7. The Cat Community

Many domestic cats in isolation looking outside of the window and trying to run away
Image Credit: Pencil case, Shutterstock

The internet attracts many people from the cat-lovers community, and it’s not hard to find them. You can find a cat group on any social media platform, and nearly every group member will be just as infatuated with your cats as you are. Share a photo, ask for name ideas, or find support during tough medical decisions. The cat community is there for you, all thanks to the internet.

8. Cats Make Us Smile

Let’s face it, watching cat videos or seeing cat memes makes us laugh so hard that we sometimes squirt water out of our noses. Other times, we feel warm and fuzzy inside after watching a beautiful adoption video.

We’re often surprised by how affectionate cats really are. Whatever the case, cats make us smile ear to ear.


Who Are the Most Popular Cats on the Internet?

The most popular cat on the internet changes based on the era. We’ve seen Neon Cat, Grumpy Cat, and Pusheen the Cat, but who’s stolen the spotlight now?

The most popular cat on the internet is Nala the Cat on Instagram. Nala has 4.4 million subscribers on Instagram. And yes, you read that number right! But what makes her so special?

Nala is a Guinness World Record holder and has her own cat food. She has gorgeous eyes and loves showing the world her belly.

One look at her Instagram, and a smile stretches across your face from ear to ear. There’s just something about her that we can’t seem to get enough of.



So why are cats so popular on the internet? The internet is absolutely obsessed with cats, and now you know why. Cats are too cute to ignore, and social media conveniently lets us enjoy them right from our computers. Famous cats on the internet remind us that every pet is unique, and each one has something different to bring to the table.

Featured Image Credit: satynek, Pixabay

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