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15 Best Cat Hashtags on Instagram in 2024: Popular & Trending Choices

cat owner taking a photo of her pet cat

A hashtag is a metadata tag used on social media sites, including Instagram. The tag is made up of one or more words strung together and prefaced by the hashtag or pound (#) symbol. Following certain hashtags will show you more of that content. You can even use hashtags to get your own posts seen by more people, such as if you are looking to make your kitty an Instagram sensation.

Here are the top cat hashtags on Instagram so you can follow them or use them yourself. Personalizing the content that you see on Instagram can make the experience more rewarding, and what better way to do that than to flood your feed with cats? Let’s get started!


Top 15 Best Cat Hashtags on Instagram

1. #CatsOfInstagram

Number of Posts: 181,489,282
Content Type: Cats in poses, cat cartoons, sleeping cats, different cat breeds

Any post that features a cat in some way usually has the #CatsOfInstagram hashtag attached to it. This is one of the most popular hashtags on the site. The content includes almost anything cat related, including memes and cartoons. This is a hashtag to use on your own posts if you want to get it noticed by other cat lovers. This hashtag is attached to the @cats_of_instagram account. This means the account could repost your cat photo with credit, potentially getting it seen by millions of users. If you follow this hashtag, you’ll see a wide range of new cat content every day.

2. #Cats

Number of Posts: 138,587,755
Content Type: Cats sleeping, cats with kittens, cats with other animals, cats of different colors and breeds, professional cat photos

Sometimes, the simplest hashtag is the way to go. In this case, #Cats will streamline cat content to your feed. Cat faces, cat eyes, cat poses, cats eating, and cats in costumes are just a few of the things that you’ll see if you follow this hashtag. Add it to your posts to get your own cat seen by the masses. You’ll see different cat breeds too. Everything from Sphynxes to Norwegian Forest Cats can be seen in a quick scroll through the posts.

3. #Kitten

Number of Posts: 58,683,666
Content Type: Newborn kittens, bottle-feeding kittens, mother cats with kittens, sleeping kittens, playful kittens

Who doesn’t need a little joy sprinkled in their day? If you’re a cat lover, following #Kitten will give you your daily dose of cuteness. From newborn litters to playful kittens getting into trouble, you’ll get your kitten fix quickly. There are adult cats posted with this hashtag too. You can even see kitten-rescue stories that will warm your heart. Add your own kitten posts to pay the joy forward.

4. #Catstagram

Number of Posts: 93,646,378
Content Type: Groups of cats, cat poses, sleeping cats, cat faces

Following #Catstagram will give you new cat faces to look at each day. Everything is mixed into this content, including kittens. You’ll see cats resting on furniture, playing, hiding, and sleeping all over the world. Various breeds are shown, highlighting their beautiful markings and coloring. This is a good way to learn about different cat breeds and what they look like. You may even see cat toys or other products that you might want for your own cat. Plenty of cat trees, leashes, collars, and toys are featured here.

5. #CatLover

Number of Posts: 60,898,876
Content Type: Cute cat content, kittens and adults, playful cats

Adding #CatLover to your posts will help it reach more people who will truly appreciate your beautiful kitty. Follow the hashtag to see posts of cats living their daily lives. Cat lovers unite using this hashtag to show off their cats to people who truly enjoy seeing them. This is an effective way to see more cute cat posts every day and get more eyes on your own unique cat.

6. #CuteCat

Number of Posts: 16,671,454
Content Type: Cute cats, cats in costumes, unique breeds, cats acting silly

It may sound obvious, but #CuteCat will get you exactly that. These cats are in cute poses, making funny faces, and generally being adorable. Some of the photos are professional quality and are usually reposted just for people’s enjoyment. However, most of the photos are taken by amateurs who just want to show off their feline friends. You’ll even see some cats enjoying the outdoors. These silly cats are sure to bring a smile to your face.

7. #Caturday

Number of Posts: 12,194,954
Content Type: Relaxing cats, cats with their humans, cat photoshoots

Saturdays are Caturdays when you’re a cat lover. The #Caturday hashtag highlights cats and their people enjoying the weekend. You’ll see cats on adventures, out on walks, or floating in kayaks. You’ll also see plenty of sleeping cats because they are cats, after all—when their adventures end, the snoozing begins. Sometimes the relaxing happens in the most unlikely places! From sinks to patches of sunlight on the floor, you’ll see their preferred spots for a catnap. Follow this hashtag for a weekend pick-me-up of cat cuteness.

8. #Kitty

Number of Posts: 64,502,450
Content Type: Funny cat content, cute cats, memes, cat faces

The #Kitty hashtag is simple enough, but it will open up a world of interesting and adorable cat content. You’ll see cats playing with toys, climbing trees, sleeping, or cuddling with each other, just to name a few examples. Kittens are frequently posted using this hashtag. People also sometimes use it when showing off their cat tattoos. If you’re looking for quality cat content, be sure to follow this hashtag and add it to your posts.

9. #CatLife

Number of Posts: 34,529,157
Content Type: Everyday cat content, cats relaxing, happy cats, cats in funny poses

The hashtag #CatLife will show you glimpses into the everyday lives of cats. With over 64 million posts, you’ll be getting new content daily. You’ll see cats being silly, cute, playful, and sleepy. Cats are cuddling with their owners or just enjoying a breeze outside. Whatever cat content you’re looking for, this hashtag is sure to have it. People showcase their cat artwork under this hashtag too. Look for impressive paintings and drawings by fellow cat lovers.

10. #CatLove

Number of Posts: 16,259,212
Content Type: Unique cats, cartoons, cat poses, cat faces, funny photos

Cat owners use the hashtag #CatLove to show the world how much they love their feline babies. Follow the hashtag to share in their joy, or use it yourself to add your kitty to the mix. You’ll see plenty of unique cat faces and cute cat content to keep you occupied. Cats range in age from kittens to adults. You’ll see their owners’ love for them shine through the posts.

11. #CatOfTheDay

Number of Posts: 36,378,044
Content Type: Cats in costumes, cat faces, kittens, cats in poses, sleeping cats, cat photoshoots

The #CatOfTheDay hashtag will mostly show you cat faces. There are cats posing in different positions, sleeping, and generally being adorable. But this hashtag also shows many face closeup shots, which we aren’t complaining about! You can truly appreciate how beautiful cats’ eyes are by following this hashtag. There are cartoons and cat drawings thrown in too. If you’re looking for sweet cat faces, this hashtag is a must. Don’t post a photo of your cat’s adorable face without adding #CatOfTheDay for everyone else to enjoy!

12. #RescueCat

Number of Posts: 5,725,212
Content Type: Cute cat content, cats and owners, cats in poses

The #RescueCat hashtag is often used by cat owners who have adopted their cats, rescued them from the streets, or are in the process of fostering a cat until they get adopted. There are posts of people adopting cats and cats that are currently up for adoption. If you’re looking for heartwarming stories, you’ll find those here. Some product ads are posted if you’d like to browse for new cat supplies.

13. #LoveCats

Number of Posts: 18,759,530
Content Type: Funny cat photos, wholesome content, cat activities

With over 18 million posts, #LoveCats is not a hashtag that you might normally think of, but it’s quite popular. You’ll see various cat photos and videos that are sure to make any cat lover happy. Cats with their owners, cat cartoons, and cat tattoos are also posted by true cat lovers who want to share their love of cats with others. You’ll see tons of cute content here, including cats eating, sleeping, and playing.

14. #CatSelfie

Number of Posts: 2,162,440
Content Type: Cat faces, cats and owners, multiple cats

The #CatSelfie hashtag is just what it sounds like. Most of the content here looks like a cat is taking a selfie. Many of the posts just show cat faces or a cat and a human looking at the camera. Some of the photos are closeups, showing fine details on the face. Others are from farther away and the cat is posing. For example, one cat is in a field of flowers. These beautiful and funny posts will bring a little humor to your day.

15. #HappyCat

Number of Posts: 2,682,709
Content Type: Cats enjoying life, cats outside, cat faces, feel-good content

As the hashtag says, following #HappyCat will show you various cats enjoying themselves. From strolls outdoors to snoozing away in the afternoon, these cats are obviously happy, which makes us happy! Many of these cats are pictured in the comfiest positions possible. It’s no wonder that they’re so content. If you want to see cats living their best lives, #HappyCat will bring joy to your feed daily. If you have a happy cat of your own, don’t forget to use this hashtag whenever you post about them.


How to Create a Popular Cat Instagram Account

Many people have adorable cats, and some think that their cat should be famous on social media. While they’re not wrong, since every cat deserves a spotlight, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to promote your cat’s Instagram account.

Post Your Cat’s Photos

This one seems self-explanatory. However, there are plenty of cat accounts with photos that don’t feature the cat. Remember to post anything non-cat related to your personal account and keep your cat’s account strictly cat focused.

Post Quality Photos

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take quality photos of your cat. A regular smartphone can take perfect photos. You just have to know which ones to post!

Avoid photos that are too dark, and don’t only showcase your cat’s unique features. Show your cat in different poses, and remember to get their paws and tails sometimes too. If your cat is doing something funny, like hiding in a cardboard box, be sure to capture it, as that is the kind of content that people love to see. Your cat may be the cutest sleeper ever, but try to mix up the photos to show your cat doing different things.

Cat Smartphone
Image Credit: guvo59, Pixabay

Don’t Over-Post

Posting once or twice a day is often enough to keep your audience’s eyes on your photos without bombarding them. If you don’t post often enough, though, you may lose followers. If you can’t post every day, try to post at least three times a week. You can schedule your posts in advance to go live at certain times, so you can handle this once at the start of the week and not worry about it again.

Interact With Your Audience

It may be impossible to reply to everyone who leaves a comment, but try to be as interactive as you can. If someone has commented and you don’t have time to leave a reply, at least like their comment so they know that you acknowledged it. This type of interaction goes a long way when it comes to keeping followers. If someone asks a question, try your best to answer it. You don’t have to engage in a long back-and-forth conversation, but acknowledgment will make your audience feel like their investment in your account is worth their time.

Use Hashtags

People search for their desired content by using hashtags. You can either caption your post with the hashtags that you want to use or put them in a comment on the post to keep things tidier. Use cat hashtags to drive views toward your account and gain followers.

Write Captions

A picture is nice to view on its own, but a caption will make it more engaging. Even if you just write two or three words, it’s better to have a short caption than none at all. Don’t leave it blank.



Social media has given us the ability to view anything that we are interested in at any time. For cat lovers, this is a way to see and learn about other cats while showing off your own. If you’re interested in starting an Instagram for your cat, these popular hashtags can help you gain followers. If you’re just interested in seeing cats from around the world, follow these and other popular hashtags to see great cat content daily. Try to think of other cat hashtags, and search for them to see how popular they are!

Featured Image Credit: Lee Charlie, Shutterstock

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