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Will My Cat Eat My Bearded Dragon If They Get the Chance? Facts & FAQ

bearded dragon with a cat

Cats are notoriously good hunters, and they are known for killing a variety of different things. In the wild, cats will eat all sorts of things, and if you have an indoor-outdoor cat, you might have seen them bring home many different animals that they have killed, including lizards. That raises the question, will a cat eat a bearded dragon if given the chance? In most cases, cats will not eat bearded dragons, but they are more than capable of killing them. Cats do not need to want to eat something in order to maim or kill.


Do Cats Eat Bearded Dragons?

Pet cats will have little desire to eat a bearded dragon. Cats that are regularly fed and that are domesticated will not want to kill and eat your pet bearded dragon. However, that does not mean that cats are not a risk for your lizard. Cats have strong hunting instincts and prey drive that can lead your cat to attack, injure, and even kill your bearded dragon. Even if your cat kills your bearded dragon, they will likely not proceed to eat it. Cats will much prefer to eat their own food or treats rather than your bearded dragon. But that doesn’t mean you can leave a bearded dragon and a cat alone together.

white cat looking at a bearded dragon inside a cage
Image By: Mark Bernards, Shutterstock

Will My Cat Attack My Bearded Dragon If They Get the Chance?

While the risk of your cat actually eating your bearded dragon is slim, the chances that your cat will attack your bearded dragon are high. Cats will hunt bearded dragons for fun if given the chance. They will pounce, bite, and scratch the lizard, which can cause serious injury or even death. The appearance and movement of a bearded dragon will stimulate your cat’s instinctual drive to hunt or play. Cats are more than capable of accidentally killing a bearded dragon, even if the goal is not actually to kill or eat your pet lizard.

You should be careful about having your cat around your bearded dragon. Some cats will stalk your lizard and think of ways to get into the tank to hunt them. If you have a cat and a bearded dragon, you should ensure that the dragon’s tank is secure at all times. You should also never leave your bearded dragon out unsupervised if your cat is in the house. The result could be an attack that leaves your lizard injured or dying.

Juvenile vs. Adult Dragons

Juvenile bearded dragons are at a much higher risk of being injured, killed, or eaten by a cat than adult bearded dragons. Adult bearded dragons are much larger and more intimidating than young dragons. A cat might be more hesitant to try to attack a large bearded dragon. Small or young bearded dragons are much more likely to attract the dangerous eye of a cat. Very young dragons that are still the size of a common gecko could be in danger of being eaten, though it is still not common behavior for a pet cat to exhibit.

Central Bearded Dragon
Image By: Joyce Mar, Shutterstock



Cats are unlikely to actually eat your bearded dragon if given the chance. However, cats are very likely to try to hunt and kill a bearded dragon, whether on purpose or accidentally. Pet cats still have strong instincts that push them to exhibit hunting behaviors even if they don’t particularly want to slurp down a lizard for dinner. Well-fed cats who have regular meals won’t want to eat a bearded dragon, but they will want to stalk and play with them, which can easily lead to the death of your lizard if you are not careful.

Featured Image Credit: Ruzana, Shutterstock

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