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10 Best Cat Scratchers in Canada in 2024 — Reviews & Top Picks

russian blue cat on scratcher

There’s no way around it—if you have a cat, you’re going to have to deal with their nail sharpening and scratching. If you want to provide the healthiest scratching outlet for your kitty, you need to invest in a cat scratcher. These handy cat accessories will not only provide a safe place for your cat to scratch, but will prove to be indispensable in protecting your carpet, furniture, and drapery from your cat’s curious claws.

It’s not always easy to find high-quality cat accessories, especially if you’re trying to shop online from Canada. Many of the best-sellers don’t ship internationally, making finding a scratcher even more difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best cat scratchers currently available in Canada. Keep reading to find our reviews so you can pick one that’s best suited for your kitty.


A Glance at Our Winners in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
SmartCat Ultimate SmartCat Ultimate
  • Fast and simple assembly
  • Sturdy base won’t tip over
  • Tall post so cats can stretch
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Petstages Fold Away Tunnel Petstages Fold Away Tunnel
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Corrugated cardboard trims kitty’s nails
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical
  • Recyclable
  • Strong and stable
  • Curved design allows for climbing
  • Kitty City XL Kitty City XL
  • Broad design
  • 100% recyclable
  • Comes with catnip
  • PAWZ Road PAWZ Road
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put together
  • Different heights for different styles of scratching
  • The 10 Best Cat Scratchers in Canada

    1. SmartCat Ultimate – Best Overall

    SmartCat Ultimate

    Size: 40.6L x 40.6W x 88.9H cm
    Materials: Wood, sisal
    Weight: 7.6 kg

    The best overall cat scratcher in Canada comes from the brand SmartCat. This item is almost 90 centimeters high, giving your cat plenty of room to stretch his whole body. Its sturdy base provides stable support so the scratcher can stay upright when your kitty starts stretching and climbing on it.

    The scratching post is made with fibrous woven sisal that won’t snag your cat’s nails and hurt them when they start scratching. Its neutral design fits perfectly into any home’s aesthetic. This item also assembles very quickly with just two screws.

    • Sturdy base won’t tip over
    • Fast and simple assembly
    • Tall post so cats can stretch
    • Nice to look at
    • Expensive, so not a good choice for people on a budget

    2. Petstages Fold Away Tunnel – Best Value

    Petstages Fold Away Tunnel

    Size: 24.1L x 35.6W x 8.3H cm
    Materials: Cardboard
    Weight: 1 kg

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your cat a high-quality scratcher. This fold-away tunnel from Petstages is the best cat scratcher in Canada for the money.

    This multi-purpose design is a must-have for cats who enjoy playing and hiding as much as they love scratching. Its triangle design is made to play and hide in, so it’s a great pick for households with multiple cats.

    This scratcher is small and easy to put together. Its thick corrugated cardboard won’t fall apart after a few uses so you’ll get a lot of value for the investment.

    The brand also makes scratchers in different sizes and shapes including options that double as cat toys.

    • Compact design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Corrugated cardboard trims kitty’s nails
    • Floor is soft
    • May be too small for adult cats

    3. PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical – Premium Choice

    PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical

    Size: 61L x 53.3W x 26.7H cm
    Materials: Cardboard
    Weight: 3.62 kg

    While this scratcher looks a lot like the one that took the Best Value position in our list, it does have some stark differences. The main difference is the size. The PetFusion scratcher is almost three times the size of the Petstages one, but it comes at a much higher price making it the Premium Choice in our guide.

    This scratcher is made from recycled cardboard and strong and non-toxic corn starch glue so it can stand up to your cat’s vigorous scratching. Its vertical design is perfect for cats who like to scratch while standing up and stretching. The center cubby is a perfect hiding spot for multi-cat households, too.

    • Recyclable
    • Neutral colors fit any home décor
    • Curved design allows for climbing
    • Strong and stable
    • Expensive

    4. Kitty City XL

    Kitty City XL

    Size: 45.72L x 25.4W x 3.81H cm
    Materials: Cardboard
    Weight: 1.58 kg

    Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. This rectangular scratcher takes things back to basics with a flat scratching surface. This product is made from non-toxic corrugated and recycled cardboard and has a 25-centimeter wide base so there are plenty of opportunities for scratching. Plus, it’s also reversible so when your cat is done with the one side, you can flip it over to reveal a completely unscathed side ready for scratching. You will also receive three rectangles for the price which adds a lot of value to your investment.

    • 100% recyclable
    • Broad design
    • Comes with catnip
    • Three pack provides value
    • Can’t choose the color

    5. PAWZ Road

    PAWZ Road

    Size: 53L x 32W x 32H cm
    Materials: Particle board, sisal, plush
    Weight: 2.36 kg

    If you’re on the hunt for a scratcher that’s as adorable as it is functional, this cute cactus design from PAWZ Road should fit the bit. Its innovative design provides three vertical scratching areas, two covered with sisal rope to encourage scratching. It has a plush-covered ball that dangles from the top of the tallest cactus which will entice your cats to start using the scratcher.

    The base of the scratcher is made with a sturdy CARB-certified board to provide stability. It won’t have a problem staying standing when your cat stretches himself up the cactus and starts scratching on it. The base is also covered in a soft plush material which is cozy and perfect for resting on when they’re tired from scratching.

    • Easy to put together
    • Cute design
    • Different heights for different styles of scratching
    • Sturdy
    • May be smaller than expected
    • Ball toy detaches easily



    Size: 40L x 40W x 48.9H cm
    Materials: Jute rope
    Weight: 4.16 kg

    This cat scratcher tree has three different scratching posts for your cats to work their magic on. It’s a great pick for multi-cat households as three cats can use it at one time. Each of the posts has a fun and irresistible hanging cat toy to grab your kitty’s attention and get them using the scratcher. Each post is covered in a durable jute rope material that encourages scratching.

    While the exact materials of this scratcher are not stated, it’s high-quality and sturdy so your cats can scratch at it without it tipping over.

    • Scratching material is sturdy
    • Cats can stand on top of the scratcher
    • Many areas to play and scratch
    • Easy to put together
    • May be too small for bigger cats
    • Shorter than expected

    7. SmartyKat Scratch Scroll Sisal & Carpet Wave

    SmartyKat Scratch Scroll Sisal & Carpet Wave

    Size: 45.1L x 27.9W x 16.5H cm
    Materials: Polypropylene
    Weight: 1.19 kg

    This waved-design scratcher from SmartyKat is covered in different materials to entice your kitty to scratch at it. It has both carpet and sisal scratching surfaces so if your cat prefers one over the other, he will still find this item useful. The unique design is perfect for cats who prefer angled scratching.

    The scratcher comes with a snap-in feather toy that your cat will enjoy playing with as he lays under the wave or plays with it from the side.

    • Sturdy base
    • Great for scratching and playing
    • Variety of scratching surfaces
    • Not made with any small parts that can pose safety hazard
    • Feather toy can fall off fast

    8. PetFusion FLIP PAD

    PetFusion FLIP PAD

    Size: 50L x 25.9W x 8.3H cm
    Materials: Cardboard
    Weight: 1.13 kg

    The simple design of this scratching pad is irresistible to cats who aren’t big fans of vertical scratchers. Its unique flip-over design allows your cat to choose between two different styles while providing you with a lot of value. The scratchers’ subtle curves make scratching easy and gives your kitty a place to sleep and play.

    This scratcher is glued together piece-by-piece so its quality and durability are impressive. Even though it weighs just over two pounds, the scratcher is strong enough to withstand a human’s weight, so you know it’ll last your cat a long time.

    • Two-sided design
    • Made of recycled materials
    • Comes with catnip
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Can be messy
    • Smaller than expected

    9. ComSaf


    Size: 43.5L x 33.5W x 10H cm
    Materials: Cardboard
    Weight: 913 grams

    This scratcher provides a place for your cat to scratch to his heart’s content and also a comfortable place to catch a quick cat nap. The unique concave design comfortably fits a curled-up kitty while reducing the pressure on his span. The oval shape was designed to fit the grip angle of your cat’s nails without damaging their joints.

    It’s made with a strong and high-density corrugated cardboard that won’t fall apart easily so if your cat has been rough on scratchers in the past, ComSaf’s should be able to stand up to them.

    • Durable design
    • Great for sleeping on
    • Thick and sturdy
    • Curved design protects joints
    • May be too small for adult cats to sleep on

    10. ScratchMe


    Size: 60L x 24W x 14H cm
    Materials: Wood, cardboard
    Weight: 1.67 kg

    If there’s anything cats love more than scratching, it’s lounging and this scratcher is designed to fulfill both of those passions. ScratchMe, the brand behind this design, also makes scratchers in other styles like rings and round shapes.

    The unique curved design of this product makes scratching easier for your cat and allows them to scratch it both vertically and horizontally. The high-density cardboard is evenly compressed and sturdy so it can withstand a lot of scratching without wearing down. The designers also sprinkle a little bit of catnip onto the cardboard during the manufacturing process so your kitty will instantly be drawn to it right out of the box.

    • Made with recycled materials
    • Can double as a cozy resting spot
    • Great for adults
    • Durable
    • Expensive
    • Some issues with quality control


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Scratcher in Canada

    There are several things you must think about before you choose the best cat scratcher for your kitty. There’s more to the decision-making process than picking a design that best suits the aesthetics of your home. We’re going to walk you through the factors you should consider before you click “Add to Cart.”


    The size of the scratcher will determine whether or not some cats will use it. If it’s too small, your cat won’t be able to find a comfortable position to start scratching. If it’s too tall, it can become unstable and wobbly. Your cat won’t be likely to use the post if it is too wobbly as they won’t feel safe on it.

    A good rule of thumb is to aim for a vertical scratcher between 76 and 81.5 centimeters tall to provide space for your kitty to scratch when he’s on his hind legs. For horizontal scratchers, aim for a size that’s as long as your cat’s body minus his tail. For most cats, this is around 45-centimeters.


    Before you can find the perfect scratcher for your cats’ tastes, you need to take a look at what he’s already scratching in your home. This will tell you what scratcher design he will get the most use out of.

    If he prefers scratching at the arm of your sofa from the floor, he will probably love a tall scratcher that gives him a vertical place to sharpen his nails.

    If he’s scratching at your carpet, a horizontal scratcher will probably work best for him.

    If you determine that he likes scratching both horizontally and vertically, you’ll want to invest in a scratcher that allows him to do both. If you’re unable to find one that allows for multi-directional scratching, you might consider investing in two separate items to satisfy all of his needs.

    Some scratchers come in an angled design. These are a great way to keep things interesting for your kitty as they provide a different scratching position that he might not be accustomed to. Angled scratching will also help him stretch out and work different muscles.

    Scottish little cat playing on scratching posts
    Image by: Anatoliy Cherkas, Shutterstock


    The material the scratcher is made of will also determine whether your cat is going to use it as intended. Scratchers come in a wide variety of textures, including carpet, cardboard, and sisal rope. Again, you can look at your cat’s current scratching habits to get an idea of what kind of material he prefers to scratch.

    If he’s been making quick work of your wooden door jambs, he might prefer a scratcher made with wood materials. If he’s destroying your carpet, you can safely assume one that’s covered in carpeted material will satisfy his needs.

    Most cats love scratchers made of cardboard, too, as it provides them with a way to leave their mark and see their handwork.


    If you want a plain old scratcher without any extra accessories, that’s fine. But some cats won’t be drawn to a scratcher unless it has a little bit of pizzazz to get their attention.

    Some scratchers come with dangling toys and feathers attached. Others come with multiple scratching poles, and some have multiple poles at varying heights. While these accessories aren’t necessary for a scratcher, they’re nice to have as they can grab your cat’s attention and encourage them to scratch on the posts more than your carpet, furniture, or door jambs.

    divider-cat Do I Really Need to Buy a Scratcher for My Cat?

    Scratching is a completely normal and instinctive behavior for cats. They do it for a wide variety of reasons, from expressing excitement or stress to scent marking to removing dead parts of their nails. Some scratch just to get a good stretch in.

    If you don’t provide a healthy place for your cats to scratch, they’re going to start doing it on your personal belongings. Cats need a healthy outlet for their scratching urge, so if you don’t provide a place for them to get their scratch on, you can bet they’ll turn to your sofa, carpet, or drapery to satisfy that urge.

    white cat playing on a scratching post
    Image by: Daga_Roszkowska, Pixabay

    How Do I Get My Cat Interested in His Scratcher?

    So, you’ve bought an expensive new scratcher for your cat, but he’s just not interested in it. Does that sound familiar? If so, there are several ways you can encourage your cat to scratch on his new toy versus your sofa or carpet.

    Try encouraging him to investigate his new scratcher by putting catnip on it. The scent of catnip will usually be enough to call your cat over and start exploring the scratcher.

    You can also try playing with him near the scratcher. Use his favorite toy, whether it be a wand toy or ball, and encourage play near the scratcher.

    Cat owners know how picky their feline friends can be. If the scratcher is not in a spot in the house your cat wants it to be, he might turn his nose up at it in protest. Try placing the scratcher in different areas of the home to see if he’s more apt to use it in one room over another.



    For the best overall cat scratcher in Canada, the SmartCat Ultimate combines sturdiness and durability with an irresistible sisal rope. For cat owners on a budget, Petstages’ Fold Away Tunnel is an affordable scratcher that doubles as a playhouse for your cats. If money is no object, our premium pick from PetFusion provides an aesthetic scratcher with a curved design for angled scratching.

    We hope our reviews have helped shed some light on the different types of scratchers available in Canada today. Add one to your cart today and save your furniture and carpet from your cat’s inevitable scratching.

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