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9 Best Cat Websites in 2024: Resources for Every Cat Lover

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The Internet is a treasure trove for cat lovers with its infinite informative articles, adorable pictures, and hilarious cat videos at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for tips on litter training your cat, name inspiration for your new kitten, non-toxic houseplants that won’t hurt your pet, or simply in need of a dopamine fix from cat memes, the Internet has your back.

Keep reading to find our list of the best cat websites you should bookmark this year.


The 9 Best Cat Websites in 2024

1. Catster


Catster is an informative and entertaining website for everything about cats. They have articles on food, behavior, health, lifestyle, breeds, and a special section just for information about kittens. Catsters’ authors not only provide informative articles, but they also keep readers up to date with the newest cat-related news like when the FDA approved the first arthritis medication for cats.

There is also a Bookstore section with nearly a dozen cat-specific books you can order online for home delivery.

Catster is also a real magazine that you can subscribe to digitally or in print. You don’t need to be a subscriber to read the articles on their website, though.

2. Excited Cats

Excited Cats

Excited Cats is dedicated to bringing cat owners and veterinarians closer together. Their website is chock full of informative articles, how-to and step-by-step guides, and cat gear comparison articles.

If you’ve ever found yourself amid decision fatigue when trying to find your cat the highest quality litter box, the best toys, or the healthiest food, Excited Cats have the answers you’re searching for.

Have you recently adopted a cat and aren’t sure what to name it? This website has an entire section full of articles dedicated to helping you find a themed name for your cat. They have name inspiration guides for nearly any theme you can think of including coffee names, Viking and Norse names, and even an article with ideas for one-eyed cat names.

The best part is that this website isn’t headed by faceless content writers. Their authors are cat owners with years of experience, and every article is fact-checked by the websites’ on-staff vets.

3. Reddit


Reddit isn’t an informative blog like the other websites on our list so far, but it can still be a great resource for cat lovers.

Reddit describes itself as “a network of communities where people can dive into their interests, hobbies, and passions.” It’s essentially a huge online forum with user-created boards known as “subreddits.” There is literally a subreddit for every topic one can imagine, so of course, there are countless boards specifically for cats.

Do you love pictures of cats on keyboards? There’s a subreddit for that (r/CatsOnKeyboards). Are you looking for a color- or breed-specific forum? How about r/Ragdolls, r/ScottishFold, r/SavannahCats, or r/WhiteCatsWithBlueEyes? Are you, for some reason, looking for videos and pictures of cats of various shapes and sizes? Check out r/IllegallySmolCats for impossibly cute tiny cats, r/IllegallyLongCats for adorably stretched out cats, and r/IllegallyBigCats for media of cats who look too big to be real.

As we said, there’s a subreddit for everything you could possibly think of.

It’s important to remember that Reddit is a user-created website and that you shouldn’t take everything you read on there as fact. It is a great resource for cat owners looking for advice and recommendations from other pet owners or for proud cat parents to share their pets’ photos and accomplishments.

Some of our favorite cat-related subreddits include:

  • /rAskVet is a great subreddit that connects pet owners with real vets.
  • /rCats is the place to go to share photos of your pets and ask for advice from other cat owners
  • r/CatAdvice is the subreddit to visit if you’re searching for advice, help, and support from other cat owners
  • r/CatTraining is a subreddit for anyone looking for tips and tricks for training their cats

4. Modern Cat

Modern Cat

Modern Cat is another online cat magazine that also has a print version available to subscribe to. You don’t need to subscribe to their magazine to access their informative and fun articles online, though.

This website provides helpful articles about feline behavior, nutrition, wellness, and training. There is also an area on the website for new cat parents and an entire section dedicated to information about specific cat breeds.

It’s not all serious articles on Modern Cat, though. Their recent Do You Look Like Your Cat? blog is a fun look into doppelganger duos.



The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website is a fantastic resource for any animal owner. Their website not only has helpful cat care articles, but also an entire section that will connect you with adoptable cats in New York City and Los Angeles.

The website has many great resources on animal poison control, too. If you’ve ever wondered what plants might be poisonous to your cats or which household products are dangerous, the ASPCA has all the answers.

One of the most unique aspects of the ASPCA’s website is its Pet Planning section. This area provides several informative articles about planning a future for your cats in case you were to ever become unable to care for them. This is something that not a lot of pet owners like to think about but it is very important. If you become seriously hurt or passed away, you need to have a plan in place to ensure your cats are taken care of.

6. PetMD


PetMD is the online authority for all things related to pet health. It collaborates with veterinarians to ensure the content on its site is accurate and credible.

Their site is focused on six main areas: health, emergency, care, breeds, news, and tools. Each section has a wide variety of helpful articles with advice and tips for pet care. The Pet Symptom Checker in the Tools section is handy if your cat is not acting himself or feeling unwell. You can input the affected body part and his symptoms to see what the problem could be. Of course, you will still need to take your cat to the vet for an official diagnosis, but the symptom checker can be helpful to know what could be happening.

PetMD isn’t only focused on cat health, either. They also have plenty of articles related to dog, horse, reptile, and amphibian breeds.

7. Adventure Cats

Adventure Cats

Dogs get to go exploring with their owners all the time, so why can’t cats, too? The Adventure Cats website was started by outdoorsy cat lovers who wanted to provide a resource to other cat owners looking for ways to explore the outdoors with their cats.

The website is chock full of tips and tricks that will help you start adventuring with your cat more often. Whether you want to take your kitty along with you while you climb a crag, go RVing across the country, or spend the day on a boat, the folks at Adventure Cats have you covered.

There is also an entire section devoted to finding the best gear for your outdoor adventures and how to keep your cat safe during your explorations.

8. Fetch by WebMD

Fetch by WebMD

WebMD is the one-stop-shop for all things human health-related. We’re sure you’ve been on there once or twice to check symptoms or to self-diagnose yourself with some type of illness. Well, Fetch by WebMD is the pet version.

This website is similar to PetMD in a lot of ways. They have articles on a wide variety of topics such as diet and nutrition, keeping your cat healthy, care essentials, and explanations for curious cat behaviors. The Expert Q&A area provides answers to cat owners’ frequently asked questions. These articles are all fact-checked by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) so you know you’re getting the most accurate answers.

9. Little Big Cat

Little Big Cat

Little Big Cat is a website for owners looking for information and holistic cat health, nutrition, and behavior. It’s run by Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. You might recognize Galaxy’s name as he is the star of the reality TV show “My Cat from Hell”.

This site has a vast article library with a unique perspective on pet care. Holistic health looks at the totality of the pet in question. It considers your cat’s current symptoms and behavior as well as its history, personality, lifestyle, diet, environment, and physical health. It is an integrative approach to pet health that incorporates both conventional and holistic therapies.

divider-cat Final Thoughts

There certainly is no shortage of cat-related websites out there on the World Wide Web. Our list could go on and on, but we think that the ones we’ve listed above provide the most accurate information and comprehensive articles possible. We hope you’ve found a few new websites to add to your bookmarks!

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