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24 Greatest Songs About Cats Of All Time

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Cats are the internet’s favorite animal and one of America’s most loved pets. They are loving but independent, and although they usually have a Zen energy, they are full of quirks and often have us in hysterics. Our love for our furry friends has inspired several videos and great songs.

If you love felines, you will likely appreciate songs about cats. Here are the 24 greatest cat songs for your entertainment and listening pleasure.


The 24 Best Songs About Cats

1. Smelly Cat

Artist: Phoebe Buffay from Friends
Year: 1999

We are certain that most of the world’s population is a huge fan of Friends; if you’re not, you may still know the famous song written and played by Phoebe Buffay. Phoebe is a three-chord wonder on the acoustic guitar, and although her talents aren’t record label material, her song “Smelly Cat” will certainly bring a smile to your face.” This famous song is about an outcast cat who isn’t loved because it is, as its title suggests, smelly.

2. Everybody Wants to Be a Cat – The Aristocats

Artist: Al Rinker
Year: 1970

One of the all-time greatest songs about cats is “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat,” which is featured in Disney’s The Aristocats. This catchy cat song comprises jazz, rock, and pop components, and the lyrics “Everybody wants to be a cat because a cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at” embody the cool cat persona that almost every feline boasts.

3. Cool Cat

Artist: Queen
Year: 1982

Queen is a legendary rock band that released this groovy, laid-back jam, which is as timeless as most of their songs. It is titled “Cool Cat,” and although it is not written about cats, it captures how we “strut” around without a worry in the world when we feel confident and comfortable in our skin. The song also talks about taking chances and facing failure head-on.

4. All Dead, All Dead

Artist: Queen
Year: 1977

Queen does it again with another legendary cat song! Except this time, it is sung by Queen’s guitarist, and for good reason. Many people are unaware that the melancholy piano melody with the moving guitar riffs in the middle was written in memory of Brian May’s deceased cat.

You can feel Brian’s deep love for his cat, and any cat owner can relate. The lyrics “Of course I don’t believe you’re dead and gone” are heartbreaking, but they can remind us to take in all the precious moments with our feline companions.

6. My Cat’s Name Is Maceo

Artist: Janes Addiction
Year: 1997

This song’s backstory is an intriguing one. Perry Farrell wrote it as an ode to his own cat, Maceo, whom he named after a jazz musician who played for James Brown. Apart from the song being about a cat, the saxophone is the best part and adds a soulful and jazzy vibe to this pop-rock song. Another fun fact is that Maceo Parker eventually agreed to perform saxophone on the song with the band!

7. Leave My Kitten Alone

Artist: The Beatles
Year: 1995

The Beatles wrote “Leave My Kitten Alone” during the second session for the Beatles For Sale album, but it wasn’t released until Anthology 1 in 1995. It is one of their best “lost” songs and is one of John Lennon’s finest vocal performances. Even if they might not be referring to a kitten in a literal sense, cat enthusiasts may nevertheless perceive it that way.

8. What’s New Pussycat?

Artist: Tom Jones
Year: 1966

There are a lot of people who admit to singing the line “What’s new pussycat?” when they meet or greet their own cat. It is a Tom Jones classic, and even though this song has been parodied innumerable times, it is still a superb work of music. From Tom Jones’s appealing vocal expression to the song’s changing rhythms conveyed by the accordion and a talented brass band,  this song is one of the greatest cat songs ever.

While the song isn’t about a pussycat, it is a unique tune with playful lyrics that centers around a man who makes an effort to stay up with the newest trends in music, fashion, and culture to impress a woman.

9. The Love Cats

Artist: The Cure
Year: 1983

The Cure, an English rock band, has one of the greatest songs of all time called “The Love Cats.” The song stands out for its jazzy, upbeat feel, which starkly contrasts the gloomy, melancholy tone of much of The Cure’s early material. The song’s confusing lyrics have led to substantial discussion over its intended meaning. Robert Smith claims it is about a suicide pact between two lovers and that the Disney movie “Aristocats” inspired him to compose it.

Smith said they created the odd music video for “The Lovecats” while intoxicated and that it was more of a joke than anything else. Many real cats were used in the filming, and some band members dressed as enormous cats.

10. Phenomenal Cat

Artist: The Kinks
Year: 1968

Look no further than this song by the Kinks if you want a song that tells the story of a cat’s life, a phenomenal cat, to be exact.  A Mellotron, which imitates the sound of a flute, is used in the song to create an old, whimsical feel, and the song is about the flying cat who travels to far-off locations like Kathmandu and Hong Kong. Though the listener is unaware of the revelation’s specifics, he discovers “the secret of life.” He withdraws from society after making his discovery and spends the rest of his life eating in a tree.

11. How to Make a Song with Your Neighbors Cat

Artist: The Kiffness
Year: 2021

The Kiffness is a South African electronic band that has an amazing ability to create unique and hilarious mixes like their song “How to Make a Song with Your Neighbors Cat.” The Kiffness uses the audio from a “talking” cat and remixes it in a genius way, creating a song that is not only about a cat but actually features a cat!

The distinctive yowl of the cat was constructed using the rhythm of Toto’s “Africa.” The cat’s meow is accompanied by backing music played on a bongo, shaker, and cowbell. While it may not be well known in other countries, it is loved by many South Africans and even made a feature on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It is strange, extremely unique, and hilariously funny, and we can be certain this track will be playing on repeat in your mind after hearing it.

12. Soft Kitty

Artist: Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
Year: 2013

Big Bang Theory fans will undoubtedly know Sheldon’s famous “Soft Kitty” song. Sheldon, a highly intelligent man-child, would insist that his mother sing him the song when he was sick as a kid. The lyrics are short and to the point: “soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.” It has a soft and catchy tune, and the lyrics are often sung on repeat until Sheldon feels better.

13. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Artist: The Tokens
Year: 1961

Although lions may not be the first feline species to come to mind, this song is unquestionably suitable because they are still large, wild cats! “The Lion Sleeps Tonight “is a fun song that works well as both a lullaby and a karaoke song. In 1961, the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”  became a number-one hit in the United States and ended up on “The Lion King “soundtrack.

14. Cool for Cats

Artist: Squeeze
Year: 1979

“Cool for Cats” is a song by English rock band Squeeze. The band’s early social life was the subject of the song, which discusses several scenarios where people are either rough or cool. It’s “cool for cats,” repeats in the chorus, implying that acting tough or cool is acceptable in certain circumstances. The title of the song was inspired by the cartoon program Cool for Cats.

15. Cat’s in the Cradle

Artist: Harry Chapin
Year: 1974

Even if you don’t recognize the song or the performer, this is one of those timeless songs that will have you singing along in no time. Harry Chapin released the folk-rock song “Cat’s in the Cradle” in 1974. The song is about a father who doesn’t have enough time for his son and how the son becomes just like him. This song serves as a wonderful reminder to all parents, even those who are parents to cats, about procrastination and lost opportunities.

16. Cat On Tin Roof

Artist: Blonde Redhead
Year: 2014

“Cat on Tin Roof” is a song by the indie rock band “Blonde Redhead.” The title of the song is a metaphor that describes a person who must act even though it will cause them physical or emotional harm, just like a cat. If someone compares you to a cat on a hot tin roof, it sounds like you cannot remain still and are perhaps agitated.

Think about what it may be like if you were a cat attempting to move around on a hot tin roof for a moment. You wouldn’t stay motionless for very long, and you’d probably feel rather uneasy just being up there.

17. Pads, Paws & Claws

Artist: Elvis Costello
Year: 1989

The song “Pads, Paws and Claws” was written by Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello. The song, like others by Elvis Costello, is about a bad relationship. Costello describes a drunken man’s connection with a flirtatious woman in this song, describing how she “pads, paws, and claws.” Cat lovers will get what he is saying. We have all woken up to our cats pawing at our chest in an attempt to demand a meal.

18. Black Cat

Artist: Janet Jackson
Year: 1989

“Black Cat” is a song by American singer Janet Jackson. It is more of a hard rock or pop rock song with arena rock overtones, deviating from her usual dance-pop material. The song uses the metaphor of a black cat, which is frequently connected to superstition and ill luck in many cultures, to talk about self-destruction and taking unnecessary risks. Jackson also compared the title to a panther’s bravery since they are unafraid of anything and are prepared to face any challenge.

19. Kitty

Artist: The Presidents of the United States of America
Year: 1995

“Kitty” is a song by the American alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America. This song depicts the sometimes love-hate relationship that exists between people and cats. These humorous and frustrating encounters result from a cat’s independence and the possibility that they may not want attention when humans do. All cat parents can relate to the moment humorously captured in this song.

20. Thomas O’Malley Cat

Artist: Phil Harris, The Aristocats
Year: 1970

The song “Thomas O’Malley Cat is on the soundtrack of The Aristocats. The song is about Thomas O’Malley, a tomcat described in the lyrics as “the coolest cat in town.” He is a street cat with no fears and lives his life according to his own rules.

21. Cats in the Well

Artist: Bob Dylan
Year: 1990

The song “Cat’s in the Well” was written by Bob Dylan and was first released by Bob Dylan in 1990. It uses metaphorical imagery to make a statement about the state of the world and the inevitable hardships of life. The cat represents a power or element that causes confusion, unpredictability, and disruption in a variety of facets of life.

The presence of the cat stands in contrast to the peaceful woman sleeping nearby, who is unaware of the problems going on around her. This emphasizes the idea of ignorance or indifference to the troubles of the world, as shown by the lyrics, “She ain’t hearing a thing, the silence is a-stickin’ her deep.”

22. I Happen to Like Cats

Artist: Granger Smith
Year: 2018

If you don’t know this song, do yourself a favor and have a listen; it will leave you in hysterics! “I happen to like cats” is a comical song written by Granger Smith. He amusingly describes how much he loves cats in this song, and his music videos feature him surrounded by his favorite furry friends.

The lyrics “Yeah, my best friends are at my house, purring around, clawing my couch, Right meow” perfectly reflect any cat lover’s love for their cat. This song gained popularity and captured the hearts of many listeners, including those who didn’t even own cats!

23. Rum Tum Tugger

Artist: Andre Lloyd Webber
Year: 1980

Without a song from the musical “Cats,” this list wouldn’t be complete. The original soundtrack’s title song, “The Rum Tum Tugger,” has a distinctly feline vibe. This energetic and upbeat rock song introduces the character Rum Tum Tugger and establishes him as the charismatic superstar of the pack.

24. The Siamese Cat Song

Artist: Peggy Lee, Lady and the Tramp
Year: 1955

We also felt this list would not be complete with this song from “The Lady and the Tramp.”  The song is somewhat creepy and is sung by two Siamese cats, Am and Si. The two cats are seen wrecking a woman’s home to get to a pet fish before working together to steal a baby’s milk. It’s another depiction of a cat’s mischievous personality.



Cats are lovable, adorable, aloof, and loved, and they are the inspiration behind many great songs. This list is a mixed bag of genres and meanings, but they are all entertaining, soul-stirring, and unique. Whether you are a cat lover or not, we hope you loved this list of songs and became acquainted with the ones that may be new to your playlist.

Featured Image Credit: Kashaeva Irina, Shutterstock

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