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Can Cats Be Allergic to Humans? Everything You Need to Know!

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People are allergic to many different things, including pollen, dander, fragrance, and even peanuts. Cats can also suffer allergies from many sources, including pollen, dust, mold, and even pet hair. Since cats and humans share many of the same allergies, it’s natural to ask if cats can be allergic to humans. The short answer is yes, it’s possible, but keep reading while we discuss how likely it is as well as some alternative things that can make a cat seem like it’s allergic to you to help you stay better informed.

divider-cat Can Cats Be Allergic to Humans?

Dander is similar to dandruff, and it’s essentially tiny pieces of dead skin that fall off the body of humans, cats, dogs, and many other animals, especially those with hair or fur. While many humans suffer from allergy symptoms when they are near a cat or dog that produces dander, there are not many documented cases of cats suffering from allergic symptoms cars by human dander, though many experts agree it is possible.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Cat Suffering from Allergies?

Many people are surprised to learn the symptoms of a cat suffering from allergies are very similar to those of a human. Your cat will likely have itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose. You might also notice your cat sneezing uncontrollably whenever you or another person spends any time near it. If the cat catches on, it might try to avoid you or even become aggressive.

What Do I Do If I Think My Cat Is Allergic to Me?

The best thing you can do for your pet if you think it’s allergic to you is to take it to the vet. Your vet can run the correct test to give you a definitive answer about what’s causing the allergic symptoms in your cat and will put your cat on the fastest track to recovery.

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Why Does My Cat Have Allergy Symptoms If It’s Not Allergic to Human Dander?

Cats are extremely sensitive, and if it’s displaying symptoms of an allergic reaction when you are around, it could be a commercial product behind the symptoms your cat is experiencing. There is a better chance it is allergic to your perfume, deodorant, shampoo, aftershave, body wash, or other product than your skin, and putting an end to these products will quickly return your pet to normal. Any reaction from a fragrance or chemical is extremely serious because cats don’t show pain the way we do, so it can be difficult to tell what kind of damage is occurring inside. In some cases, significant health problems can result from prolonged exposure.

Treating Cat Allergies

Your veterinarian will likely run a blood test or skin test on your pet to get a reliable diagnosis of what is triggering your pet’s allergy symptoms. If it is a true allergy to human dander, the doctor will likely prescribe an antihistamine similar to Benadryl to help relieve the symptoms and make your pet feel better. You may also need to find ways to put more space between you, so you don’t trigger allergies.

divider-cat Summary

Your cat may be suffering from an allergy to human dander, but it is unlikely as there are very few reported cases. It’s more likely that your cat is reacting to a product you are using, like perfume or other products that contain fragrances like shampoo and deodorant, as cats can have strong reactions to fragrances, and some can even cause them physical harm. We recommend setting up an appointment with the vet, who will take samples of your pet’s skin or blood to quickly remove any uncertainty about your pet’s condition.

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