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10 Cat on a Roomba GIFs & Videos to Make You Laugh

cat standing on the robot vacuum cleaner

There are some types of videos and GIFs (graphics interchange format) that the internet can’t seem to get enough of, and many of them are related to pets. A top favorite video category seems to be cats on Roombas. Roombas and other robotic vacuums are extremely convenient, especially in homes with pets since they can automatically run and pick up cat hair. However, having a robot rolling around the house can be confusing or curious for cats, leading to many types of hilarious interactions between the two.


The 10 Cat on a Roomba GIFs & Videos

1. Cat in a Box

This GIF shows a majorly cool cat taking a ride in a box on top of a Roomba. They look calm and relaxed, plus they’re wearing a classy tracksuit and kitty sunglasses.  Since it’s short, this is a great reaction GIF to send to your friends when you want to let them know that you’re cool as a cucumber and ready for anything.

2. Curious Kitten

Here’s another fun GIF of a cat on a Roomba. This one does a great job of showing just how interesting curious kittens can find these robots to be. This kitten takes a ride on the Roomba, as well as gives it a few bops, and gets it to turn in a different direction.

3. To Glory!

The only thing funnier than a GIF of a cat on a Roomba is a GIF of a cat on a Roomba that includes hilarious text. This GIF shows a cat riding a Roomba, with the added text, “Onward, contraption, to glory!” Obviously, this is the best GIF to send to someone when you want to let them know that you’re not letting anything get in your way.

4. Spinning Cat

Cats are known for many silly things, other than riding on Roombas. One thing that many people catch their cats doing is watching ceiling fans. When cats spot something moving, their instincts tell them to determine if it’s friend, foe, or something to ignore, and this GIF shows that perfectly. This cat seems to be staring at the ceiling fan above themselves, but while they’re doing that, their Roomba ride is spinning in circles.

5. Sassy Cats

Cats can be quite sassy, especially when it comes to spending time around other cats. The cat in this short video is not going to let a Roomba distract it from trying to intimidate its friend. The cat manages to redirect the Roomba without even turning to look at it, simply by putting their foot on top of the Roomba.

6. Pampered Cat

The pampered cat in this short video is not just riding a Roomba. This kitty has been provided with a box, blanket, and even a pillow to keep it comfy during the ride. Just in case there’s any confusion for people who see this cat, there’s also a sign on the front of the box that says, “Cat in Car”.

7. Cat vs. Dog

It’s not uncommon for cats to rule the roost, even in homes with dogs. These cats often use gentle bops and roughhousing to let the dogs know who’s boss. In this video, a cat uses a Roomba as a means of transportation to approach the household dog, bopping the dog on the face when the Roomba arrives at its destination.

8. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat was an internet favorite kitty for years, up until her unfortunate passing in 2019 at the age of seven. Her grumpy face made her an instant celebrity, even though she was, by all accounts, a very sweet, loving cat. In this short video, you’ll get to see Grumpy Cat herself riding a Roomba while relaxing on top.

9. Shark Costume Kitty

In this video, you’ll get to see more than just a cat riding a Roomba because this cat is wearing a shark costume. Somehow, arming itself with a Roomba wasn’t intimidating enough for this silly kitty. This cat wants everyone to know that they mean business, and they’re not going to let anyone forget that they’ve got sharp teeth, just like a shark.

10. Compilation Video

If you’re in the mood to spend a portion of your day watching videos of cats on Roombas, then this video is what you’re looking for. This compilation video provides you with over 11 minutes of cats riding and interacting with Roomba vacuums. Whether you want to see a cat in a costume on a Roomba, a cat in a bowl on a Roomba, or a cat napping on a Roomba, there’s a clip in this video that you’ll love.



Watching videos of cats on Roomba vacuums can be extremely entertaining, but remember to always ensure the safety of your cat above all else. If you have a Roomba that your cat takes an interest in, make sure to provide them with a safe environment to explore the robot. Never force your cat on or around the Roomba if they aren’t comfortable. Keep in mind that Roombas do have safety features, but sometimes accidents do happen, so it’s not unheard of for your cat to get their foot run over or tail caught under the vacuum.

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Featured Image Credit: Dina Photo Stories, Shutterstock

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