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Catnip Bubbles & Catnip Wine: A Good or Bad Idea for Your Cat?

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Spoiling our cats is part of what makes having a pet so much fun. When they’re living their fullest, happiest lives, it enforces the idea that we’re doing an excellent job as their guardians. There are tons of products emerging on the market that are designed to bring pets and humans even closer. Some of the most recent developments include catnip bubbles and catnip wine. Even though they sound like they’d be entertaining, are these types of novelties really the best things to be giving to our fur babies? Some of the ingredients used to make them aren’t always the safest choice.


What Are Catnip Bubbles and Catnip Wine?

It’s no secret that some cats can’t get enough of catnip. Catnip targets our cat’s “happy” receptors in the brain. Cats react in several different ways. Some mellow out, and others start rolling, rubbing, and flipping all over the floor. Catnip is a type of plant that is completely safe for your cats. However, the catnip extract and essential oils may be a different story.

Catnip bubbles are typically made by mixing catnip extract with bubbles. Catnip wine doesn’t use grapes, which are toxic to pets. Instead, beet juice, natural preservatives, and catnip are mixed to make the drink.

Are Catnip Products Safe?

Even though giving our cats dried, organic catnip is safe, the products that this plant gets made into don’t necessarily use clean ingredients. Many companies use catnip essential oils in their products. Essential oils are a tricky subject when it comes to cats because although some are fine, others contain compounds that are toxic for cats.

It’s hard to say exactly which compounds are dangerous for our cats and how much you must dilute the mixture to be safe for animals. Even though we don’t doubt that several trusted brands keep the health and safety of animals in mind, it is smarter to err on the side of caution with any new product.

Are Catnip Bubbles and Wine a Bad Idea?

It’s hard to give a straightforward yes or no answer regarding catnip products being good or bad. There are pros and cons to every ingredient. Make sure you take a thorough look at the ingredients list and discuss it with your veterinarian if you aren’t sure.

Alternatives for Catnip Bubbles and Wine

Even though the idea of bubbles and wine for your cat is fun, you can skip the hassle and just give them natural, dried catnip instead. It has the same effect on your pets and has a single, trusted ingredient that you can rely on to always be safe for your cat.

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Final Thoughts

Catnip products like bubbles and wine are either good or bad. There are benefits and disadvantages to everything that you buy for your cats. Always trust your gut and contact the vet’s office if you have any concerns. Overall, these types of products are typically safe in moderation and should only get used on occasion.

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