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10 Awesome DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds (With Pictures)

Gray cat inside a box

However much you spend on cozy-looking, multi-tiered store-bought cat beds, you simply can’t beat a good old cardboard box—and we don’t know many cats that would disagree! With a cardboard box and a few other bits and bobs, you can make a snug slumber spot that your cat will love. Best of all, it’s completely free. Everyone’s a winner.

We’ve scoured the web for the most awesome DIY cardboard box beds made by fellow cat parents. Most are beginner-friendly, but a few may take a little more time and/or skill. Whether you’re a pro crafter or a complete beginner, there’s something here for everyone. Snuggle up with your furbaby and enjoy!


The 10 DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds

1. Cardboard Cat Igloo House

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials Lots of cardboard, pencil, compass, non-toxic paper glue
Tools Cutter, measuring tool
Difficulty Moderate

This awesome igloo house is made by cutting out a lot of cardboard circles, stacking them up on each other, and gluing them all together. It has a modest tool and material list, but we consider this project to be of moderate difficulty because it may take a bit of time to measure out and cut all the cardboard pieces.

We love that this cardboard cat bed is covered, which gives your cat a sense of security, as well as how sturdy it looks. This is a great option if you’re looking for a DIY cat bed project that won’t collapse after being used for a short time.

2. Chic Cardboard Box Cat Hammock

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image Credit: Cuteness
Materials Large box, painter’s tape, non-toxic glue, non-toxic paint, 1 yard of fabric
Tools Box cutter, tape measure, scissors
Difficulty Easy

If your cat is like most other cats and loves snuggling up in a hammock, this chic cardboard box hammock is put together with a few simple tools that you probably already have around the house. The box is painted to brighten it up and the creator placed yarn fringe around the top to give it some extra pizzazz. The end result is seriously cute and looks sturdy enough to hold at least a light cat or kitten.

If your cat is on the larger side, you might want to adapt the box size a little or reinforce it with some extra cardboard to make sure it will hold their weight.

3. VW Bus Cardboard Cat House

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image Credit: DC Home
Materials Large box, paint in various colors, pencil, adhesive tape
Tools Doctor blade, box cutter, scissors, ruler
Difficulty Easy

If your cat is a fluffy hippie, they’re sure to love this VW bus-style cardboard house. It’s nice and roomy, so perfect for cats of all shapes and sizes, and can be used as a bed or chillout spot. If the VW look isn’t your thing, you can paint and decorate it in any colors and style you like.

This cardboard cat bed/house looks pretty simple to put together and appears to be made with a light cardboard box so it’s easy to cut. As it’s floor-based, you won’t need to worry about whether it’s suitable for weighty or larger cats.

4. Stylish Cardboard Box Cat Bed

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image Credit: Your Purrfect Kitty
Materials Cardboard box with flaps, non-toxic all-purpose glue, modge podge, needle, thread, batting, fabric, buttons
Tools Scissors
Difficulty Easy

This DIY cardboard box bed is simple but stylish and kitted out with a comfy DIY cushion. The creator mentions in the instructions that you don’t need sewing skills for this project, as the sewing part is really easy and something anyone can do. The box itself is covered with fabric, and the creator recommends picking a non-fraying, easy-to-clean fabric like flannel.

We love the simplicity of this box bed and that it’s so beginner-friendly—much appreciated by those of us with absolutely appalling sewing skills!

5. Fabulous DIY Cat Bed

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image Credit: Petful
Materials Cardboard box, wrapping paper or tissue paper, glue
Tools Scissors
Difficulty Easy

When it comes to DIYing your cat’s bed, you’re unlikely to find one as easy to make as this cardboard box bed covered in wrapping or tissue paper. Once the box is covered, you simply pop in a blanket or cushion to keep your cat comfy, and voila! This is another great option for beginners who are a little craft-phobic.

If you prefer, you could cover the box with fabric instead of paper as it’s less likely to rip or get pulled off.

6. Cardboard Box Fort

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image Credit: Kitty Cat Chronicles
Materials Lots of boxes, tape
Tools Scissors, box cutter
Difficulty Easy

If you do a lot of online shopping like the creator of this simple cardboard box fort, why not turn your old boxes into a big fun park/sleeping area for your cats? All you need to do is cut out entry holes, then arrange the boxes as you like and tape everything together. We love that this fort doubles up as a cat playground and somewhere they can hide out and nap.

If you like, you can cover the boxes with fabric to make the fort a little more attractive and cozy for your cats. Pop in a few blankets and cushions to make it an inviting snoozing spot.

7. Cat and Dog Cardboard House

Materials Cardboard pieces (some textured), paper, glue
Tools Hot glue gun, box cutter
Difficulty Easy

We have to admit, we’re in love with this adorable TV-style cat house/bed. It’s made of a few cardboard panels and glue, so it’s super easy to put together and you can decorate the end product with hanging ball toys and feathers if you wish. It appears to be very sturdy, so it should be just right for all cats, big and small.

What we like most about this box is how neat it looks—a look achieved by using cardboard panels instead of a full box. However, if you don’t want to bother with all the gluing, you could substitute the panels with an already-assembled box.

8. Cardboard Cat House

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image By: The Green Mad House
Materials Cardboard boxes, glue, craft paint
Tools Exacto knife, metal ruler, measuring tape
Difficulty Moderate

This charming cardboard cat house is designed to resemble an actual house for your cat to return to after a hard day of… being cute and sleeping? Whatever it is your cat gets up to while they’re awake, we’re sure they’ll love this bed/house. It’s not hard to make, but the creator did mention that it took a weekend of work, so it seems to be more time-consuming than difficult.

You can design and style your cat house however you want, so you can always adapt this to make it easier for you if you’re not up for spending too much time on it.

9. Snowy Mountain Peak Pet Tent

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image By: Sew Doggy Style
Materials Cardboard box, tape, sharpie, fabric, glue
Tools Long yardstick or quilting ruler, scissors
Difficulty Moderate

Though made for a dog, there’s no reason why your cat can’t enjoy this snowy mountain peak tent made from a cardboard box, tape, and some fabric. The triangle shape makes for a more closed-in roof, which adds an extra layer of coziness. The “snow” effect on the top turns a plain-looking tent into a cute, funky cat bed.

There’s a little bit of sewing, cutting, and measuring involved in making this tent, so it might be a good project for those who enjoy or don’t mind spending time crafting.

10. Cardboard Cat Mansion

DIY Cardboard Box Cat Beds
Image By: Dream A Little Bigger
Materials Cardboard boxes, strong glue, paint
Tools Utility knife, caulking gun
Difficulty Easy

For posh cats in need of a suitable place to snooze, try out this cardboard cat mansion. It’s not hard to assemble—some glue and a few licks of paint are all it takes to have some well-sized cardboard boxes looking fit for a fluffy king in no time. With a blanket or soft cushion inside, this mansion is the perfect place for your elegant cat to spend their downtime.

We love how the creator managed to make this beautiful cat home/bed out of a few simple materials and minimal tools.


Final Thoughts

The awesome cardboard cat beds we’ve found just go to show that you don’t need to splash a lot of cash or spend long hours or days putting together something your cats will love. DIY cardboard beds are free, completely customizable, and eco-friendly. We might just have to try a few of these out ourselves!

Featured Image Credit: kaylaflam, Pixabay

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