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Do Frogs Make Great Pets? What You Need to Know!

common tree frog_Krzysztof Niewolny_Pixabay

If you are an animal lover, you know it can be fun to look for new pets to raise in your home, and one of the most common animals we get asked about is frogs. Frogs are easy to find in any pet store or near any body of water. There are dozens of species, and yes, frogs make good pets, but there is a lot to consider before you spend any money on one. If you are interested in having a pet frog but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, keep reading while we discuss the pros and raising frogs so you can make an informed decision.divider- frog

Why You Might Not Want a Pet Frog

1. They Are Hands-Off Pets

amazon milk frog_Gleb Korovko_Pixabay
Image Credit: Gleb Korovko, Pixabay

Even though most of us have caught frogs as a child or know someone who has, you generally shouldn’t pick up frogs. It’s not that frogs will give you warts, as the urban legend says, but because frogs have permeable skin that will absorb anything on your hand, including the soap you use to clean them. Your salty hands can damage their sensitive skin, and many breeds don’t like when you pick them up. If you do find a frog that likes to sit in your hand, wash your hands well with a mild detergent and only pick it up once in a while for a short time. Powder-free latex gloves can also help minimize problems with handling your frog.

2. Many Species Are Nocturnal

white's tree frog_Frank B Yuwono_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Frank B Yuwono, Shutterstock

Unless you’re a night owl, most of us sleep at night when many frog species are most active. While you are awake, your frog will be sleeping and won’t be much fun to watch. If you do have your heart set on having a pet frog, you will need to do some research to find one that’s active when you are.

3. They Can Be Noisy

common tree frog
Image Credit: MamaWirbel _Pixabay

Another potential problem with frogs that stay up all night is that they make a considerable amount of noise with their consistent croaking. Some people may enjoy this noise, but it is still likely to keep you awake at night, especially if you have more than one. If you are considering purchasing your frog from a pet store, we recommend spending some time with it to see what you think of its song. Some are much louder than others, and male frogs make most of the noise.

4. Some Species Are Endangered

common tree frog_Franz W._Pixabay
Image Credit: Franz W., Pixabay

Unfortunately, some species are endangered and not available to be kept as pets, and frogs all across the United States are facing declining numbers, so it may not be the best time to catch wild frogs. Instead, we recommend purchasing a captive-bred frog from a local breeder and leaving the wild population untouched.

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Why You Might Want a Frog

1. Plenty Of Species

bumblebee poison dart frog_Henner Damke_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Henner Damke, Shutterstock

One of the best reasons to keep a frog as a pet is that there are dozens of species, so you are sure to find a frog that you like that suits your lifestyle with a little research. Many of them have bright colors, and strange body designs, like the turtle frog, which resembles a turtle with no shell.  There’s also the horror frog with hair that breaks its own fingers and toes to create claws to defend itself.

2. Fun To Watch

Another great reason to keep frogs is that they are lots of fun to watch, and you will find yourself staring at them for hours as they go about their daily activities.

3. Easy To Maintain

white's tree frog in wood_Piqsels
Image Credit: Piqsels

Your frog will need very little maintenance, and in most cases, you’ll need to spend less than 20 minutes per week cleaning and maintaining the habitat. Your frog will live in an aquarium, and what you put in it will depend on the species. Once you have the tank set up, you will need to spend less than 5 minutes per week feeding and maintaining your pet.

Terrestrial Tank

If you are thinking of getting a desert or land-based frog, you will need a terrestrial aquarium with a dry substrate, plants, rocks, and possibly heat lamps.

Aquarium Tank

aquarium plants_susemeyer0815_Pixabay
Image Credit: susemeyer0815, Pixabay

Frogs that remain in water can live with other fish, plants, rocks, and more. It will also require filtering, and your frog may also have special lighting requirements.

Half-and-Half Tank

The half-and-half tank is for frogs that require water to swim in and land to rest. These tanks are usually a little larger and challenging to set up, but you can keep a wide array of frogs in them.

Arboreal Tank

The arboreal tank is tall, often 6 feet or more, with plenty of branches for your tree-dwelling frogs to live. This habitat is usually a screened-in wooden frame, unlike the aquarium style of the others.

Natural Habitat

frog eating an insect_FotoGuelden, Pixabay
Image Credit: FotoGuelden, Pixabay

If you have some land, one of the best ways to have pet frogs while increasing the local population is to create a frog pond. Dig your pond in a shady area of the lawn. You will want to dig to a depth of about 20 inches with plenty of shallow edges. Place logs, rocks, and plants around the pond and release a few frogs into the pond. As time passes, you can watch the lifecycle of your frogs as the population grows. Frogs multiply quickly, so in only a few seasons, you will significantly help improve numbers.divider- frog


Frogs make a great pet, and there are countless colors and body styles, so you will surely find something you like. They are fun to watch, and their habitat is easy to maintain once you get it set up. We recommend purchasing captive-bred frogs for your home to help protect declining numbers, and a frog pond is an even better idea that can help improve the environment.

We hope you have enjoyed our look into these fun pets and have learned something new about them. If we have helped persuade you to purchase a frog for your home, please share this guide to what you need to know about keeping frogs as pets on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Krzysztof Niewolny, Pixabay

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