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13 Fun Things to Do With Your Cat This Fall (2024 Guide)

black cat walking on autumn leaves

Here at PetKeen, we consider fall to be one of the best seasons of all—especially if you share your life with a feline friend. For us, it means chilly evenings spent nestled on the couch with our cats, a blanket, a cup of tea, and a movie—heaven! 

That said, for some, fall signals the end of summer and so it is more of a gloomy period. If you and your cat find yourselves feeling a bit fed up during the cooler seasons, read on for some ideas of fun ways to spend fall together. 


The 13 Fall Activities You Can Do With Your Cat

1.  Give Your Cat a Show

If you have a yard, fall offers the perfect opportunity to crack out birdhouses, feeder stands, and hanging bird feeders. Sprinkle some wild bird seed and let your cat sit at the window to enjoy the show! 

One of a cat’s favorite pastimes is perching on the windowsill, watching birds and other wildlife fluttering or scuttling around outside. Don’t be surprised if you hear some very excited (and adorable) kitty chattering. 

2. Watch a Movie Together

While some cats completely ignore whatever is going on on the TV, others simply can’t get enough of all the drama. Whether you’ve got a nosy cat that can’t bear to miss a single movement on the screen or a chilled-out cat that prefers curling up on your lap, we can’t imagine a better way to enjoy fall downtime. 

cat watching TV
Image Credit: Ingus Kruklitis, Shutterstock

3. Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

If your cat enjoys spending time outdoors, you could try putting all those crispy leaves in your yard to good use. Pile those babies up and let your cat jump in and roll in them to their heart’s content! If your cat is 100 percent of the indoor variety, an alternative is to bring those leaves inside and fill a cardboard box with them. 

Just a little reminder that, if you do let your cat outdoors, it’s best to only allow them out into secure areas for their own safety, like a yard that they can’t exit or an outdoor enclosure. If your cat does roam outside of your yard, make sure they’re microchipped and are wearing a breakaway ID collar. 

4. Bake Some Pumpkin Treats 

For those who like getting creative in the kitchen, why not give baking some pumpkin-based cat treats a shot? We found some pretty amazing recipes online for homemade cat biscuits, made up of ingredients like pumpkin and fish like sardines, salmon, or tuna. 

Cute cat sitting at beautiful Pumpkin in light, vegetables on wooden rustic table
Image Credit: Bogdan Sonjachnyj, Shutterstock

5. Make a Fall-Themed Blanket 

Everyone needs a snuggly fall blanket, and your cat is no exception. If you enjoy doing crafts, a Halloween or fall-themed blanket for your cat could be your next project.

If you’re a beginner, you can find plenty of online tutorials—from our research, it appears that fleece blankets are some of the easiest and most common ones to make. What’s your cat’s job in all of this? Supervise, of course!

6. Go for a Hike

Not every cat is a fan of the great outdoors, but if yours is, fall is a wonderful time for a hike. Just remember to pop a leash and harness on your cat before you head off on your adventures. 

woman walking outdoors while carrying a cat
Image Credit: Cat Studio, Shutterstock

7. Arrange a Treasure Hunt 

After all, all those leaves in your yard offer some great hiding spots for cat treats. Give your cat a variety of their favorite treats to find to keep things interesting. If your cat is indoor-only, you could always put some leaves in a box and let them dig for treasure! 

8. Read a Book Together 

It turns out that there’s a program in Pennsylvania called “Book Buddies”. The program organizes visits to shelters for children to read to the cats with the goal of relaxing the cats, teaching them social skills, and teaching kids to empathize with animals. 

Though we think this activity sounds incredible for any time of year, curling up on the couch with a book and your cat on your lap, reading to them while they snooze on a cold or rainy fall day seems like a dream. 

cat lover reading a book about cats
Image Credit: Ilike, Shutterstock

9. Have a Pamper Session 

No plans to head outside? A pampering session with your beloved fluff could be just what the doctor ordered. After all, fall is one of the shedding seasons, so crack out the brushes, combs, and de-shedding tools and finish up with a nice kitty massage. 

10. Go to a Cat Festival 

If your cat is the extroverted type and is okay with being around large numbers of people, you might want to consider heading to a cat convention or festival. Several take place in various locations across the U.S. and in other countries, and at these festivals, there are typically cat adoption booths, fundraising events, celebrity cat meet-and-greets, and activities like cat yoga. 

women meeting with their adult cats
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

11. Take a Vacation 

With its cool but not freezing weather, multi-colored leaves, and bright blue skies, fall vacations can be a very soothing experience. If you’d like to take your cat with you, you could look into pet-friendly accommodations like an Airbnb so you can hit the road together. 

12. Pick Out a Pumpkin

Some pumpkin-picking spots welcome pets, so how about taking your cat along to pick out the absolute best pumpkin this Halloween? Bring along a harness and leash or your cat’s stroller if that’s more their thing. 

Cat halloween costume
Image Credit: Anton27, Shutterstock

13. Have a Fall Photoshoot 

The season of colors offers the perfect backdrop for a kitty photo shoot. You can tie this in with another fun fall activity like leaf-rolling or pumpkin picking.



If you’re more of a summer enthusiast and get stuck for fun activities to do with your cat in the fall, we hope you feel more ready to face it! Or, if you love nothing more than kicking up the leaves, walking under crisp, clear blue skies, or hanging out on the couch in your comfies, we hope you’ve got some great ideas under your belt for sharing fall with your cat. 

Featured Image Credit: Daykiney, Shutterstock

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