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100+ Funny Horse Names: Ideas for Comical & Silly Horses

Funny Horse Names

Horses are wonderful and magical creatures, geared for dedicated and mature pet owners. There are many breeds that we can choose from when searching for not only a new pet but a new best friend. Whether your heart is set on a trailblazer, a show-stopper, a free-spirit, mini-mane, or gentle giant, there is sure to be a breed catering to all types of owners. Once your mare has settled in, the last item on the docket is to give them their name!

We understand that horses are deep, majestic, and incredibly intelligent creatures – but taking a witty spin on a name may be a fun and cute idea. We have gathered one master list of comical and punny names that includes so many options bound to leave you laughing – a must-read to the very end!

No matter your horse’s temperament, we are sure there is a perfectly fitting name that’s both amusing and well suited for them!


Funny Female Horse Names

  • Hay Girl Hay
  • Degeneres
  • Penny Loafer
  • Shoe Crew
  • My Little Pony
  • Tig Notaro
  • Pony Tail
  • Silverman
  • Chatters
  • Poehler
  • Schumer
  • Lady She
  • Lucy Fur
  • Haddish
  • Reya Sunshine

Funny Male Horse Names

  • Pinto Bean
  • Chewbacca
  • Silly Sid
  • Burress
  • Sir Neighs Alot
  • Fleabag
  • Mount Whiney
  • Hart
  • Tosh
  • Colt Forty Five
  • Bill Burr
  • Ricky Bobby
  • Russel
  • Chappelle
  • Eddie
  • Hooves
  • Mr. Miyagi
  • Alimony Pony
  • Seinfeld
  • Mr. McWhinney
  • Gluteus Maximus
Curious and funny horse
Image By: fieberfantasie, Shutterstock

Horse Pun Names

There isn’t anything quite like a good pun. So if you can rope one in with your pet’s name – pure gold! Not only are they great conversation starters, but they will also be incredibly memorable to anyone meeting your steed for the first time! These are the best horse pun names:

  • Harry Trotter
  • Pony Soprano
  • Arnold Schwarze-neigh-ger
  • Neigh Sayer
  • Justine Thyme
  • Minnie Scule
  • Post Stallione
  • David Hasselhoofs
  • Britney Spurs
  • Pony Montana
  • Zee Bruh
  • Kate Winsalot
  • Jon Bon Pony
  • Ron Neighsly
  • Edgar Allen Pony
  • Thanorse
  • Richard Friction
  • Tina Hay
  • Hay Neighbor
  • Jersey Shorse
  • Maple Stirrup
  • Alanis Mare-issette
  • Spongebob Horsepant
  • Chuck Horris
  • Night Mare
  • Leon Trotsky
  • NeighNeigh Leaks
  • Horsey Kiss
  • Dappleganger
  • Sylvester Stallion
  • Usain Colt
  • Kolt Kardashian
  • Forrest Jump
  • Tater Trot
  • Liam Neighson
  • Weebiscuit
  • Hermioneigh
  • Al Capony
Funny portrait of a laughing horse
Image By: Sergey Uryadnikov, Shutterstock

Funny Race Horse Names

Racehorse names tend to be a bit wild to begin with, but you won’t believe how many there are that are quite hilarious. Here we have listed our favorites below. With a little creativity, you may even be able to create your own!

  • Horsen Around
  • Hoofy Heart
  • Gaits of Hell
  • Whatshesaid
  • Talk Derby to Me
  • Walk of Shame
  • Odor in the Court
  • Bored Bronco
  • Mane Attraction
  • Foalin Around
  • Equine Intervention
  • Fifty Bales of Hay
  • Whinny the Horseshoe
  • Long Face
  • Just Mare-ied
  • Always Neighing
  • Junkinthetrunk
  • Hot to Trot
  • Sofa Can Fast
  • Mane Event
  • Riding Miss Daisy
  • Wheres the Beef
  • Nosoupforyou
  • Maythehorsebewithyou
  • Rogue One
  • Horse Power
  • Pony of my Ownie
  • What the Buck
  • Sofa Can Slow
  • D’Apples Are Sweet


Finding the Right Funny Name for Your Horse

Although horses are not typically a funny or goofy pet, pairing them with a humorous name may be the yin to their majestic yang. You should consider riding out all of the fun and quirky options before settling on something you may not love later on.

We know that when it comes to selecting a name, there is no list better than ours when it comes to great and hilarious suggestions. Whether you are set on Hayday, Harry Trotter, or something completely different, we know your horse will get a total kick out of their new name.

If you weren’t able to find the right fit here,  please check out one of our other horse name lists linked below:

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