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50+ Halloween Cat Puns to Give You a Furr-ight!

Cat halloween costume

Since most people associate cats with Halloween (black cats, to be exact), let’s enjoy silly puns celebrating the holiday and felines. If you love Halloween and cats and are in the mood for a laugh (or a groan, most likely), this is the article for you!

Apologies in advance for the terrible puns that you are about to read. They are purr-fectly paw-ful!


Top 8 Furr-ightful Halloween Cat Puns

You’re here for Halloween cat puns, so that’s what we’ll start with. These are specifically Halloween related, and we hope that you’ll find them paws-itively hiss-terical!

  • Happy Meowloween!
  • Cat O’Lantern
  • Halloween is meow-gical
  • Purr-mpkin
  • Hope that your Halloween is purr-fect
  • It’s feline like Halloween
  • Your costume is su-paw! (super)
  • Your Halloween paw-ty is paw-some!
Cat Halloween Costume
Image Credit: Katrina Brown, Shutterstock

Top 7 Spooky Cat Puns

The best thing about Halloween — other than the candy and costumes — is the spookiness! But since cats are technically adorable balls of fluff and not scary, we don’t have many scary puns. What we do have is litter-ally a-paw-ling!

  • I’m feline spooky right meow
  • Purr evil
  • Is that ghost fur real?!
  • I have a spooky tail to tell
  • This freaks meow-t! Seriously, I’m not kitten!
  • I have a bat catitude
  • My cat is pawssessed! (possessed)

Top 9 Monster Cat Puns

Monsters are a huge part of Halloween — they are the reason for the tradition of wearing costumes. People started to dress up like monsters to blend in and ward off the real spirits and monsters that would come out on October 31 (Samhain, pronounced Sow-wen).

  • Vampurr (vampire)
  • Count Catula (Dracula)
  • Dracmewla (Dracula)
  • Catzilla (Godzilla)
  • Lucipurr (Lucifer)
  • Mewmy (mummy)
  • Meowmy (mummy)
  • Grim Reapurr (Reaper)
  • Zombie Apawcalypse (Apocalypse)
Funny cat wearing pirate costume
Image By: Daykiney, Shutterstock

Top 8 Fictional and Non-fictional Cat Pun Names

These names are associated with spooky people! Some are authors, and the others are fictional characters famously known for being villains in well-known horror movies. After all, horror is what we associate with Halloween!

  • Edpurr Allan Paw (Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Tim Purrton (Tim Burton)
  • H.P. Lovecat (Lovecraft)
  • Hannibal Lickter (Hannibal Lecter)
  • Jason Voorhiss (Voorhees)
  • Litterface (Leatherface)
  • Jigspaw (Jigsaw)
  • Nosfuratu (Nosferatu)

Top 15 Scary Movie Cat Puns

When many people think of monsters and villains, they think of movies. There are a few double puns here; if you can use two different cat-related words for one thing, you get double the hilarity — or eye-rolls.

  • “The Amkittyville Horror” (Amityville)
  • “Purranormal Cativity” (Paranormal Activity)
  • “Halloween II: The Return of Michael Meowers” (Myers)
  • “Paws” (Jaws)
  • “Claws” (Jaws)
  • “Pawltergeist” (Poltergeist)
  • “The Purr-ge” (Purge)
  • “Hocus Purr-cus” (Pocus)
  • “Hocus Paw-cus” (Pocus)
  • “The Exor-hiss” (Exorcist)
  • “The Tex-hiss Chain-Paw Meows-acre” (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  • “Meowsery” (Misery)
  • “Mewsery” (Misery)
  • “Claw” (Saw)
  • “Paw” (Saw)
cat in a soldier costume
Image By: ukieiri, Pixabay

Top 7 Cat Candy Puns

Since Halloween and candy go hand in hand, here are a few candy-related cat puns. Perhaps you can come up with more!

  • Cat-bury (Cadbury)
  • Kit Cat (Kit Kat)
  • Skitties (Skittles)
  • Hershey’s Hisses (Kisses)
  • Lickorice (Licorice)
  • Clawbreakers (Jawbreakers
  • Pawbreakers (Jawbreakers)

How to Come Up With Your Own Cat Puns

The first thing that you need to do is list words associated with cats:

  • Cat
  • Kitty
  • Kitten
  • Feline
  • Purr
  • Meow
  • Mew
  • Tabby
  • Claws
  • Paws
  • Hiss
  • Tail
  • Fur

There are more, of course, but this is a good start. Then, find words that sound similar, like “How are you feline (feeling)?” and “Are you fur (for) real?” This technique can also be used for names like Kitty Purry (Katy Perry), or you can just randomly throw it in a sentence. All it takes is imagination and a terribly cheesy sense of humor!

cat in superhero costume
Image By: Anton27, Shutterstock

Where Can You Use Cat Puns?

You can try peppering these puns into your everyday conversation, but you might lose your friends!

Considering wearing a cat costume for Halloween, and trying out these puns while out with your friends and family! The terrible humor might actually work in these circumstances.

You can also consider making homemade cards. If you also make a homemade Halloween costume for your cat, imagine how cute your cards would look with their picture and a terrible Halloween pun!

There are other holidays for which you can come up with puns, like Christmas or International Cat Day.

Finally, there’s always social media. If you use Instagram or any of the others, the occasional pun accompanied by a picture of your adorable cat might win you a few followers — or lose them.



The first thing that we need to do is apologize for our claw-ful puns. Hopefully, you got a chuckle from a few, but we’ll understand if you just rolled your eyes.

Still, we hope that you had fun! Enjoy this spooky season, pour yourself a meow-tini, and consider yourself fur-tunate that this article is done!

Featured Image Credit: Anton27, Shutterstock

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