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30 Popular Celebrities & their Famous Cats (With Pictures)

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Nothing makes a celebrity seem more relatable than seeing them interacting with their pets. Stars are cat people too, and they also post a seemingly endless assortment of cute photos on Instagram just like the average citizen, only with a lot more followers to appreciate them! For your enjoyment, here are 30 popular celebrities and their famous cats.


The 30 Popular Celebrities & their Famous Cats

1. Taylor Swift and Meredith Gray, Benjamin Button & Olivia Benson

Cat breeds: Scottish Fold and Ragdoll
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer/songwriter/icon

We begin with three of the most famous celebrity kitties in the world: Taylor Swift’s pampered felines. The two female Scottish Folds (named after two of Taylor’s favorite TV characters) have been leading the sweet life for years, jetting around the world on private planes in personalized travel carriers and meeting other celebrities. Male Ragdoll Benjamin Button is the most recent addition to the Swift cat crew, joining the family after starring in one of Taylor’s music videos in 2019.

2. Kate Beckinsale, Clive & Willow

Cat breeds: Persian
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

British film star Kate Beckinsale, known for her role in the Underworld movies, shares her home with two Persian cats, Clive and Willow. The two fluffy felines are the frequent subject of Instagram posts, especially Clive, sporting a perpetually grumpy expression. Despite his angry expression, the cat seems to be quite tolerant, as his celebrity owner is fond of dressing him in ridiculous outfits and posting the visual evidence for the world to see!

3. Britney Spears and Wendy

Cat breeds: Unknown
Celebrity claim to fame: Pop star

Britney Spears is a known animal lover, and no, we aren’t just talking about that snake she famously danced with onstage once. The pop star owns several dogs, but she also recently introduced a cat named Wendy on her Instagram. Spears described the spotted feline as “French” and a “miniature cheetah.” It’s been a big year for Britney, who also adopted a new puppy and got married to her longtime love.

4. Khloe Kardashian and Grey Kitty

Cat breeds: Not specified
Celebrity claim to fame: Reality star

Reality star Khloe Kardashian shares her life with an adorable grey cat named Grey Kitty. The cute feline was a gift for Kardashian’s daughter, and she often posts sweet photos of the pair. Recently, however, fans expressed concerns when Khloe posted a video of her kitty climbing on a Stairmaster, worrying that Grey Kitty would become trapped and injured on the exercise machine.

5. Jennifer Lopez and Hendrix

Cat breeds: Devon Rex
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer, dancer, actor

Jennifer Lopez and her family were already dog people, but they recently added a Devon Rex kitten named Hendrix to the family as well. Reportedly, Lopez’s daughter and her fiancee’ Ben Affleck, teamed up to persuade her to bring Hendrix home. The curly-haired kitten joined the family just before Christmas 2021, and his serious (and seriously cute face) has already won him plenty of fans online.

6. Elizabeth Moss, Lucy & Ethel

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair tabbies
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

The star of The Handmaid’s Tale, Elizabeth Moss, has two adopted tabby cats, Lucy and Ethel, who frequently appear on her social media feeds. Ethel made a remote appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show with her mom in the spring of 2021. Ethel is also the proud model of a feline-sized version of Moss’ iconic handmaid’s costume. The show’s costume department crafted the miniature red cape and white bonnet as a way to keep the mood on set light when filming emotionally distressing scenes.

7. Martha Stewart and Empress Tang

Cat breeds: Persian
Celebrity claim to fame: TV host, chef, business owner

Empress Tang is one of Martha Stewart’s many animal companions. Martha once had nine cats and is a lifelong feline lover. Empress Tang lives with Martha on her farm in New York. Another calico Persian, Princess Peony, was tragically lost to a mistaken attack by the family dogs earlier this year. A less famous but still adorable kitty, Blackie, keeps Martha’s greenhouse free of pesky rodents. Martha and Empress Tang have a partnership with Pretty Litter.

8. Kat Dennings and Millie

Cat breeds: Maine Coon mix
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Known for her role in several Marvel films as well as the TV show 2 Broke Girls, actor Kat Dennings is also a dedicated cat lover. Her fluffy Maine Coon mix, Millie, is thoroughly pampered and over-protected by the actor’s own admission. She’s also a dedicated collector of empty takeout chopstick pouches. Dennings and Millie recently partnered with Royal Canin for a campaign to encourage cat owners to take their kitties to the vet for annual checkups.

9. Ian Somerhalder and Moke

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair tabby
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Actor and animal activist Ian Somerhalder adopted Moke while he was starring in The Vampire Diaries. He and his wife, fellow actor and activist Nikki Reed, now own other animals as well, including dogs and a rabbit. Ian is a longtime environmental advocate and has his own non-profit foundation to promote animal welfare and protect the planet. Moke makes frequent appearances on Ian’s Instagram feed and also posed with Somerhalder for People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” photo shoot in 2013.

10. Lea Michele and Sheila

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair tortoiseshell
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Actor Lea Michele, best known for her role on Glee, found more than celebrity fame while starring in the show. While filming, Michele found and adopted a stray tortoiseshell cat on the production lot. The kitty, named Sheila, is frequently featured on Lea’s Instagram feed and is clearly well-loved. Sheila and her mom are headed back to Broadway soon, as it was recently announced that Lea would be taking a starring role in Funny Girl.

11. Russell Brand, Morrissey & Jericho

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Comedian, actor

British comedian and actor Russell Brand is a noted animal lover. He has two cats, Morrissey and Jericho, of whom he frequently posts pictures. He recently adopted a fluffy German Shepherd named Bear, who seems to be no match for the two cats who rule the roost around the Brand household. Russell is known for his longtime animal rights advocacy, including serving as a spokesperson for PETA and speaking publicly against eating meat.

12. Bella Thorne, Louis & Lola

Cat breeds: Scottish Fold
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Actor Bella Thorne spoke about how her Scottish Fold cats Louis and Lola are sensitive to her moods in several interviews. Apparently, the two cats are also very good at reproducing, because Thorne later stated she wound up with 19 cats at home because the pair kept having kittens. The actor is no stranger to controversy, including surrounding her cats, due to her stated refusal to get them spayed or neutered.

13. Macklemore and Cairo

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Rapper

Rapper Macklemore adopted a tabby kitten named Cairo in 2014 and quickly became obsessed. He even wrote a rap with the little cat. He’s also spoken about how the kitten helped him and his wife through a rough patch in their marriage. Cairo doesn’t show up on Macklemore’s Instagram feed much now that he has two human daughters, but the tabby cat certainly played a role in helping the rapper grow his family.

14. Norman Reedus and Eye in the Dark

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Actor Norman Reedus, known for playing tough guy Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, is a total softie regarding cats. The actor and his son adopted a black cat named Eye In The Dark from a shelter in New York City years ago. The lucky cat was soon spotted on Dixon’s Instagram feed traveling the world and lounging on hotel beds. Eye In The Dark became so famous he inspired his own hashtag and fan-curated Twitter account. Sadly, this famous kitty passed away only a few months ago.

15. Ed Sheeran and Graham, Dorito & Calippo

Cat breeds: Scottish Fold and Domestic shorthairs
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer/songwriter

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is definitely a cat person. He rescued his first cat, Graham, in 2014 and made him his own Twitter account. Sadly, Graham passed away in 2019 after being hit by a car. Ed now has at least two other cats, Dorito, an orange tabby, and Calippo, a Scottish Fold. Ed can also be spotted on YouTube serenading an entire cat cafe in Japan, proving that he’s in love with the shape of all cats!

16. Ellie Goulding, Wallace & Eve

Cat breeds: Bengal and unknown
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer/songwriter

Singer Ellie Goulding previously owned a pair of Bengal cat brothers, Wallace and Lennon, who frequently appeared in photos with her. Lennon was later given to a family friend, and Goulding adopted another cat, Eve. Even before getting her cats, Goulding was known to post random cat photos on her social media pages. It was clearly only a matter of time before she got some cats of her own!

17. Ke$ha and Charlie, Mr. Peep$ & Queso

Cat breeds: Maine Coons and Siamese
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer/songwriter

Singer Ke$ha is a noted cat lover, regularly posting photos of her Maine Coons, Charlie and Queso, and her Siamese, Mr. Peep$. She was photographed last year taking Mr. Peep$ for a walk in a stroller. The Siamese also starred in one of Ke$ha’s music videos. The singer is not only a cat fan but a dedicated animal rights activist as well. She has spoken out against animal testing and worked with PETA and the Humane Society.

18. Mayim Bialik, Addie, Nermal & Frances

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthairs
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Mayim Bialik is a real-life Ph.D., in addition to being an actor. Best known for The Big Bang Theory, the actor currently stars in a show called Call Me Kat, where she plays the owner of a cat cafe. It’s the perfect role for Mayim, who has three rescue cats, including her special needs kitty, Addie. She also owns a tiny Nermal and old lady cat, Frances, that reportedly spends most of her time hiding from the younger cats.

19. Miley Cyrus, Harlem, Keke & Lilo

Cat breeds: Unknown
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer/songwriter/actor

Miley Cyrus is famous for her houseful of mostly rescue animals. At one time, she reportedly had a total of 14 animals! As far as cats go, Miley currently has three. Keke and Lilo were adopted at the same time, reportedly from a troubled home situation. She also has Harlem, a black cat. Miley is known for her animal activism and is vegan. She also advocates against wearing fur and animal testing.

20. Michele Trachtenberg and Martini

Cat breeds: Tuxedo cat
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

Actor Michele Trachtenberg, who starred in the final seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, is also a staunch advocate for fostering and adoption of homeless pets. Her current rescue cat, Martini, is a gorgeous fluffy, tuxedo cat who also has his own Instagram account. Martini is a “pandemic kitten,” which Michele credits for improving her mental health during the lockdown. Despite having his own account, Martini also makes frequent appearances on his mom’s social media.

21. Mandy Moore, Addy & Figaro

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer, actor

Mandy Moore has three cats, but one of them has a truly unusual story. The black and white kitty was first named Addie by the singer. However, after consulting a pet psychic to find out why the cat wouldn’t stop crying at night, Mandy reportedly learned that her cat didn’t like that name and would prefer to be called Figaro! Perhaps fittingly for the cat of a talented singer and her musician husband, Figaro enjoys “singing” along anytime Mandy and her husband start a jam session together.

22. Gigi Hadid and Cleo

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Model

Model Gigi Hadid rescued a tabby kitten named Cleo from a car engine in 2015. She had previously been close to a family cat named Chub, who sadly passed away in 2016. Cleo made frequent appearances on Gigi’s social media profiles after her rescue, often cuddling with the model. Cleo also has her own Instagram, but it doesn’t appear to be active, despite still having over 6,000 followers.

23. Ellen Degeneres, George & Chairman

Cat breeds: Siamese and unknown
Celebrity claim to fame: Comedian, talk show host

Ellen Degeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are famous animal lovers who are big advocates for adoption. They have several dogs and two cats, George and Chairman. In 2020, they lost a third cat, Charlie. Ellen’s talk show recently ended, presumably giving her more time to devote to animal-related causes. She also has a line of pet products and accessories and is one of the owners of the pet food company Halo.

24. Dita Von Teese and Aleister

Cat breeds: Devon Rex
Celebrity claim to fame: Burlesque dancer

Burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese lost her beloved Devon Rex cat, Aleister, in 2020. The cat had been her constant companion since 2003, accompanying her on her travels and starring in photo shoots. He was once photographed riding on top of her suitcase through an airport, proving just how chill he was. Nicknamed “The Bat” because of his ears, Aleister enjoyed quite the social life and was apparently both lovable and well-loved.

25. Kat Von D, Nietzsche & Poe

Cat breeds: Sphynx
Celebrity claim to fame: Tattoo artist, makeup entrepreneur

Kat Von D loves her hairless cats! The tattoo artist and makeup brand owner has owned several Sphynx cats over the years, including Piaf and Poe siblings. Piaf passed away in 2020, leaving Poe and Nietzsche behind. Kat adopted another Sphynx soon after, proving that she has a type when it comes to her feline friends! The photogenic kitties fit right into Von D’s aesthetic too.

26. Drew Barrymore, Fern, Lucky & Peach

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

In 2018, actor Drew Barrymore took her daughters to rescue a kitten and came home with three! Lucky and Peach technically belong to Drew’s daughters, while Fern is hers. The actor also has a rescue dog and frequently advocates for animal adoption on her social media pages. The three kitties are also a common sight on her pages, and who can blame her for posting them? They’re pretty adorable!

27. Bobby Flay, Nacho & Stella

Cat breeds: Maine Coon
Celebrity claim to fame: Chef and restaurant owner

Chef and restaurant owner Bobby Flay is a pretty big deal in the culinary industry, but he also owns a couple of the biggest cats you’ll ever see! Nacho and Stella are Maine Coon cats, and Bobby is clearly smitten with them. He’s especially close to Nacho, frequently posting photos of the enormous cat perched on his shoulders. Bobby even created a cat food line called Made by Nacho, which has an active TikTok account starring the cat himself.

28. Katy Perry and Kitty Purry

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Singer/songwriter

Katy Perry’s beloved tabby cat, Kitty Purry, passed away in 2020 after spending 15 memorable years with the pop star. Kitty Purry became famous on her own and was once nominated for a Teen Choice award for best celebrity pet (she lost to then-President Obama’s dog). She also appeared in the music video for Katy’s first hit, “I Kissed A Girl.” Katy considered the cat a mascot for her career, in addition to being a beloved pet.

29. Ricky Gervais, Ollie & Pickle

Cat breeds: Siamese and Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Comedian, actor

British actor and comedian Ricky Gervais is a famous cat lover, regularly posting about his beloved Siamese cat, Ollie. Sadly, Ollie passed away in 2020 after 16 years with Ricky. However, during the pandemic lockdowns in England, Ricky and his partner, Jane, agreed to foster a cat named Pickle, only to foster-fail spectacularly and adopt the adorable tabby. Pickle is now a fixture on Ricky’s social media, generally because she’s gotten into trouble!

30. Mark Ruffalo, Felix, Inky & Biscotti

Cat breeds: Domestic shorthair
Celebrity claim to fame: Actor

The Hulk may have an anger management problem, but the actor who plays him, Mark Ruffalo, has a cat problem instead! The actor frequently posts photos of himself posing with his feline friends Felix, Inky, and the most recent addition, Biscotti. He has three human children as well, who often serve as his kitty photographers. Mark never fails to celebrate National Cat Day and, besides being a highly-regarded actor, is also an outspoken environmental activist.



These 30 celebrities and their cats are just a snapshot of the many kitties who have brightened the lives of famous people over the years. Owning pets is known to be beneficial to mental health and a stress reliever, and it makes sense that celebrities who live pressure-packed lives would turn to cats for love and affection. After all, cats don’t care how many likes you get on Instagram, as long as they get their meals on time and ear scratches on demand!

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