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National Hug Your Cat Day 2024: When It Is & How to Celebrate

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Owning a cat is a special privilege that many of us share. Cats enhance and enrich our lives, bringing joy and fun, so it’s no wonder that we all want to find ways to show our cats just how much we love them. Hugging, petting, cuddling, and playing with your cat are all good ways to show your cat how much you love them, depending on your cat’s preferences. The good news is that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating your love for your cat, and it happens on June 4th of every year.divider-cat

When Is National Hug Your Cat Day?

National Hug Your Cat Day is an annual celebration of our love for our cats. It’s celebrated on June 4th every year. It’s unclear when or where this holiday originated, making it unclear just how long it has been celebrated.

What Is National Hug Your Cat Day?

National Hug Your Cat Day is a holiday that’s impossible to not want to celebrate if there’s a cat in your life that you love. The entire purpose of this holiday is to take the opportunity to show your cat that you love them through a big hug or two (or ten).

Of course, not all cats are agreeable to being hugged. Many animals don’t like to be contained in an embrace, and cats are no different. If your cat isn’t agreeable to hugs, don’t force hugs on them. There are plenty of ways you can celebrate this day of love and affection for your cat without making them uncomfortable or stressed.

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How to Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

The obvious way to celebrate this day is to give your cat a big ol’ hug, or multiple throughout the day. For cats that don’t like hugs, or if you want to celebrate the day further, there are still plenty of options.

If you want to do something for your cat, try a flavorful treat or offer them a new toy or puzzle. You can even try playing a new game with your kitty or providing them with an enrichment activity by hiding their food throughout the house, encouraging them to “hunt” for it.

This day is also a great opportunity to take new pictures of your kitty. Create a fun photoshoot in your house or just take pictures of your cat looking adorable while they nap or play. If none of that sounds like the way you want to celebrate the day, just spend some time with your cat hanging out at home. You can even consider volunteering at a local shelter or rescue to help them care for the kitties.

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In Conclusion

National Hug Your Cat Day is a fun holiday that should be enjoyable for you and your cat. Don’t force your cat into hugs if they don’t like them. There are plenty of fun ways you can celebrate this day to show your cat your love for them without creating unnecessary stress.

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