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90+ One Eyed Cat Names: Unique Options for Your Brave Pet

One Eyed Cat Names

One-eyed people and animals have been associated with power in mythologies the world over for thousands of years. From the mighty god Odin to the powerful cyclopes, the stories of these figures have always been a staple of myths and legends.

Today, it’s rare but not unheard of to have a pet with a missing eye. Some cats are born with only one eye, while others might lose their eye to illness or injury. Although these cats might look a little different, they often have happy lives and a beauty all their own. If you happen to call a one-eyed cat yours, picking the right name for it is crucial. The name you pick for your cat helps you show your attitude towards it and defines your relationship with it.

Here are some suggestions for naming a cat that only has one eye.


Cute Names for Winky Kitties

If your cat has a big heart to make up for his missing eye, a tough name might not be the best choice for him. All these names are sure to bring a smile onto people’s faces when you introduce your cat and help you laugh at your cat’s uniqueness.

  • Blinky
  • Gazer
  • Lefty
  • Looker
  • Lucky
  • Monocle
  • Patch
  • Pirate
  • Righty
  • Solo
  • Uno
  • Vision
  • Winky
one-eyed cat lying outdoors
Image By: BurkhardLueling, Pixabay

Names Inspired by Pirates, Warriors, and the Military

Cats with one eye might bring to mind a warrior’s life. The loss of an eye is especially associated with two groups of people known to see a lot of fighting—military men and pirates. Giving your cat one of these names is a great way to nod to your cat’s missing eye in a clever way.

  • Admiral
  • Anne Bonny
  • Archer
  • Billy Bones
  • Blackbeard
  • Bowman
  • Cap’n One-Eye
  • Captain
  • Eyepatch
  • General
  • Jolly Roger
  • Long John Silver
  • Major
  • Mary Reed
  • Ranger
  • Sailor
  • Trooper
  • Viking
Both Cat eyes have Retinal Detachment
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

Fighting Spirit Names for Your Battle-Scarred Cat

If your cat survived the loss of an eye, they have seen some things. Why not give your cat a name that honors that? Whether you go for pure toughness, or something that shows a little more hope in your cat’s outlook, it’s a great way to honor them.

  • Bear
  • Brawler
  • Courage
  • Eagle eye
  • Fighter
  • Fury
  • Hope
  • Justice
  • Killer
  • Lucky
  • Pouncer
  • Survivor
  • Valor
  • Victory
  • Wolf


Cat Names Associated With Archery

One-eyed people are sometimes associated with archery because it’s helpful to close one eye as you aim. Why not name your cat after one of the greatest marksmen and markswomen in history, myth, and literature?

  • Amazon—Tribe of Warrior Women in Greek Myths
  • Apollo—Greek God of Archery
  • Artemis—Greek Hunting Goddess
  • Hawkeye—Bow-shooting Marvel Hero
  • Hou Yi—Chinese Archer God
  • Katniss—Dystopian Archer
  • Legolas—Archer Elf in Lord of the Rings
  • Merida—Bow-wielding Disney Princess
  • Rama—Hindu Goddess who Shoots Arrows
  • Ullr—Norse God of Hunting
one-eyed tabby cat
Image Credit: Top Photo Engineer, Shutterstock

Mythology Names for Your One-Eyed Cat

Everyone knows what the cyclopes were. But they aren’t the only mythological inspiration you can choose from. Gods, demons, and monsters with only one eye abound in world mythology. Here are just a few that you could use as inspiration.

  • Arges—One of the three Cyclops Smith Gods
  • Arimaspi—One-eyed Scythian Gold thieves
  • Balor—a one-eyed giant in Irish Myths
  • Brontes—Another Cyclops Smith God
  • Cyclops—Greek one-eyed monsters
  • Dajjal—One-eyed evil figure in Islam
  • Gaia—Mother of the Cyclopes
  • Hitotsume-Kozo—Japanese monsters with one eye
  • Jian—Chinese bird with one eye and one wing
  • Kabandha—One-eyed Hindu Demon
  • Mapinguari—one-eyed bigfoot-like cryptid in Brazil
  • Odin—Norse God who traded one eye for a drink from Mimir’s well
  • Polyphemus—Cyclops who trapped Odysseus in a cave
  • Snallygaster—one-eyed dragon cryptid
  • Steropes—Cyclops smith God
a cat with only one functioning eye
Image Credit: kissu, Pixabay

One-Eye Characters from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Fiction is a great place to look for character inspiration, and fantasy and sci-fi are full of great characters. Whether you name your cat after some one-eyed creature or a character who loses an eye during their journey, it’s a great way to honor your interests.

  • Alpha Centauri—Doctor Who Alien with one eye
  • Basilisk—X-Men mutant
  • Beholder—Dungeons and Dragons creature with one large eye and many smaller ones
  • Gargantos—Marvel Comics Character
  • Gaz—One-eyed soldier in The Stormlight Archive
  • General Chang—Star Trek character who lost an eye
  • Ghegiz Cohen—Discworld Character
  • Greebo—Cat in Discworld
  • Mad-Eye Moody—Wizard from Harry Potter
  • Magnus the Red—one-eyed leader from Warmhammer
  • Mike Wazowski—One-eyed alien in Monsters Inc
  • Minion—a yellow creature from Despicable Me
  • Nick Fury—Marvel leader of SHIELD
  • Plankton—Spongebob character
  • Popeye the Sailor—Cartoon Character
  • Sauron—villain in Lord of the Rings who looks through one massive eye
  • Spike Spiegel—Cowboy Bebop
  • Three Parts Scallop—Discworld Character
  • Tyson—Cyclops in Percy Jackson series
  • Zargon—One-eyed D&D monster
Birman kitten wearing pirate costume
Image By: Linn Currie, Shutterstock


Last Thoughts

If you’ve got a cat with a unique trait like a missing eye, don’t hide it! Appreciate your one-eyed cat’s unique beauty and perseverance in the face of hardship. And when it comes to cat names, picking a name that honors your cat’s journey will make it more memorable and meaningful to you. Plus, giving your cat a name that references the missing eye is sure to get a smile from anyone who gets the reference.

Featured Image Credit: Siyanight, Shutterstock

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