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66 Green-Eyed Cat Names: Great Options for Your Pet With Emerald Eyes

Green-Eyed Cat Names

Often referred to as the Jewels of Royalty, emeralds are among the most sought-after gemstones. Similarly, cats with fiery green eyes are popular among cat owners, especially when paired with a black or bright orange coat.

If your cat is blessed with striking green eyes, honor its beauty with a moniker befitting this treasured jewel.


Cat Names Inspired by the Color Green

tabby cat with green eyes lying on the table
Image By: driesel, Pixabay

In just about every culture, green has a symbolic meaning. Whether it stands for fertility, good fortune, or hope, here are the cat names based on the color green.

  • Clover: Irish symbol of good luck and love
  • Calhoun: Irish for narrow forest
  • Esmeralda: Spanish for prized emerald
  • Kelly: Shade of bright green
  • Olivia: Name meaning olive tree
  • Yarkona: Hebrew for green
  • Shamrock: Celtic good luck charm

Cat Names Inspired by Spirits and Cocktails

grey cat with green eyes
Image Credit: 905513, Pixabay

If your cat is a little mischievous, these names inspired by a fun night on the town or a lively spirit will reflect both its stunning eyes and fun-loving, rebellious personality.

  • Chartreuse: Greenish-yellow liqueur
  • Absinthe: Green, anise-flavored spirit
  • Midori: Melon-flavored liqueur
  • Grasshopper: Crème de Menthe martini
  • Margarita: Lime and tequila cocktail
  • Ty-Ku: Neon green and tropical fruit-based liqueur

Cat Names Inspired by Green Characters

White cat with green eyes
Image By: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

From the Wicked Witch of the West to the beloved Peter Pan, plenty of iconic characters were known for green looks or costumes.

  • Elphaba: Wicked Witch of the West
  • Green Goblin: Villain and archnemesis of Spiderman
  • Shrek: Ogre and title character in Shrek
  • Fiona: Wife of Shrek in the Shrek films
  • Grinch: Grumpy character created by Dr. Seuss
  • Hulk: Larger-than-life superhero
  • Poison Ivy: Villainous eco-terrorist in the Batman series
  • Peter Pan: Mischievous young boy in Neverland
  • Yoda: Legendary Jedi Master


Cat Names Inspired by Green Stones

close up of a cat with green eyes
Image By: maeninblaeck, Pixabay

Emeralds are among the most desirable precious gemstones, but plenty of other stones and gems come in spectacular shades of green.

  • Bulgari Emerald: Famous emerald once owned by Elizabeth Taylor
  • Chalk: 37.8-carat emerald and one of the most famous in the world
  • DuPont: Famous emerald owned by Jessie DuPont
  • Flagler: Renowned emerald given by Henry Flagler to his wife
  • Rockefeller: A near-perfect natural emerald
  • Actinolite: “Cat’s Eye” gemstone
  • Agate: Quartz semi-precious gemstone
  • Peridot: Bright lime green stone
  • Green Serpentine: Variegated green stone
  • Prasiolite: Dark green amethyst
  • Jade: Green semi-precious stone

Cat Names Inspired by Herbs and Nature

cat with green eyes in catnip
Image Credit: Georgia Evans, Shutterstock

These names inspired by nature, herbs, and food are cute and quirky, giving you something unique for your green-eyed kitty.

  • Pistachio: Pale green color and nut
  • Seaweed: Mossy green color and aquatic plant
  • Pickle: Pickled cucumber or a slang term for a predicament
  • Basil: Cooking herb
  • Juniper: Green herb and shrub
  • Pear: Pale yellow-green color and fruit
  • Seafoam: Soft green-blue that symbolizes freshness and nature
  • Pine: Deep green shade and evergreen tree
  • Moss: Dark green color and plant
  • Ivy: Green ground-creeping plant
  • Mint: Pale green color or aromatic herb
  • Sage: Gray-green color or a wise person
  • Dill: Bright green cooking herb
  • Cilantro: Fluffy green herb used for cooking
  • Parsley: Deep green herb, garnish, and condiment
  • Kiwi: Green edible berry
  • Forest: Landscape covered in trees
  • Hunter: A literal hunter, a dark shade of green, and a suitable name for a cat
  • Mignonette: Grayish-green variety of tree, vine, and lettuce
  • Myrtle: Pretty green plant that inspired the name of a color
  • Aurora: Shortened name for Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights that appear as dancing lights in green, pink, and other colors
  • Rowan: A strong tree with red berries
  • Daphne: Laurel tree
  • Chloe: Goddess of agriculture and fertility in Greek mythology
  • Willow: Willow tree
  • Ayla: Name for tree and light
  • Elowen: Name for an elm tree
  • Briar: Thorny patch (what better name for a cat?)
  • Lennox: Elm grove
  • Sylvie: Means “from the forest”
  • Nash: Means “by the ash tree”
  • Aspen: Alpine tree
  • Cassia: Name for the cassia tree, or cinnamon tree


Celebrate Your Cat’s Verdant Eyes

Whether you want something quirky and odd like “Pickle” or “Kiwi,” or you prefer to name your treasure after one of the most famous emeralds in the world, any of the names on this list will draw attention to your cat’s greatest feature—those stunning eyes!

Featured Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

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