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10 Rare Betta Fish Colors (with Pictures)

dumbo betta fish in an aquarium flaring

Bettas or Siamese Fighter Fish are found in an assortment of colors, patterns, and fin shapes. They have been kept as pets for decades and most of the varieties we see today are the result of years of selective breeding. Thanks to Betta fish enthusiasts and breeders, we now have a wide variety of Betta fish colors to choose from. However, some of these colors are unique and rarely seen in Bettas. Many rare Betta fish colors and combinations are difficult to develop, which is why they cost far more than standard varieties.

Let’s take a look at the 10 rarest Betta fish colors below.


The 10 Rare Betta Fish Colors

1. Pink

Pink Betta Fish
Image Credit: gogorilla, Shutterstock

Pink is a rare coloration in Bettas and often looks like a washed-out red or pastel purple. Bettas typically aren’t a solid pink color as it is usually mixed with other colors. Some Bettas may also have a pink sheen to their bodies, which can be seen in bright lighting.

In some cases, their fins may have a translucent appearance from the lack of pigmentation in their skin. The pink color is usually the result of a mutation or can develop as the Betta ages. Regardless, Bettas with a distinctive pink coloration are hard to find and you generally don’t see them in pet stores.

2. Orange Dalmatian

Orange Dalmatian Betta
Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock

The Orange Dalmatian Betta is not only rare but also highly sought after by Betta enthusiasts. Orange is not very common in Bettas, and Orange Dalmatian Bettas have what is described as “apricot-colored” spotting. The combination of an orange Betta with pretty Dalmatian markings makes them a highly prized fish. These types of Bettas are incredibly beautiful and difficult to breed due to the instability of their genes.

3. Purple

Multi color Siamese fighting fish betta_panpilai paipa_shutterstock
Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock

Many purple Betta fish have been popping up recently. The purple coloration is not usually solid but mixed with other pastel colors and sometimes even pink. Most of the completely solid purple Betta fish floating around online are usually edited pictures. However, there are some Bettas with a purplish coloration, it is just very rare. Purple Bettas are usually multi-colored and may display uneven patterning on their bodies.

4. Gold

Betta Golden Veiltail_happymay_shutterstock
Credit: happymay, Shutterstock

Golden-colored Bettas are so incredibly rare, that many question whether these Bettas even exist. Gold Bettas typically look like a mixture of yellow and orange, with shimmering fins. It can either be a dark or light color mixed with white or deep orange and looks spectacular. Depending on your Betta’s mood and aquarium water quality, the golden color may change slightly to a faded yellow or orange.

5. Melano Black

Melano Black Betta Fish on a white backgound
Image Credit: Tu.Kulaya, Shutterstock

Black isn’t an uncommon color in Bettas, but a pure black one is. These Bettas do not have any bronzing or discoloration to their rich black color that covers their entire bodies. They are known as Melano black Bettas and have now discoloration or bronzing. The dense black coloration stands out in light-colored aquariums, especially ones with white substrate. Melano black Bettas may also have dark speckling on their fins caused by melanophores.

However, most female Melano black Bettas can be infertile. This is because breeders have found that the fertilized eggs seem to rupture, so Melano black males are often paired with steel blue female Bettas.

6. Green

Green Betta Fish on a black background
Image Credit: Vilasack Southisane, Shutterstock

Green is a rare coloration in Betta fish and isn’t usually a solid coloration. They usually have a green iridescent body mixed with other colors like black, blue, and red. Green is often seen in Alien Bettas and can often appear as a turquoise coloration. This means that the base color isn’t necessarily green, but rather the metallic sheen is green. Regardless, green Bettas are striking fish and can have different fin shapes.

7. Solid Orange

Solid Orange Betta Fish on a White background
Image Credit: Lamyai, Shutterstock

Solid orange is an uncommon color in Bettas, but also one that is beautiful and pairs well with other colors like blue and red. Solid orange Bettas usually look like a washed-out red color, with slightly yellow discoloration. The intensity of the orange can vary and may change as the Betta ages. Orange Bettas can either have an iridescent body which can make their orange coloration much darker than non-iridescent light-bodied orange Bettas.

8. Thai

Thai Flag Betta Fish
Image Credit: Ekachai Sathittaweechai, Shutterstock

Thai-colored Bettas are quite rare and expensive. Thai Bettas are created to resemble the Thailand national flag, and Bettas originate from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand. They have a red, blue, and white coloration, ideally in the same color order as the flag. Kachen Worachai was able to create a Thai-colored Betta fish that sold for $1,530 on auction. This Betta had almost perfect color proportions to the Thai national flag, which is why it was able to be sold at such a high price.

9. Mustard Gas

Betta Mustard Gas Halfmoon_happymay_shutterstock
Image Credit: happymay, Shutterstock

Mustard Gas Bettas are rare and hard to find. They have a blueish-green body with yellow fins, and this color was created around 20 years ago. They can be bi-colored or multi-colored, and breeding this fish took around 13 years to perfect. They usually have long fins, and their vibrant mustard-yellow color and dark bodies are highly sought after. It is uncommon to find true Mustard Gas Betta fish in pet stores, and they are typically produced by Betta fish breeders.

10. Metallic Opaque White

white siamese fighting fish betta_surachet khamsuk_shutterstock
Image Credit: surachet khamsuk, Shutterstock

Even though white is not an uncommon Betta fish color, white ones with little discoloration are. These Bettas generally have a metallic opaque coloration that looks particularly striking in aquariums with dark backgrounds. In some cases, they may have a slight yellowish sheen on their bodies. They have an almost pure white coloration that can be described as clean and uniform with a shiny appearance. It is rare to come across pure white Bettas in pet stores without them changing colors later on in their life.



Although Betta fish are known for their endless colors and patterns, not all of those colors are common. Even a colorful fish like the Betta still has some colorations that are seen as rare and difficult for breeders to produce. The Betta’s coloration doesn’t affect their care requirements, and rare colors and patterns are mainly for visual purposes.

Featured Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock

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