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7 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Cat (2024 Guide)    

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Summer provides the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with your feline friend. Outdoor activities can not only provide you with some quality time together, but they can also provide numerous benefits for your cat’s health. There are plenty of summer activities to keep your cat engaged and stimulated during the summer months, from hiking and beach trips to backyard picnics and DIY obstacle courses.

This guide will explore seven exciting activities you can do with your cat this summer, as well as some tips to ensure your cat’s safety and enjoyment. There’s something for everyone in this guide, whether you’re an experienced cat owner or a new pet parent.


The 7 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Cat

1. Go on a Cat-Friendly Hike

woman walking outdoors while carrying a cat
Image Credit: Cat Studio, Shutterstock

A cat-friendly hike is a great way to spend a summer day with your cat. Your cat will also get some much-needed exercise and mental stimulation while you enjoy the great outdoors. For your cat’s safety and comfort, there are a few things you will need to consider before you hit the trails.

You should first invest in a good-quality leash or harness for your cat. Hiking outdoors is something to build up to—you will want to get your cat used to walking on the leash around your home to start off. You will be able to keep your cat under control and prevent them from running away or getting into any dangerous situations. Bringing a carrier or crate for your cat is also a good idea in case they need to be transported for any reason.

While hiking, you should also consider your cat’s safety. Make sure your cat is not exposed to any toxic plants or predators, and don’t let them roam off-leash in areas where they might become lost or injured. Planning and preparing for a cat-friendly hike can make it a fun and rewarding activity for both of you.

2. Set Up a Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Consider setting up a backyard scavenger hunt with your cat this summer if you’re looking for a fun and easy activity. Cats will have to use their natural hunting instincts to search for hidden treats and toys, which can provide both mental and physical stimulation.

Scavenger hunts can be set up by hiding treats or toys in your yard so your cat can find them. Treats can be stored in small containers or bags. Give your cat lots of love and attention as they find each treat or toy. Scavenger hunts can also be made more challenging by hiding treats in harder-to-find places or using puzzle toys that require more skill.

While you’re busy with other tasks, a backyard scavenger hunt can also keep your cat entertained and active. Whenever your cat is searching for treats, be sure to supervise them and remove any items that may be dangerous.

3. Take a Trip to the Beach

Calico cat lying down on a beach towel
Image Credit: Basje3990, Pixabay

Consider taking a trip to the sandy shores this summer if you and your cat love the beach. With plenty of new sights, sounds, and smells to discover, the beach can be an exciting place for cats.

Getting your cat ready for the beach is important before you head there. Ensure you bring a carrier or crate for your cat to travel in, as well as plenty of water for hydration and any crucial supplies, such as a litter box and food. The beach is hot, and even animals with fur can get skin damage, so you should also take care to shield your cat from the sun, by liberally applying a pet-friendly sunscreen or providing a cool shady spot (such as their carrier) for them to rest.

You can do plenty of fun activities with your cat once you arrive at the beach. It is a great place to play with toys, dig in the sand, or simply relax and take in the scenery. Always keep an eye on your leashed cat and make sure they don’t get too close to the water or other potentially dangerous areas.

4. Set Up a Cat-friendly Water Play Area

Consider creating a cat-friendly water play area in your backyard to keep your beloved feline cool and entertained this summer. Set up a sprinkler or spray bottle for your cat to play with or fill a shallow pool or plastic tub with water. It is not true that all cats are hydrophobic! Playing with water can be a lot of fun for some cats.

The benefits of providing your cat with a water play area are numerous, including keeping them cool on hot summer days and stimulating their minds and bodies. Supervise your cat while they play with water and consider using pet-safe sunscreen on your cat if they will be spending a lot of time in the sun.

As well as setting up a water play area, you can also offer your cat a bowl of water to drink from to keep them hydrated. Cats are especially susceptible to dehydration on hot summer days. For an added sensory experience, add ice cubes. Your cat can enjoy a fun and refreshing water play area all summer long with a little creativity and effort.

5. Go on a Car Ride

cat inside car
Image Credit: dimmitrius, Shutterstock

Taking a car ride with your cat is another fun summer activity. Visiting pet-friendly destinations or simply changing scenery can be a great way to experience new things together.

It’s important to prepare your cat for a car ride before taking them. You can do this by gradually introducing them to the car, using a carrier or crate to transport them, and making sure they are comfortable and secure while riding. Using a pet seatbelt or harness and never leaving your cat unattended in the vehicle are other precautions you should take to ensure your cat’s safety while in the car.

If you’re ready to hit the road with your cat, there are plenty of fun destinations to choose from. You could go to a park, a pet-friendly store, or visit a friend. Consider your cat’s needs and preferences when planning your trip.

6. Have a Backyard Picnic

Consider having a backyard picnic with your cat if you’re looking for a low-key summer activity. Enjoying the nice weather with your cat can be a great way to relax and bond.

Several treats and toys for your cat, along with food, drinks, and any other items you’d like to bring to your picnic (such as toys, food, and games) are all you need for your backyard picnic. Spend the afternoon relaxing and playing with your cat under a shaded area of your yard on a blanket.

As well as being a fun and relaxing activity, a backyard picnic can also be an opportunity for your cat to try some new foods. You can bring along some cat-friendly treats or wet food for them to enjoy, or even offer them a few bites of your own picnic food (just be sure to avoid any foods that may be harmful to cats, such as chocolate or grapes).

7. Set Up a DIY Cat Obstacle Course

cats in cardboard playhouse
Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

A DIY obstacle course can be a fun and stimulating summer activity for cats who enjoy exploring and playing. A variety of household items can be used to create this, and it can be as simple or complex as you like.

In order to set up a DIY cat obstacle course, you’ll need cardboard boxes, paper bags, tubes, and anything else you think your cat might enjoy. These items can then be arranged into a series of obstacles for your cat to overcome. Create a tunnel out of cardboard boxes or paper bags or build a climbing wall out of tubes or stacked boxes.

In addition to being a great exercise and cognitive activity for your cat, a DIY obstacle course can also be a great way to bond with your cat. You can play with your cat as they navigate the course or even create a competition to see who can complete the course the fastest.



There are plenty of fun activities you can do together with your furry friend to keep them entertained and stimulated during the summer. There are endless possibilities for fun and adventure, from hiking cat-friendly trails to setting up a backyard scavenger hunt. Keep your cat entertained and active by setting up a cat-friendly water play area, taking a car ride, having a backyard picnic, or creating a DIY obstacle course.

Don’t forget to consider your cat’s individual personality, preferences, and needs, and always put their safety first. You and your furry companion can have a summer full of fun and adventure if you plan ahead.

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