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How Much Does a Toyger Cat Cost? 2024 Price Overview

toyger cat in the grass

So, you want to own a Toyger Cat. Well, there’s something you need to know. Toygers are expensive. As one of the rarest and oldest cat breeds in the world, this comes as no surprise. Adopting a Toyger from a cattery or shelter can range from $500 – $1000, whereas getting one from a breeder can cost up to $5000. Let’s dive into the total costs involved in owning one.


Bringing Home a New Toyger Cat: One-Time Costs

Let’s begin with the one-time costs of bringing home a Toyger. One-time fees are just like they sound. You pay once and never again unless you buy another Toyger Cat. This will be the most expensive part of Toyger ownership.


Frankly, Toyger cats are extremely rare, so the only way you will adopt a Toyger for free is through adoption from a friend or family member. If you happen to find a free Toyger Cat and they’re in tip-top shape, you should start buying lottery tickets.


  • $500–$1,000

There are only a handful of Toyger catteries in the United States, so finding one at a shelter is unlikely. If you find one, you’ll pay a hefty price of $500–$1,000.

Striped cat of Toyger breed
Image Credit: Elena Kutepova, Shutterstock


  • $400–$5,000

Considering how rare this cat breed is, it should come as no surprise that they come with several dollar signs attached.

The price of a Toyger varies, but you can expect to pay between $400 to $5,000 for one cat. What this includes depends on the breeder, the breeder’s skills, and how each cat meets the Toyger breed standard.

Some breeders factor in the first vet visit, the first round of vaccines, microchipping, spaying or neutering, and whether or not you want your kitten to have papers (which we recommend).

You will also need to consider travel expenses to pick up your kitten. Some breeders offer free delivery if you’re close enough, but this isn’t standard.

In any case, your kitten should come from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will guarantee a healthy kitten but still suggest you take your cat to a veterinarian, just to be on the safe side. Responsible breeders will have a sales agreement to ensure you understand the breed and the details of the sale.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $350–$500

Toygers are highly active cats and need plenty of mental stimulation, like toys, cat trees, and scratchers. You’ll also need the bare necessities, like food, food bowls, and litter boxes.

If you already have a cat, you’ll save some money. But if you’re starting from scratch, be prepared to spend $350 to $500 on supplies alone.


List of Toyger Cat Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15
Spay/Neuter $200–$400
X-Ray Cost $100–$250
Ultrasound Cost $250–$500
Microchip $0–$60
Teeth Cleaning $150–$1,500
Bed $0–$30
Nail Clipper (optional) $7
Brush (optional) $8–30
Litter Box $20–$70
Litter Scoop $1–$15
Toys $20–$75
Carrier $20–$50
toyger cat playing outdoors
Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock


How Much Does a Toyger Cat Cost Per Month?

  • $40–$325

Thankfully, the breeder price will be where most of your money goes. Monthly fees won’t be as astronomical. Let’s take a look.

Health Care

  • $0–$60

Toyger cats are a relatively healthy breed, but they can be susceptible to heart murmurs. This is only a minor health concern. An annual vet exam each year, proper diet and grooming, and an enriching environment will keep your healthcare costs low.

Vet exams vary in price based on location. Generally, you can expect to pay $50 for a wellness exam and about $30 for each vaccine.

Banfield offers a wellness plan that covers vet exams, vaccines, X-rays, flea and tick prevention, and dental cleanings. All you have to do is pay a certain monthly charge.


  • $12–$60

Cat food also varies in price. Higher-quality food will always be more expensive than lower-quality food. A good rule of thumb is to look for cat food where the main source of protein is animal-based.

Of course, we also want to treat our fur babies because we love them so much. If you want to save money on treats, try offering chicken, chicken liver, or fish. Meat is excellent for cats and makes for a great training treat.

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  • $0–$20

Toyger Cats don’t require much grooming aside from a simple brush, nail trims, and toothbrush and toothpaste.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $0–$50

A healthy Toyger should only require preventative medicines, but sometimes, our kitties fall ill or injure themselves and we need to help them.

Age also matters. Senior cats may need more medicine compared to a young, lively Toyger. A healthy diet and enriching environment will keep your cat healthy and avoid unpleasant illnesses.

Toyger cat in a tree
Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance

  • $0–$80

Cats typically have cheaper premiums than dogs, but pedigree breeds will cost a little more than the average cat. You can expect to pay from $35 to $80 for one cat.

If you don’t want to pay for a comprehensive policy, you can choose an accident-only plan. This will cover any emergency accidents and treatment related to those accidents, but not illness.

It’s best to buy pet insurance while your cat is young to pay for the cheapest monthly premium. There are several companies and policies out there, so take your time and research which company is right for you. Check if your employer offers pet insurance with your benefits. In some cases, this can be of no additional cost to you.

Environment Maintenance

  • $15–$35

When introducing an animal into your home, you’ll need to tidy the environment to make it suitable for your Toyger and for you. Hairballs, potty accidents, broken belongings, furry carpets, and litter boxes all need to be cleaned regularly, so you’ll need supplies on hand for these moments.

You may also want Feliway to keep your cat relaxed during major changes, like new pets, babies, moving, and more.

Litter box liners $20/month
Deodorizing spray or granules $18/month
Paper towels or rags $10/month
Feliway $30/month

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  • $15–$20

Toys are part of the initial setup and supplies, but you may need to replace those toys down the road or try new ones. You can either buy toys at the store, make them yourself, or subscribe to a kitty toy subscription box. Subscription boxes are fairly cheap, running about $15 a month. You can cater it to your Toyger’s liking, too!

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Toyger Cat

  • $40–$325

The total monthly cost of owning a Toyger Cat ranges from $40 all the way up to $325. What does this mean? Some months will be more expensive than others.


Additional Costs to Factor In

You know the one-time fees and monthly costs, but there are always hidden costs lurking around the corner. Pet sitters, emergency vet visits, training, catios, and damage done to household objects should always have a place in the budget.

You may also want to show your cat in local and national cat shows. If so, you’ll need to pay for registration fees, travel costs, grooming, and more.

You may not have to pay for these things monthly or even yearly, but it helps to understand that you may have to cough up the cash at a moment’s notice. If you can, try to set a little money aside each month for these miscellaneous items. You’ll be happy you did when the time comes.


Owning a Toyger Cat on a Budget

Can you own a Toyger Cat on a limited budget? Of course you can. Saving money while owning a pedigree breed is about saving money on the daily and monthly costs of pet ownership rather than the upfront costs.

Saving Money on Toyger Cat Care

Find a low-cost clinic to take your Toyger cat for spaying and neutering, vaccines, and microchipping. Or buy from a breeder who factors these costs into the upfront price.

You can always save money on toys by buying used and creating DIY toys. Cats don’t care about the price tag. They only care if the toy sparks their curiosity and seeking behavior.

Professional pet sitters are always great, but you have the option to hire a trusted friend or neighbor to watch your kitty while you’re away on vacation.



Toyger Cats are an expensive cat breed. There’s no escaping the hefty price tag. When you consider how rare the breed is and how much time and effort breeders must spend to keep the breed alive, it makes sense.

But you can save money in other areas with frugal shopping and low-cost veterinary care. It’s very possible to own a Toyger Cat and not pay more than what you would for your standard Domestic Shorthair.


Featured Image Credit: Ekaterina. Shutterstock

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