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13 Ways to Save At Petco: In Stores & Online (2024 Guide)

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Petco is one of the premier big box stores when it comes to pet supplies in the United States. Thousands of people shop at Petco on a regular basis. But are they getting the best deal? Today’s online world makes it easier than ever to find great deals. Luckily, Petco offers numerous avenues that make it easy to save money on everyday necessities for your pets. You don’t have to shop around and dig for the best deals if you follow this simple guide. Petco offers some fantastic deals. You just need to know where to look.

Here are 13 ways you can start saving money at Petco both online and in-store.

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The 13 Ways to Save At Petco

1. Sign Up for Vital Care Core

If you are a regular Petco customer, one of the first things you should do is look into signing up for Petco’s Vital Care program. The Vital Care program offers a slew of benefits and rewards for loyal members. The program has two tiers. The basic tier is called Core, which is free, and comes with some great perks. The Vital Care program can help you save a ton of money on everything you need for your pet. You can turn in points for rewards, get free bags of pet food, and free grooming visits.

You can sign up for Vital Care online or in the store to start saving money right away.

Core Benefits
  • Free
  • Members only pricing
  • Personalized care notifications
  • Vital Care points on every Petco purchase
  • Every 10th bag of pet food free
  • Every 8th grooming visit free

You can see a full list of benefits on their site.1 Exclusions may apply, so be sure to read the fine print.

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2. Sign Up for Vital Care Premium

Vital Care Premium comes with even more benefits and perks than Core, but it costs an annual fee to sign up. Suppose you are a regular Petco customer that uses their services like repeat delivery, grooming, and veterinary care on a regular basis. In that case, Premium can easily pay for itself over the course of a year.

One of the best perks of Vital Care is daily savings on certain items with special member pricing. You can also stack Vital Care’s perks with other deals, coupons, and perks offered by Petco for advanced savings.

Premium Benefits
  • $19.99/ month, billed per year
  • All Vital Care Core benefits
  • Extended reward expiration
  • $20 off pet care by Rover
  • 10% off all nutrition purchases
  • 20% off all grooming
  • Unlimited routine vet exams at Vetco pet hospitals

You can see a full list of benefits on their site.2 Exclusions may apply, so be sure to read the fine print.

3. Look for Deals on Their Website

Petco hosts dozens of daily deals on their website. The deals are broken down by category, and they are always prominently shown. You can see exactly what is on sale on any given day by taking a quick trip to their website.3 Before buying anywhere else or purchasing something in store you should log in and see what the current deals are. The sales change periodically, and some of them are offered for a limited time only.

Be sure to check the clearance section for steep discounts of 50% or more. You can also filter by in store pick up and see what sale items can be found at your local Petco store that very same day. When you are looking to save money the first thing you should do is check the website.

4. Get Petco Coupons to Your Inbox

Petco offers a variety of coupons for regular savings. You can sign up to get these coupons sent directly to your inbox. You can also receive email alerts when certain items go on sale. These coupons can often be used both online and in store. This will help you keep up with all of the latest sales and deals. These regular email alerts can help you plan your next shopping trip, so you never pay full price for your favorite items.

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5. Look for Current Deals In Store

Petco often puts up sale items in their stores. If you go to Petco regularly, be sure to take a lap around the store to look for sale items. These physical sales sometimes differ from location to location due to individual overstock situations. Each sale is often marked with a visible tag or a prominent end cap. These sales might not always be listed online either, so it is worth the time to take a look while you are at the store.

6. Use Petco’s Repeat Delivery to Save on Essential Food

You can set up repeat delivery to save big on your regular necessities. Setting up repeat delivery for regular items like food, treats, and litter can save you money in the long run. Repeat delivery often qualifies for free shipping. You also get discounts on these items if you are a Petco Vital Care member. Your first order can be eligible for up to 40% off the total and can turn into continuous discounts of 5% per order. Your pets need to eat, so why not save on their food on a regular basis with repeat delivery service? You just set it and forget it and watch the savings roll in.

7. Order Via Curbside Pickup to Save Up to 10%

Petco offers curbside pickup at most of their locations. You can shop online, buy from your phone, and you will get notified when your order is ready to be picked up. Curbside pickup comes with some benefits that include savings. Some items are eligible for an instant discount of up to 10% just for ordering curbside. Check the website to find items that are eligible for this discount. You may be surprised to find that your favorite products can be discounted just for ordering curbside.

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8. Shop Seasonal Sales

Petco often throws seasonal sales where you can save a bundle on your favorite items. Some sales, like Black Friday, are commonly circled on the calendar. Another great way to save money is to look for sales for holidays that have just passed. For example, if you just couldn’t pull the trigger on that expensive dog costume for Halloween, check the first week in November. Often seasonal items, like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, will go on sale shortly after the holiday has passed. This is a great way to save up to 75% on some neat products.

9. Get Free Shipping When You Order Online

If you are someone who likes to shop from the comfort of their couch, you can save money on shipping from Petco. Nearly every order that is $35 or more is eligible for free shipping when you buy online. That means that pricey things like dog food and cat litter can be delivered for free right to your door. It also means you will not have to wrestle heavy bags through the store to get what your pets need. Some exclusions do apply so check that before hitting that final purchase button.

10. Sign Up for Petco Pay Credit Card For Instant Cash Back

One way to get instant savings and accumulate rewards is to sign up for Petco’s credit card. The card is called Petco Pay, and it can net you savings if you shop at Petco frequently. You can gain 2x Vital Care points on all Petco purchases. You also get one point for every dollar spent at any location. You also get an instant 20% off your first purchase after opening the card, which would be a great way to save on a large purchase. If you want to get an expensive dog bed or a whole tank setup for your fish or reptiles, using the 20% back perk on your first purchase can net you some serious savings.

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11. Check Their Veterinary Prices

Petco now offers veterinarian services at select locations. Their medical company is cleverly called Vetco. If you are looking to save money on your veterinary care, you can check Petco’s prices for basic vet services. This can be an easy way to save on exam fees and office visits. If you are a Vital Care Premium member, you will get unlimited free exams at participating Vetco Total Care offices. That can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the life of your membership.

12. Check for Promo Codes for Online Shopping

There are numerous online tools that help you gather and apply promo codes that will save you money at checkout. Petco does use promo codes to help save you money. You do not have to search these out if you do a quick online search. Looking for active promo codes is an easy way to save 5%, 10%, or even 15% right at checkout without having to lift a finger. Some of these online tools can be installed into your browser, and they will do all of the work for you.

13. Try Stacking Deals

Most sales and coupons have rules about how you can use them, but not all of them do. You can try to stack deals by saving coupons and promo codes and then applying them to deals both online and in-store. You may be surprised to learn how much you can save. For example, if you use a 10% off coupon on an item that is already 50% off on the shelf, you can save even more. Note not all coupons and sales can be stacked, but some of them can. It doesn’t hurt to try. Be sure to keep an eye on those promo codes when you are thinking about stacking some serious discounts.

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Petco offers a plethora of ways to save big money on items for your pets, from free bags of dog food to a slew of ongoing sales. Petco makes it easy to save big on your favorite items. All you need to do is know where to look. You can check online, in the store, or in your email inbox to see how you can save money instantly. Be sure to keep track of these tips and tricks to help reduce your monthly pet bill when you shop at Petco.

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