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11 Incredible Cat World Records (2024 Update)

Cute Kitten wearing a Medal

There seem to be world records for everything these days. Our kitty companions don’t go unnoticed. From the tiniest house cats to the most massive tomcats, felines impress onlookers everywhere with their looks, skills, and size.

So, we dug deep to uncover some current and former record holders with four paws, adorable toe beans, and a mad purr. Let’s check out these 11 amazing cats and learn what they are world-famous for.

The 11 World Records About Cats

1. Tallest Cat & Longest Tail in the World

We can’t really explain how Lauren and Will Powers got so lucky as to have not just one—but two record-breaking cats in their home. So, consider this number one slot a two-for-one special. Cygnus Regulus, a Maine Coon, and Arcturus Albebarran Powers, a Savannah cat—both hold titles on a global scale.

Cygnus has the record for having the longest tail in the world, measuring 17.58 inches. Arcturus stands 19.05 inches tall. These cats were like brothers growing up, doing everything together and spending a wonderful life with their loving owners.

Originating as brothers from another mother in Ferndale, Michigan, these amazing cats might be record breakers, but their story has a tragic end.

Sadly, these two felines and their other brother Sirius passed away in a house fire that devastated the home. Arcturus and Cygnus were found together while Sirius remained at large. The owners said they get comfort out of knowing the two best friends spent their last moments together.

Even still, these two are holding firm in their record slots so their legacy remains.

2. Longest Domesticated Cat in the World

When it comes to the longest cat in the world, it goes to a kitty with an equally long name. Mymains Stewart Gilligan (AKA Stewie) stole the record, measuring 48.5 inches long.

This impressively lengthy beast was a stunning beautiful Maine Coon from Reno, Nevada. This desert kitty spent his life with owners Robin Henderickson and Erik Brandsness.

Sadly, Stewie passed away in January of 2013, but his legacy lives on. These proud parents brought home the title for their impressive guy on August 28, 2010—and no cat has beaten him yet!

3. Most Tricks Done by a Cat in One Minute

There is often a misconception that these domesticated, independent creatures can’t learn as much as their canine rivals—but is that true? Didga begs to differ. Seeing Didga in action might change some opinions on just how smart some cats are.

Didga is quite a remarkable kitty. She has a record for performing 20 tricks in less than one minute. Under the guidance of her human, Didga effortlessly goes over these commands—like a real pro. You can watch her in action here in this video.

If you’re one of those people who claim cats can’t learn tricks—think again. She effortlessly changes the stigma about how well cats can catch on to concepts.

4. Most Watched Animal on YouTube (Former Record Holder)

Even though this fancy feline doesn’t hold the title anymore—once upon a time, Maru (or Mugumogu) was the most viewed animal on the big wide world of YouTube.

Maru was videoed climbing in boxes and doing other funny cat things—and people really seemed to dig it. It even freaked out his owners because he was receiving so much attention.

At the time of his award, this 9-year-old Scottish Fold kitty had 325,704,506 views! She might not be in the lead anymore, but for a cat—she surely got all the views.

5. Longest Fur (former Record Holder)

The former record holder for the longest fur on a cat was Colonel Meow—and we would be remiss not to mention him. Colonel Meow lived with his owners Anne Marie Avie and Eric Rosario in Los Angeles, California.

He was a combination of a Persian and Himalayan, so he already had quite the fur advantage. This werewolf kitty had an “epic frown and fur” as the website claims—and we have to agree. This kitty’s overall look was simply one of a kind.

This kitty was originally a rescue who received quite a bit of fame and fortune after landing his record. He also had his very own social media accounts and referred to his fans as his “minions”.

He might be gone now, but his legend lives on.

6. Longest Fur (Current Record Holder)

Taking the title for the longest fur around, Sophie Smith (owned by Jami Smith of Oceanside, California) now has the title—beating out the old, werewolf-looking kitty we talked about in the last slot.

Sophie has quite an interesting story. Jami was offered this tiny kitten in a paper bag—yes, you read that right. Soon after she accepted this kitty, she fell in love and the legend of Sophie Smith was born.

When Sophie grew up, they used to joke about her tail having record-length hair. So, this sparked their curiosity. They measured her tail fur, and it outdid the record holder—they were right after all.

The moral here? Always follow your gut and carry a tape measure. It worked for Jami and her family—they have a record-holding feline in their home for the rest of her days.

7. Oldest Cat Ever

Apparently, Jake Perry has some type of magic elixir that makes cats live as long as Father Time. He owned the previous record holder, Grandpa Rex Allen, who lived to the ripe old age of 32.

Crème Puff, however, takes the cake—no pun intended. Crème Puff lived until he was 38 years and 3 days old. That is older than some birds and reptiles!

What is the secret to a life that’s three times as long as average? I guess we’ll never know. But someone should really ask Jake Perry what kind of spells he’s casting on these cats!

8. Shortest Cat—Height

On October 19, 2013, little Lilieput took the record for the World’s Shortest Cat. She stands only 13.34 centimeters from the ground—quite tiny!

Owned by Christel Young of Napa, California, Lilieput still holds the title today. She remains the shortest cat of all, but it’s hard to tell how short the next record-breaker will be with breeding.

Wouldn’t you like a short-legged Lilieput for yourself? This little munchkin cat was nine at the time of her record-breaking. She might be a short one, but she is a tortoiseshell. And as any cat lover knows, what she lacks in height, she makes up for with sass.

9. Rarest Big Cat

amur leopard rare cat breed
The Amur Leopard. | Image credit: Pixabay

The rarest big cat to date is the Amur found in China and Russia. The Amur, or panthera pardus orientalis, is a subspecies of leopard—deemed critically endangered by the IUCN.

Since 2015, there are said to be only 65 to 69 cats of this species available. And in actuality, they are increasing in numbers.

Amur cats are rarely spotted in the wild, but their recent years of acknowledgment might have given them a leg up and away from extinction.

10. Newest Breed of Cat

Selkirk Rex cat
Image Credit: athree23, Pixabay

Do you like the idea of having a curly cat? Well, now you can. Even though some breeds are wavy, the Selkirk Rex, otherwise known as the Poodle cat, is the curliest of all.

This genetic mutation originated in Montana, where breeders worked diligently to develop it further. In 2013, it was recognized by many cat fanciers associations and the University of Veterinary medicine.

What is unique about this kitty is that it has three layers of fur, beating the double coat many cats possess.

So, how much will one of these bad boys cost you? The average price for a Selkirk Rex costs between $500 and $1,500.

11. Biggest Big Cat

liger lion tiger big cat
Image credit: PxFuel

Wouldn’t you know that the largest living cat on earth goes to this hybrid—a liger? And here we all thought that Napoleon Dynamite was feeding us foolish stories, but no. These cats are real things and this one is massive.

Hercules is a combination of a lion and tiger—and he’s downright awesome. Male hybrids like gorgeous Hercules are often sterile, and the cross of lions and tigers doesn’t happen naturally in the wild.

Hercules lives on a reservation in South Carolina called Myrtle Beach Safari. He stands 131 inches long, stands 49 inches tall, and weighs a whopping 922 pounds! Needless to say, he’s a big boy, but that’s not where his lineage stops.

Hercules has a brother named Sinbad, who is even taller than him, but he is lighter. So, sorry, Sinbad. Better luck next time.


That’s A Wrap!

As you can see, these cats differ tremendously in the titles that landed them these records. Some might be lookers, others might be intriguing, but one thing is for sure—these cats will never be forgotten. Their lives have forever left an imprint on this earth.

Even though many of them are no longer with us, they are still as important as ever. Which of these adorably stunning felines were your favorite?

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Featured Image Credit: Elena Butinova, Shutterstock

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