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16 DIY Cat Beds You Can Build Today (with Pictures)


Cats love to sleep, snooze, and nap. They can turn almost any surface into a bed. In fact, they will often turn their noses up at the cat bed that you do buy and opt for something else completely.

Below are 16 DIY cat beds that are made using crochet, upcycled wood, or even an old cardboard box and a t-shirt. Most require little equipment and few accessories, and if your cat does ignore it, you can always repurpose it as something else and find an alternative DIY cat bed to try.


The Top 16 DIY Cat Bed Plans:

1. Custom Wooden Bed

This is described as being a dog bed, but it could easily be modified to be smaller and more suitable for your cat. It has a lower front, but the wooden walls are secure and offer the resident cat (or dog) additional security. Add a cushion, and you can create a homely and relaxing environment for your pampered pet.

2. Pet Bed Sewing Tutorial

If you’re new to sewing, this cat bed is a great project to start. It doesn’t have to be precise, and you can use old dressing gowns and other fabrics to create a comfortable and upcycled cat bed.

3. DIY Dog Sofa

This collapsing sofa is a single channeled cushion. When the cat lays on the upright edges, they will collapse safely and enable your cat to get comfortable exactly how they want.

4. Round Cat Bed and Bolster Pillow

This round bed has a little stuffing in the bottom and extra stuffing in the side cushions. The bolster pillow works really well, giving your feline friend somewhere to rest their head.

5. Ridiculously Easy No-Sew Cat Bed

With this ridiculously easy no-sew cat bed, you only need to know a single basic stitch to make a comfortable bed that will support your cat while providing them a comfortable place to sleep.

6. DIY Cat House Using an Old TV Tray

The TV tray gets a brand-new lease of life with this project. Turn it upside down, secure the legs, and add a scratch post on one outside edge and a cushion on the inside of the tray. You can also hang a few toys.

7. No-Sew Pet Bed

Cat beds can cost a fortune in pet shops, especially if you need more than one around the house or if your cat ignores the ones you buy. You can make this no-sew pet bed while watching your favorite show.

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8. Cat Bed Sewing Tutorial

Made from a cardboard box with a circular hole and old fabric sewn over, this cat bed is simple but effective, and the guide teaches you everything that you need to know to make it.

9. No-Sew Cat Tent From a T-Shirt

A cat tent is a great place for your cat to sleep or laze around. This cat tent is made from wire hangers with a t-shirt or sweater pulled tight over the top. Add a cushion, and your cat will have a comfortable little area just for them.

10. Easy and Stylish Cardboard Box Cat Bed

Take a cardboard box, reinforce it, and add a decorative layer to the outside, and you’ve got an attractive and functional cat bed for your favorite kitty. There’s no sewing involved in this design because you glue the fabric to the box.

11. DIY Cat Bed

Using adhesive, a cardboard box, and wrapping paper, this box bed uses the lid to give your cat a little extra privacy. If you want something more luxurious, swap out the wrapping paper for recycled fabric of some sort.

12. Cardboard Igloo

Recycled cardboard is surprisingly tough and agile. In this case, it is used to make a cat igloo. The cardboard acts as insulation too, so your cat will be warm in there, no matter how cool the room is. Since the bed is made of cardboard, it doesn’t really matter if your cat scratches it to shreds.

13. Crochet Cat Couch

A crocheted cat couch gives you something to while away the hours and results in a comfortable and soft, plush bed for your cat. Give them their own couch, and they may let you enjoy your own.

14. Crochet Pet Cat Bed Free Pattern

Some cats like to sprawl while they sleep. Others prefer the security of being squashed up nice and tight in their bed. This crochet pet cat bed pattern is for a small bed, almost like an upturned beret, that your cat will enjoy for its reassurance as much as its comfort.

15. Kitty Cat Couch Bed Crochet Pattern

The Kitty Cat Couch Bed Crochet Pattern is a literal translation of a cat couch. It is a miniature sofa, complete with a lace throw on the back.

16. DIY Crochet Cat Cave

The cat cave cat bed has become quite popular. Most commercial iterations of this bed type are pricey, but with this project, you can make your own cat cave using your crochet skills.


DIY Cat Beds

There are many ways to make a cat bed, from recycled wood or cardboard to crochet or no-sew patterns. Hopefully, using these patterns, you can create something that your cat will love and that also brings you pleasure and a sense of satisfaction from making.

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