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109 Exotic and Wild Cat Names: Tough and Rare Options for Your Cat

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Naming a pet is a deeply personal experience and reflects both the owner’s taste and the cat’s individual personality. Whether you have an exotic breed or your cat just thinks it’s a wild jungle beast, here are our picks for the best 109 exotic and wild cat names for your fierce feline.


Exotic Cat Names Inspired by Africa

Africa is home to some of the most famous big cat species, including the lion, leopard, and cheetah. Several unique names are inspired by African words or mythology, channeling a bit of the wild cats native to the continent.

  • Annipe: Daughter of the Nile in Egypt
  • Azizi: Swahili word for “precious treasure”
  • Lencho: Spirit of the lion in Ethiopian
  • Siri: Tiger in Nigerian
  • Uma: Second daughter in Nigerian
  • Adroa: Sky god and supreme creator of the Lugbara people
  • Anansi: Trickster spider in West African lure
  • Bumba: Creator god of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Kaang: Creator god of the San people
  • Anubis: Egyptian god of the afterlife
  • Mami Wata: Water deity in Nigerian folklore
  • Takhar: Demi-god and protector in the Serer religion in Senegal


Exotic Cat Names Inspired by Europe

red tabby cat sits on the background of the sea
Image Credit: Anna_Zaitzeva, Shutterstock

From Greco-Roman mythology to beautiful names in Latin or Slavic languages, European heritage is a treasure trove of exotic and wild cat names.

  • Achilles: Greek warrior
  • Amorita: Latin word for “little loved”
  • Amara: Italian word for “everlasting”
  • Ambrossio: Divine in Spanish
  • Demetria: Goddess of harvest in Greek mythology
  • Hans: German for “gift from God”
  • Lilja: Finnish word for “lily”
  • Svetlana: Slavic name meaning “little shiny star” or “light”
  • Eros: Greek god of love
  • Hades: Greek god of the underworld
  • Apollo: Olympian god of sun and light in Greco-Roman mythology
  • Aries: Greek god of war and the spirit of battle
  • Dionysus: Greco-Roman god of wine and ecstasy
  • Hephaestus: Greek god of fire
  • Hermes: Greek messenger of the gods
  • Poseidon: Greek god of the sea
  • Zeus: God of the sky and father of all gods in Greek mythology
  • Hera: Greek goddess of women, marriage, and family
  • Odin: Father of all gods in Norse mythology
  • Thor: God of thunder in Norse mythology
  • Frigg: Goddess of marriage and motherhood in Norse mythology; Odin’s wife
  • Týr: God of war in Norse mythology
  • Heimdallr: Guardian of the Bifrost bridge in Norse mythology
  • Loki: God of trickery and mischief in Norse mythology
  • Baldr: God of light and radiance in Norse mythology; son of Odin and Frigg
  • Höðr: God of darkness in Norse mythology; son of Odin and Frigg
  • Bragi: Wise bard of Valhalla in Norse mythology; god of poetry and music
  • Iðunn: Goddess of youth in Norse mythology
  • Njord: God of the wind and seafarers in Norse mythology
  • Ullr: God of winter and the hunt in Norse mythology
  • Forseti: God of justice and law in Norse mythology
  • Hermod: Messenger of the gods in Norse mythology
  • Hel: Goddess of the underworld in Norse mythology
  • Jupiter: King of the gods and god of the sky, lightning, and thunder in Roman mythology
  • Juno: Queens of all deities in Roman mythology
  • Neptune: God of the sea in Roman mythology
  • Minerva: Goddess of thousands of works (wisdom, poetry, crafts) in Roman mythology
  • Mars: God of war in Roman mythology
  • Venus: Goddess of love and desire in Roman mythology
  • Diana: Goddess of the hunt in Roman mythology
  • Vulcan: God of fire in Roman mythology
  • Mercury: God of trade, profit, travel, trickery, and communication in Roman mythology
  • Ceres: Goddess of the harvest and agriculture in Roman mythology
  • Vesta: Goddess of hearth and home in Roman mythology
  • Dagda: Leader of the might gods in Celtic mythology
  • Danu: Divine mother in Celtic mythology
  • Lugh: Sun god of crafts and arts in Celtic mythology
  • Badb: Goddess of enlightenment and wisdom in Celtic mythology
  • Morrigan: Queen of the demons in Celtic mythology
  • Cu Chulainn: Hero of the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology
  • Cernunnos: Horned god of nature, grain, and horned animals in Celtic mythology
  • Aengus: God of youth and love in Celtic mythology
  • Cailleach: Hag of Beara in Celtic mythology
  • Brigid: Celtic goddess of poetry, healing, and fire


Exotic Cat Names Inspired by Indigenous Mythology

a calico cat with a pet id tag lying on a table
Image Credit: Andy Gin, Shutterstock

Though you may need to learn how to pronounce them, the indigenous groups of the Americas and the Pacific Islands lend some unique and exotic names for your cat.

  • Huitzilopochtli: Father of the Aztecs and supreme god
  • Tezcatlipoca: God of nocturnal sky and ancestral memory in Aztec mythology
  • Quetzalcoatl: God of wins and rain, self-reflection, and intelligence in Aztec mythology
  • Coatlicue: Mother of gods and mortals in Aztec mythology
  • Tonatiuh: Sun god in Aztec mythology
  • Tlaloc: God of rain in Aztec mythology
  • Chalchiuhtlicue: Aztec goddess of running water and all elements
  • Xipe Totec: Aztec god of agriculture
  • Kukulcán: Feathered serpent deity in Maya mythology
  • Itzamná: God of the sky and founder of Maya culture
  • Ix Chel: Maya moon goddess
  • Buluc Chabtan: Maya god of war and death
  • Viracocha: Creator god of Incan mythology
  • Inti: Sun god of Incan mythology
  • Pacha Mama: God of sustenance and nature in Incan mythology
  • Mama Coca: Goddess of health and happiness in Incan mythology
  • Illapa: God of climate in Incan mythology
  • Mama Quilla: Goddess of the moon in Incan mythology
  • Mama Sara: Goddess of corn and food in Incan mythology
  • Pele: Goddess of fire and volcanoes in Hawaiian mythology
  • Na-maka-o-Kaha’i: Goddess of water and the sea in Hawaiian mythology
  • Poli’ahu: Goddess of snow in Hawaiian mythology
  • Laka: Goddess of beauty and love in Hawaiian mythology
  • Kane: God of forests and wild food in Hawaiian mythology
  • Kamapua’a: God of wild boars in Hawaiian mythology
  • Ku: God of war in Hawaiian mythology
  • Lono: God of peace, music, and learning in Hawaiian mythology
  • Lilinoe: Goddess of mist in Hawaiian mythology
  • Ranginui: Primordial sky father in Māori mythology
  • Tangaroa: God of the ocean and aquatic creatures in Māori mythology
  • Haere: Personification of the rainbow in Māori mythology
  • Whiro: Lord of darkness and evil in Māori mythology
  • Ikatere: Fish god in Māori mythology
  • Kahukura: War god in Māori mythology
  • Maru: God of freshwater in Māori mythology
  • Ao: Personification of light in Māori mythology
  • Rongomātāne: God of cultivated foods in Māori mythology
  • Kiwa: Divine guardian of the ocean in Māori mythology
  • Te Uira: Personification of lightning in Māori mythology
  • Rongo: God of crops and peace in Māori mythology
  • Rehua: Star god with the power of healing in Māori mythology
  • Uenuku: God of war and the rainbow in Māori mythology
  • Urutengangana: God of the light in Māori mythology


Get Inspiration for a Name as Exotic and Unique as Your Cat

Names like “Fluffy” and “Mittens” won’t cut it when you have an exotic cat breed—or a unique cat that defies tradition. Let these exotic names derived from a foreign language and an enduring myth inspire you to come up with a truly one-of-a-kind name for your special companion.

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