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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Georgia? Updated in 2024

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You soon realize that vet bills can be expensive when you have a pet. Standard checkups aren’t that bad, but if an emergency occurs, you could find yourself draining your savings account and more to have your beloved pet treated.

That’s why having the right pet insurance in Georgia can save you thousands of dollars should an emergency happen. Some insurance companies even cover vaccinations, parasite control, and preventive care, though not all. In this article, we’ll give you the standard prices for pet insurance in Georgia and much more. In general, the average price for pet insurance in Georgia is $69 for dogs and $32 for cats per month depending on the company you go with and the coverage you choose.

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The Importance of Pet Insurance in Georgia

The Peach State has a warm climate, and pet insurance is a must if you stay in Georgia. Since Georgia has mild winters and humid, hot summers, it gives your pet much more outside time than in other states.

More time outside here means encountering dangers your animal wouldn’t encounter if they were inside your home. Accidents happen from jellyfish stings at the beach to heat strokes from being out in the Georgia sun too long.

Accidents and unexpected illnesses can cost you a pretty penny at the vet’s office. Dehydration is also a genuine concern for pets in Georgia, as the temperatures reach easily into the 100s during the summer months, and the humidity is high most days. Heatstroke is also a concern with heat, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your pet when living in the Peach State.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance in Georgia Cost?

As with anything else, pet insurance in Georgia varies according to the company you use and which policy you choose. There are deductibles to determine, reimbursement options to choose from, and add-ons to consider. The average cost of pet insurance in Georgia in 2024 is $69 a month, but can range anywhere from $20 to over $100 a month. The price depends on the amount of coverage. Coverage amounts range from $2,500 to unlimited coverage, but the more the coverage, the higher the cost.

The average price for cats is a bit cheaper, with monthly premiums ranging from $10 to $50, again depending on coverage amounts and the insurance company you choose.

Some insurance companies offer insurance for other types of animals as well, such as exotic pets and horses.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

While there are very few additional costs to anticipate with pet insurance in Georgia, it’s important to note that the prices will vary according to which company you go through, the location you’re in, and your pet’s breed, size, and age as well.

Having between $3,000 and $8,000 coverage on your pet while living in Georgia is recommended, with at least an 80% reimbursement. That way, if a medical emergency happens, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you can cover the resulting costs.

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Should I Get Pet Insurance?

In Georgia, it’s especially important because of the extreme heat and humidity. There are also dangers such as snakes, ticks, fleas, and of course, the common sicknesses and accidents that can happen no matter where you live or how careful you are with your beloved pets.

Even if your pet is strictly an inside pet, except for trips for walks and the bathroom, you never know what can happen. Pet insurance reassures that your pet is protected and your bank account will not be emptied for veterinary care.

What Does Pet Insurance in Georgia Cover?

What pet insurance covers in Georgia is again determined by which company you decide to purchase your pet insurance through. Some policies cover accident and illness only, while others also have wellness plan options. Some insurers will let you add preventive care, wellness plans, and other add-ons to the policy for an extra price, while others give it to you for free.

Your best bet regarding pet insurance and what it covers is to do your research, talk to a customer service agent, and make a final decision based on what you’ve learned. Never go with the first insurance company you talk to because there may be a better company with a superior policy to cover your needs.

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What to Do to Keep Your Pet Safe

Of course, even though you have pet insurance, there are still things you’ll want to do to keep your pet safe from the heat and other dangers of living in Georgia. It’s best to keep your pet inside on the blistering days in summer and ensure it has plenty of fresh, clean water.

You should also have your pet microchipped and a collar with a tag around its neck just in case it wanders off and gets lost. If you’re walking your pet, make sure to have a leash and collar that is strong enough to stop the animal from getting away from you and getting lost or being hit by a car if it darts out into traffic.

You can do many things to keep your pets safe in Georgia; however, it’s still better to have reliable, high-quality pet insurance available, just in case you ever need it.

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Purchasing pet insurance in Georgia is the best way to protect your beloved pets and bank account. No pet owner can stand to see their pets suffer; some must draw from their savings to pay for costly procedures. However, you shouldn’t have to choose between paying your car payment and paying the vet, and you won’t have to if you have pet insurance that covers your pet’s needs and other issues.

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