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How to Hide a Litter Box: 10 Easy & Effective Ideas

cat sniffing on the litter box

Having a litter box sitting in the middle of your house isn’t usually the look you want to achieve with your home’s layout. While we are servants to our cat’s needs, hiding the litter box is something we, as cat owners, can do to keep our homes looking tidy and less like our cat’s castle.

Luckily for cat owners, there are several ways you can keep the litter box in your home while keeping it hidden from visitors. By using a bit of ingenuity and some clever hacks, you can get creative with the designs around your litter box placement. Here, we’ll take a look at 10 tips on how to hide a litter box. This will help you keep your house looking like it belongs to you instead of your furry cat overlord.

The 10 Tips on How to Hide a Cat Litter Box:

1. Craft a Litter Box Cover

Kitten sitting in a cardboard box
Image By: Alexxndr, Shutterstock

One of our favorite ways to hide a litter box is to craft a box cover. A litter box cover can be easily made out of cardboard. By choosing a box large enough to store your litter box inside, you can simply cut out a cat door to allow your kitty to step inside when they are ready to potty. This door also makes it possible for you to clean the box easily each day. If you aren’t interested in crafting your own box, you’ll find several online to purchase to save time.

2. Decorate Your Litter Box Cover

Once you’ve made or bought a litter box cover, the fun part starts. If your litter box cover is made from cardboard or another material you can paint on, you can add patterns to make it match your home easily. If painting isn’t your preference you can line the outside of your box cover with patterned contact paper to spruce it up.

3. Build Your Own Cat House

House for street cats on the street
Image By: Aleksandr Marushchak, Shutterstock

Many people have taken the initiative to build their own cat house to enclose their cat’s litter box. These houses are normally made of wood and designed to be large enough to house the litter box and your cat easily. With a cat house, you can make cool designs or even add your cat’s name to give it a personalized touch.

4. Refurbished Furniture Works Great

Old furniture sitting around the house is always great for craft projects. Whether it’s an end table you no longer use or a cabinet that’s sitting empty, a few creative touches can turn this furniture into the perfect retreat for your cat when they need to go potty. By removing a few drawers and adding a hinged door or simply enclosing an end table for privacy, you can make your kitty’s potty room look more stylish.

5. Use a Large Basket

Large round straw box
Image Credit: nega, Shutterstock

Oversized baskets are great for storage around the house, but have you considered storing your cat’s litter box inside one? If not, maybe you should. By cutting an entryway into a basket, you can give your cat a nice place to relieve themselves while keeping the vibe around your home intact. Cute blankets or scarves can even be added to offer a bit of decoration.

6. Hide the Litter Box Inside a Wardrobe

If you have a wardrobe inside your home that isn’t used often, you can make your cat an entire space of their own. By cutting a hole into the side of a wardrobe, no one will see where your cat enters. When the time comes to clean the litter box, simply open the door and do what needs to be done. You can also add hooks and organizing shelves to store the litter scooper and litter to keep it out of your way.

7. Place the Litter Box Under the Sink

under the sink
Image By: Valeriy Surujiu, Shutterstock

You may not have considered it before, but if you’re tired of looking at your cat’s litter box, putting it under the sink could be your answer. To avoid cutting into the side of your sink, simply remove the cabinet door. Once it’s gone you can simply hang cute draperies to hide the box and allow your cat the privacy they deserve.

8. Convert a Bench to a Litter Box

Benches are a great way to add a look of style throughout the home. Whether you place one near the front door or by the bed, these items are common in many homes. With a little creativity, however, you can easily add an opening to an empty bench to allow your cat the ability to step inside and make it their bathroom. With these benches opening at the top, you can easily get inside to keep their litter box clean and tidy.

9. Repurpose a Tote to Keep Things Tidy

Tote bag
Image Credit: Artem Podrez, Pexels

Do you have empty totes sitting around the house you thought you needed for storage but haven’t used yet? If so, you’re like the rest of us. If your cat is a fan of flinging litter when they go potty, using one of these totes to house their litter box can help keep it hidden from view while keeping your floors cleaner. Simply cut a hole in the side of a sturdy tote that’s big enough for your cat to enter and your spare bag is in use once again.

10. Build Your Cat a DIY Litter Box Enclosure

For those with true creative juices flowing inside, building your cat their own, enclosed litter box can allow you to truly show off your stylish ideas. If this is the route you decide to go, make sure you build the box large enough to house the litter box of your choosing while giving your cat room to move around and do their business. Color options, sizes, and designs are all up to you. Be as creative as you want and make your cat’s litter box a part of your home’s décor.

divider-catLittle Extras Go a Long Way

Image Credit: Lightspruch, Shutterstock

When you’ve decided how you want to hide your cat’s litter box, don’t forget that you still get the fun of adding extra decorations to your new creation. Adding walkways lets your cat knock litter off their paws before they leave their hidden box. This will help you keep your floors and other parts of the house free of litter dust and pieces.

Another crafty idea is to add decals or drawings to your cat’s new enclosed litter box. This will let people know your new item belongs to your feline and isn’t something they should look in when they visit the house. This is also a great way of personalizing your cat’s litter box to let your feline friend feel safer and free of onlookers when they need to relieve themselves.


Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our list of creative ways to hide a litter box! While there are several ways to repurpose items around your house to help hide your cat’s litter box, this list of 10 ideas will give you a great place to start. If you’re ready to tuck your cat’s litter box away from prying eyes, let your creativity flow and you’ll make the perfect potty room for your kitty master. Now you know how to hide a litter box in plain sight!

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