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45 Rabbit Coat Colors & Patterns (With Pictures)

Black and brown belgian hare

There are a wide array of coat colors and patterns that a rabbit can have. Although there can be mixes, this list contains the basic descriptions of the colors and patterns found in pet rabbits. Not all breeds can necessarily come in every option, since it will depend on their parentage.


The 45 Rabbit Coat Colors & Patterns

1. Agouti

There are bands of color that circle each hair on a rabbit’s coat. The coloration of the bars can vary depending on the coloration of the coat.

2. Belgian Hare

Brown belgian hare
Image Credit: Cassidy Te, Shutterstock

Belgian Hares can have a special kind of coloring. They can have a rich red color that is laced with black.

3. Black

Image Credit: luetho, Pixabay

Black fur is often dense and deep in color. The underlayer for rabbits of this color is typically a blue-gray color.

4. Black otter

Black Otter
Imaeg Credit: macdeedle, Pixabay

Black is the primary color but it can have patterns. The hair is lighter on the belly and can sometimes be tinted orange against the border between pure black and a lighter color.

5. Blue

Two rabbit eat vegetable leaf
Image Credit: Cameilia, Shutterstock

Blue-colored colored rabbits have a solid coloring with even blue-gray shades.

6. Blue Otter

Blue Otter
Image Credit: ViJakob, Pixabay

Blue otter is another variation on the otter pattern. The overall blue coat is tipped with guard hairs and fawn areas.

7. Blue Steel

Blue Steel
Image Credit: Mandz11, Pixabay

Blue steel is another pattern with an overall blue color and a tan or silver ticking throughout the coat.

8. Blue Tortoiseshell

Blue Tortoishelle
Image Credit: JACLOU-DL, Pixabay

Blue tortoiseshell is a mixed pattern of blue and beige.

9. Brindle

male rabbits in a cage
Image Credit: LNbjors, Shutterstock

Brindle is the intermingling pattern of two colors, one of which will be dark and the other light, dispersed consistently throughout the body.

10. Broken

a rabbit with tilted ears
Image Credit: dife88, Pixabay

This pattern is when the predominant color is white fur, and there are color patches of black and dark brown on the nose, ears, and eyes.

11. Brown-gray agouti

Brown-gray agouti
Image Credit: Pxhere

This coloration version of the agouti coloration has a blue base on each hair. It fades into a medium tan and then to charcoal, with a tan tip at the end.

12. Californian

A Californian isn’t a widely accepted color pattern. A rabbit with this coloring has a white body with black accent points on the ears, nose, feet, and tail.

13. Castor

Castor rex rabbit
Image Credit: HolySource, Shutterstock

Castor patterned rabbits have a grey-blue undercoat, orange or red in the middle, and brown fur on the top.

14. Chinchilla

Image Credit: Digwen, Pixabay

Chinchilla is a color on rabbits that can appear grey. It is slate or black, with a blend of pearl and guard hairs that are tipped with black.

15. Chocolate

Image Credit: Ersen Yoldac, Shutterstock

Chocolate is another description for a deep dark brown color.

16. Chocolate steel

Chocolate Steel
Image Credit: Pxhere

Chocolate colors can have variations. Chocolate steel color can have tan and silver ticking.

17. Cinnamon

Cinnamon brown bunny rabbit_Vezzani Photography_shutterstock
Credit: Vezzani Photography, Shutterstock

Cinnamon colors give the impression that it is brown but dusted over with orange, and each hair is edged with white.

18. Copper agouti

Copper agouti is a variation of agouti. These color bands are red and orange, with dark slate underlayers with a red tip and guard hairs that are tipped black.

19. Cream

Image Credit: CJMM, Pixabay

Cream colors can range from a pink undertone beige to a slightly deeper almond color.

20. Fawn

Image Credit: airfyx, Pixabay

Fawn is another word for a shade like a hay or straw color.

21. Fox

Image Credit: JackknifeS, Pixabay

The fox pattern is a primarily solid-colored rabbit on the back and the body has a white underbelly.

22. Frosted pearl

Pearl is a pinkish white underlayer, and when it is frosted, each hair is tipped with black, chocolate, blue, or lilac in varying shades.

23. Gray

Image Credit: Saken53, Pixabay

Gray is not one solid color but a mix of black, slate under-colors, black tips, and sometimes a tan band.

24. Light gray

Light Grey German Angora Rabbit
Image Credit: Hidden Springs Farm, Shutterstock

Light gray is another agouti variation. Slate blue is the base of the hair. There is off-white in the middle of the hair and light gray at the tip, and there are black-tipped guard hairs.

25. Lilac

Lilac is a variation of gray that is pinkish and somewhat paler than other colors.

26. Lilac steel

Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

Lilac steel is a darker variation of lilac, with tan and silver ticking on the top of the hair.

27. Lynx

Image Credit: Mikes-Photography, PIxabay

A lynx-colored rabbit is tinged with lilac or a light orange color on the body and the top of the head. There are sharper orange colors on the underlayer. There are often white areas that show up underneath the tail, jaw, belly, and around the rabbit’s eyes.

28. Opal

Image Credit: NanaSod, Pixabay

The rabbit’s primary color is a fawn color that appears dusted with grey and edged with white.

29. Opal Agouti

Opal is an agouti variation with slate blue at the base and tips of gold and blue.

30. Orange

orange rabbit_JIANG HONGYAN_shutterstock
Credit: JIANG HONGYAN, Shutterstock

Orange is the name for a light color with a bright edging.

31. Pearl

Image Credit: monikasmigielska, Pixabay

Pearl is a light gray color with a creaminess to the underlayer.

32. Pointed white

Fat rabbit white fur and long ears_Anatta_Tan_shutterstock
Credit: Anatta_Tan, Shutterstock

A rabbit with pointed white color is primarily a solid white, with darker shades on the nose, feet, ears, and tail, similar to a Siamese cat.

33. Red

new zealand red rabbit
Image Credit: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock

A red color rabbit is a solid color that is a rich brown with deep red shading.

34. Red Agouti-Deilenaar

Red Agouti-Deilenaar
Image Credit: Pxhere

This agouti variation is a red agouti with a rich sand color on the bottom, edged with cream.

35. Sable

Image Credit: Dody Suwerman, Shutterstock

Sable coloration is a dark grayish brown that is mostly solid.

36. Sable Marten

This is Siamese sable coloring overall, with silver-tipped guard hairs.

37. Sable Point

Sable lion head cross rabbit_MichaelSofT_shutterstock
Credit: MichaelSoft, Shutterstock

Sable as color can have patterns. A point color pattern entails a cream body with sable on the points, like the nose, feet, ears, and tail.

38. Sandy

Sandy Dwarf lop eared rabbit_Lisa Leonardo_shutterstock
Credit: Lisa Leonardo, Shutterstock

Instead of only red, sandy is a reddish tan color.

39. Seal

Reminiscent of the animal it was named for, this color is an almost black sable color.

40. Silver Fox

Silver Fox
Image credit: ItsWolfeh, Wikimedia Commons

Silver fox can also simply be called silver. Silver has white on the underlayer with silver-tipped hairs.

41. Squirrel

Squirrel coloration has a light silver primary color edged with white.

42. Tan pattern

tan rabbit with grass on wooden background
Image credit: Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova, Shutterstock

Tan patterns don’t have to be true tan but could include shades of marten and otter. The markings are often on the eyes, jowls, nostrils, inside the ears, on the belly, on the inside of the legs, and the tail’s underside.

43. Ticking

black-legged rabbit_Jim Cumming_shutterstock
Credit: Jim Cumming, Shutterstock

Ticking is the overall pattern that can take on quite a few variations. There are solid or tipped guard hairs throughout the primary coat color.

44. Tri-Colored

Tri Color Spotted French Lop rabbit_Eric Isselee_shutterstock
Credit: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

Tri-colored rabbits have a more obvious name. They are mottled with three primary colors across their body.

45. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell rabbits are a bright orange or dark fawn colors tinged with black.



There you have it! Who would have thought there are so many different color rabbit coats? Which ones have you seen? Did you have a favorite? I know, I know…it is hard to choose!

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Featured Image Credit: Cassidy Te, Shutterstock

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