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Who Are the Top Cat Influencers? 12 Highest Earners in 2024

pet owner is photographing her cat.

Cute, funny, and adorable, cat influencers have been steadily taking over social media for the last few years. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other favorite sites all have quite a few cuddly critters with massive followings. These cats also earn their owners a small fortune from each picture or video posted.

Even if you don’t own a cat, watching your favorite celebrity kitty get up to mischief is a great way to relax after a bad day. But if you’re new to the world of cat influencers, let us introduce you to the most popular cats on the internet. How much they earn per post might surprise you!


The Top 12 Highest-Earning Cat Influencers

1. That Little Puff

Social Media: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
Earnings per post: $26,401

Cats can have hobbies too, and That Little Puff has stolen many hearts with his adventures in DIY and cooking. This Ragdoll cat, known as Puff, first became popular when his curiosity about his owner’s cooking gave his owner the idea to see how far his interest stretched.

Originally only on Instagram and TikTok, That Little Puff has recently ventured onto YouTube to share cooking and ASMR videos too. Puff is a cat influencer whose career took off during the COVID-19-pandemic-related lockdowns in 2020.

2. Simon’s Cat

Social Media: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
Earnings per month: $19,640

Simon’s Cat might not be a real cat like the others on this list, but this animated feline is just as influential. The episodes started in black and white and have recently expanded into color.

Inspired by the antics of real cats, Simon’s Cat is a comedic take on cat ownership. It follows the adventures of an inquisitive and mischievous white kitty as he explores his neighborhood. Containing plenty of comedic mishaps and being a delight to watch, it’s a show that all cat owners can relate to.

3. Nala Cat

Social Media: Instagram
Earnings per post: $14,253

Adopted from a shelter when she was 5 months old in 2010, Nala Cat quickly became an Instagram sensation. Named after one of the female lions in “The Lion King,” Nala’s Instagram has pictures of her in all sorts of accessories. She holds the Guinness World Record for the cat with the highest number of Instagram followers (4.4 million!).

Her success as a cat influencer has led to her having her own cat food line and merchandise, so her feline fans can share her fashion sense too.

4. Suki

Social Media: Instagram
Earnings per post: $10,700

We all know that pets are the best companions for outdoor activities, but Suki is one of a kind. While most pet explorers are dogs, Suki is a cat that isn’t afraid to go on all sorts of explorations. Leash trained as a kitten, she’s not afraid to brave the whole world alongside her owner.

With an Instagram filled with pictures of Suki’s adventures, from canoeing to exploring snowy landscapes and much more, it’s no wonder that she’s a favorite feline influencer.

5. Henry + Baloo

Social Media: Instagram
Earnings per post: $9,800

Unlikely friendships are always inspiring, and the best kind is always the bond between canine and feline siblings. Henry and Baloo — a dog and cat, respectively — were two rescues with an admirable friendship despite being different species. Their Instagram followed their friendship on all sorts of adventures.

Although Henry died from cancer in 2021, his legacy continues with Baloo and a newly adopted dog, Pan. While the story is bittersweet, many of the original fans of Henry and Baloo are relieved to see Baloo opening up to another canine friend.

6. Kareem & Fifi

Social Media: Instagram, TikTok
Earnings per post: $9,601

Managed by a husband-and-wife team, Kareem & Fifi’s cats are fan favorites on both Instagram and TikTok. Chase, Millie, and Skye — the three cats that are the stars of the show — are well known for their dramatics and eccentric lifestyle.

All three cats are loved by their owners and their thousands of fans. They’ve also earned a place in many people’s hearts due to their role in brightening up everyone’s day during the pandemic.

7. Grumpy Cat

Social Media: Instagram
Earnings per post: $9,100

One of the most recognizable faces in the online cat world was a snowshoe cat called Tardar Sauce or as she’s more commonly known, Grumpy Cat. Her first claim to fame was a picture on Reddit in 2012, which quickly went viral. Since then, Grumpy Cat has inspired plenty of memes and has a massive following across the world.

Despite her name, she wasn’t actually a grumpy cat. Her iconic expression was a result of an underbite and feline dwarfism. Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat died in 2019, but she’s still one of the most influential cats today.

8. Lil BUB

Social Media: Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit
Earnings per post: $8,205

One rescue cat that stole the hearts of millions is Lil BUB. Recognized by her sticking-out tongue (due to a too-small jaw and feline dwarfism), Lil BUB and her owner traveled around the U.S.A. to raise funds for animal shelters. The profits from her merchandise go to animal rescue groups to help cats and other pets find their forever homes.

She died in 2019 from a bone infection, but her legacy lives on through her collaborations with pet brands, Grumpy Cat, and Nyan Cat.

9. Smoothie the Cat

Social Media: Instagram, TikTok
Earnings per post: $7,286

Also known as the “Queen of Fluff,” Smoothie the Cat is a British Longhair with the style of a feline model. Her naturally photogenic appearance earned her the title, “World’s Most Photogenic Cat,” from US Weekly. This sweet kitty was recently joined by another British Longhair cat called Milkshake, and they are just as fluffy and charismatic as Smoothie is.

With 2.4 million followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise that Smoothie the Cat is one of the richest cats in the world.

10. Mr. White

Social Media: Instagram, TikTok
Earnings per post: $5,405

Known by his friends as Coffee or Mr. White, this cancer-surviving cat has a dream to one day become Pet of the Year. As the brother of Nala Cat, he often supports her cat food brand, along with providing entertainment through his fashion-conscious and mischief-filled Instagram.

While he doesn’t earn as much as his sister, Coffee is still one of the highest earners on social media. Unafraid to share his cancer survival story with his fellow cats and their owners, he’s friendly and inspirational.

11. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Social Media: Instagram, YouTube
Earnings per post: $2,468

Cats are well known for their adorably furry faces, but not many felines are known to have stylish facial hair! Hamilton the Hipster Cat shows the world that cats can rock the handlebar mustache too. His fluffiness and unique patterning have earned him a massive following on Instagram.

 Along with sharing his pictures on Instagram and other social media sites, Hamilton has also starred in the 2016 movie, “Nine Lives.”

12. Venus the Two Face Cat

Social Media: Instagram
Earnings per post: $1,000

Out of all the cats with unique appearances, Venus the Two Face Cat is one of the most iconic. Her appearance draws the eye due to her face being split evenly between a ginger tabby and a black cat.

Venus’s appearance is due to a genetic trait called Chimerism, where two embryos combine during development. It’s a rare and harmless condition that gives her an easily recognized and lovable adorableness.

She uses her Instagram to inspire bravery in the face of differences and is never afraid to embrace her unique appearance to win the hearts of humans and cats.

What Are Cat Influencers?

Although the name makes it sound like people trying to convince cats to do as they’re told, cat influencers are actually feline celebrities. They are cats that have gained fame after their owners shared pictures or videos of their antics on social media, with Instagram and TikTok being the most common. Their furry faces, cute habits, and mischief have earned these celebrity kitties thousands of dollars to spoil themselves with.



While cat videos are popular in general, there are a few felines that stand out and have earned millions by posting on social media. While any cat can be an influencer — whether they’re ordinary, super fluffy, or a cancer survivor — not all of them have what it takes to steal the show.

The cats on this list are among the highest earners in the cat influencer world and adore their fans just as much as they love their favorite treats.

Featured Image Credit: Markus Distelrath, Pixabay

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